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  1. Well I didn't see any team beat them by 50 this year. It wouldn't surprise me if their record against the better teams was the best they have ever had.
  2. He's not worth any where close to 30M. You got to have a more balanced attack.
  3. I wonder if any 1 sees the reason now why Conley shouldn't have gotten the contract that he did. People are now complaining about Gasol. I said he wasn't worth 20Mnd now the Grizz don't know what they got with Parsons.
  4. You okay with paying a person who you say and I do 2, isn't a SS, 30M a year??? The Grizz got practically 75M in 3 players, I wouldn't think they got much left for the other 12. If you were TA or Z, would you take less with Conley getting paid so well?
  5. For some reason, what I typed didn't take. Now I've forgotten what I said. I think I said something about what Don Meredith said about if and buts, you know, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts
  6. It would have to be very soft meat for them to bite.
  7. The Lakers weren't doing sheet until they got Pau.
  8. I wonder how people here on this board know that Fiz doesn't want either or both of them back? Betcha both of them can find somewhere else to play for MORE money than they are currently getting.
  9. I don't like him because he gave Conley 30M and Parsons 23.5M. That money could have been spent better elsewhere.
  10. Couldn't agree more on what you said about the Grizzlies. Parker outplayed Conley BAD last night. 10-13 compared to 7-18, that would be a TKO. You have to give it to the Spurs, the Grizz are losing to their coaching, they get guys open and they pass the ball.
  11. Conley didn't have such a great game last night, 7-18 isn't good for a superstar. The Grizz missed 3 easy shots last night, that probably was what beat them.
  12. Being a tough out is a whole lot better than being a piece of garbage. You forgot that LH got the team blown up underneath him yet they made it to the WCF.
  13. This series might have had a completely different ending if TA and CP were able to play. No need in blowing anything up, just ride these guys until some of their younger players get better.
  14. I think Z has to be in the game when LMA is and BW should be playing some when Gasol and Lee are in. Let him take Gasol.