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  1. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    Troy was worthless to the Grizz because they couldn't set a screen OR didn't want to. Maybe the screener was the next option. When he was hot HE WAS HOT.
  2. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    For a PROTECTED 2.
  3. It just depends on how you look at it. I think the Griz got better value out of TA for what they paid him than the value they got out of MC for what they paid him. MC better hope TA doesn't take him when they play the Pelicans. But the Grizz got Selden, he held KL to 41 a game didn't he?
  4. Grizzlies Predictions

    Come on man, the vets they let go was the 1s who contributed very little to the Grizs payroll. The sheet is getting deep here when you go there.
  5. Grizzlies Predictions

    They didn't let David West leave, he went to GS because he wanted to be a champion and took a HUGE pay cut. I didn't see Gasol or Conley do that and everyone on the board thought everything was fine. Heck Dirk is playing for peanuts.
  6. Grizzlies Predictions

    I don't think the Clippers will finish 5th in the West. I see a struggle this yea, as much as I hate to say it, NO playoffs.
  7. Oh don't start going there now, that's what I said when they Gasol 20M. Do you think any of the 2 were worth what they got paid last year? I didn't see a 30M year from MC.
  8. Ah a rookie, that explains it all.
  9. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    Was this 16K? I can't believe I missed it. I thought you had 26K when I came on the board.
  10. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    I can see the team being better if Tyreke and Ben play pretty good. otherwise it's a downer.
  11. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    So you 2 lazy to look it up yourself or you just trying 2 give yourself an out if you don't like the results?????
  12. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    Motivation doesn't get you nearly as far as talent will.
  13. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    Every day of the week.
  14. Fizz goes off !!!

    People would just go there so they could butch about it. Do you HAVE to look at the dam thing, you can't turn your eyes away because it is so offensive or does it just give you something to mouth about. Like I said, my family fought for the North. So should they take down statues of MLK just because some redneck white people find them offensive? Why hail naw. I remember when we got electricity, water in the house and a toilet in the house. It wouldn't surprise me if you've only seen pictures of outdoor toilets.
  15. Fizz goes off !!!

    Have you ever read about the Isreali attack on the USS Liberty?