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  1. Wasn't it just a year or two ago people were crying about Joerger trying to reach the playoffs since the team couldn't compete with the elite in the West? Now that the team really can't compete with the best in the West the same people are talking about being optimistic about just making the playoffs. I will try and be consistent and say I want the team to win, make the playoffs and continue to improve. My seats cost too much to watch another cycle of losing like we have had in the past.
  2. I hope you are correct. If those who are concerned about the injury history are correct it will be a very disappointing season indeed.
  3. How does this have anything to do with the Memphis Grizzlies team?
  4. Tip Off Luncheon Tables

    Bump Down to 6 spots remaining. Don't miss out on the your first look at the new Memphis Grizzlies!
  5. Once again I am buying a table for our message board fans. A table costs $550 so each seat will sell for $55. Let me know if you want tickets. I have already sold some so they are going fast.
  6. Do you read what you write? Parsons has had 3 knee surgeries since playing uptempo in Dallas and Houston. After his 2nd knee surgery he was slow in every respect on the court. This isn't the Parsons who played 3 years ago. It is a stretch to suggest his surgeries aren't going to have an effect. He may overcome them but we will need to wait and see before making announcing he will be able to play uptempo since he couldn't last year. When a player has knee surgeries it takes away from his athleticism. That's why it is a stretch to say Tyreke is athletic now. He may be but we need to wait and see if that is the case. He wasn't that athletic last season with Sacramento or New Orleans. Teams could cut him off from the lane last year which is why he has worked so hard on his outside shot. Since McLemore has never played PG I don't see how you can make the determination that he can guard PGs in the league. In fact it was his lack of defense that contributed to his declining playing time there. also, McLemore has never played any position but shooting guard in the NBA so we don't know how he will perform in these roles. We have to wait and see. You say everyone has to wait and see before declaring gloom and doom. I say we also have to wait and see before proclaiming the rosiest of pictures which you pushed in response to Smit-Tay Grizz. You should be as open to others opinions as you wish us to be to yours. We need to wait and see just how good or bad things become.
  7. JaMychal hasn't been offered anything from any other team in the league. Does that sound like a player generally regarded as starter material around the league? He's been offered a qualifying offer of $2.8 million. He may be negotiating something more but certainly he will be one of the lowest paid "starting" players in the league AFTER he signs a new deal. That should tell everyone that he isn't considered an average starting power forward. He was outscored and out-rebounded by his backup last season despite playing more minutes. JaMychal was moved to the bench for matchup purposes because he wasn't producing by the way against his opponent starting for San Antonio.
  8. NCAA Corruption Scandal Coaches from four schools have been charged by the FBI with fraud and corruption.
  9. I agree we should wait and see. That goes both ways. I am not proclaiming Parsons is going to play at a faster pace this season. You are. I simply responded that it is a stretch to make that assumption. I am not proclaiming Evans will have the same athleticism he had before his knee surgeries. You are. I simply said it is a stretch to make that assumption after 3 surgeries. I didn't proclaim Ben McLemore was switchable. You did. I simply it was a stretch since he has only played one position his entire career. I am willing to wait and see if these things do occur but I am not calling out others for believing that the recent past is more important than 3-4 years ago. You did. You are stretching your beliefs and ignoring the reality we have seen over the last two seasons. I hope you are right and we will have to wait and see what the players look like starting on October 2.
  10. I wasn't saying you were wrong and I agree we can disagree. Can you define what a logjam means to you?
  11. JaMychal was benched last season and was not a solid NBA starter. He was a fringe starter. That is why he didn't have anyone offering a big contract this summer. Tyreke was a solid starter but hasn't been one for years. This is 2017 not 2014. Parsons was a solid NBA starter in the past as well and was annointed a starter some last season but he hasn't proven to be a solid NBA starter since he knee issues surfaced two years ago. If you want to say something different that is your right. Please don't alter my words to mean something I didn't write.
  12. Associating Parsons with faster pace after 3 knee surgeries is a stretch. Associating Tyreke with athleticism after his knee issues is a stretch. Associating Ben with switchable is a stretch. Associating Chalmers who has been out of the league for 18 months recovering from a torn achilles with shooting, scoring and playmaking is a stretch. These guys only check boxes if you want to blindly ignore their negatives. And no one is acting or pretending Tyreke and Parsons weren't elite athletes and high performing NBA players before their knee injuries. You are ignoring their injury history in your evaluation.
  13. You seem to associate logjam with depth. I do not. The Grizzlies have depth on the wings but don't have a logjam. There is open competition at the 2 guard not a logjam. There are many players capable of playing multiple positions such as Evans, Harrison, Chalmers, Parsons and Zagorac. Not a logjam. There is a sparse amount of bigs (Gasol, Davis, Wright, Rabb) but the anticipation of Green being signed and in camp soon. Honestly I would describe our problem as less of a logjam and more of a sparseness of quality. The Grizzlies have numerous solid players and no true NBA starters outside of Gasol and Conley. To me a logjam would be 4-5 centers who can't play any other position. A logjam would be 4-5 Point Guards who are limited playing SG. I don't see a logjam being mutltiple players capable of playing multiple positions (and regretably for multiple teams). The Grizzlies have players capable of playing multiple positions. Unfortunately they haven't proven they can remain healthy or have talent to excel in these roles. If there is a logjam issue with this team it will be fighting for a spot on the training table.
  14. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    I asked if Baldwin was on the list provided not that Chalmers was a given. You completely misrepresented what I wrote. I deleted my comment after I saw Wade was on the list instead of Baldwin.
  15. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    I love how you contradict yourself in less than 20 minutes without even a flicker of remorse for what you wrote. Ben and Tyreke are not trade bait right now because they signed this summer as free agents. The team is restricted from signing and then trading before a period of time. JaM overstates his value around the league. I didn't see much demand for him this summer. Also, if he accepts the QO the team can't trade him. He's only has trade value after a period of time IF he plays better than he did last season. A healthy lineup of Mike and Marc with Tyreke (even healthy did he ever make the playoffs?), Ben (broken foot so no training camp for a player who lost minutes every season in Sacramento) and JaM (unable to get an offer during free agency and is sitting out as we speak) isn't a playoff roster this year. There are too many teams with equal talent and without the injury issues hanging over their heads.
  16. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    No one else in the league wants any of our players but some people keep insisting this is a playoff roster. Makes you wonder doesn't it?
  17. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Where did you find that quote? I know I didn't right that. Someone is messing with my words. I don't believe I have said Chalmers was a keeper anytime in the last 12 months. Certainly not 20 minutes ago. I have said from the start that I believe Chalmers is an inexpensive way to challenge Harrison. Whoever loses this battle in Fizdale's eyes will be released rather than Baldwin who costs twice as much to waive and is younger than both too. I have no idea if Chalmers is a keeper or not.
  18. 2017-18 team salary

    No. It simple means we can take that much back in a trade to make it work under the CBA. It has nothing to do with the luxury tax threshold.
  19. What logjam? Parsons hasn’t proven he can play many games without getting hurt. Tyreke Evans has similar knee issues. Rade Zagorac hasn’t proven anything yet. if Evans and Parsons are healthy then Ennis could lose minutes but Evans, when healthy is more of a combo guard anyway.
  20. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    Troy was an asset when the team had Tony Allen and Zach Randolph because he took advantage of defenses that collapsed on those two players. Once teams started to cover Tony his effectiveness diminished. Teams won’t be packing the paint this season so he became expendable. Troy gave fans a lot of memories last season but the writing was on the wall when the Grizzlies signed Tyreke Evans, Ben McLemore and drafted Dillon Brooks that Fizdale wanted more than just 3 point shooting ability on the wings.
  21. No. He rated Memphis 22nd out of 30 teams. Previously, as in earlier in the summer, he rated their summer moves 28th out of 30.
  22. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    So we are back to making trades for cash considerations!
  23. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Teams at 15 now with JaM still up in the air assuming Mario and Harrison are fighting it out for the backup PG with the loser being waived.
  24. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    And Daniels just got traded for a 2nd round pick.
  25. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    I wonder how close that guarantee will be if Mario beats him out for the backup PG position? I believe one of the two players will make the squad but not both. It'll cost the Grizzlies less than a million to waive either one. Baldwin could cost over $1.8 million and is younger than both Harrison and Chalmers. But like I said I expect two players not to make the team. One of them will be a PG and the other is unknown but I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade for a future draft pick or someone with a smaller guaranteed contract. That should bring the roster back to 15 players if I am not mistaken.