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  1. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    Rabb is better than Martin who started for most of the season. Rabb is better than Green who is starting now. In time everyone will understand this. I just hope it's in a Grizzlies uniform and not someone else's. In the meantime you are probably correct in saying that things won't change much due to the mess the team is in right now having lost 6 of their last 8 games and shuffling the lineups daily it seems. Why take a risk on a 20 year old PF who has real talent when we are running out a broken down SF and an undrafted 28 year old instead? Ben McLemore is not the answer today but Wallace signed him to replace Tony Allen so he'll likely be given a ton of chances. Same as Parsons was given so many opportunities last season. I hope he earns the respect you are giving him but so far he is 0-4 from the arc and if not for a few lucky rebounds he'd barely have scored at all and his defense is terrible. Why do you want him to replace Brooks or Ennis is beyond me with Conley already out.
  2. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    Parsons takes games off all the time. People have also wanted Parsons to play SF more. JaMychal Green isn't game ready yet so it's not like he is ready to play 30+ minutes. Gasol needs more minutes off and with Conley out 2 weeks at least there is no reason to wear out our big man while he is out. In my opinion Rabb is worth fast pacing just as much as Brooks has been. I understand if Fizdale prefers to rely on the veterans he knows over taking a shot at developing a younger and still more talented player. I just didn't expect you to flip your opinion on playing young players so fast. Unlike Joerger who had a mandate to win immediately or lose his job, Fizdale - according to you- is supposed to be developing his young players after all.
  3. MIKE CONLEY MEDICAL UPDATE Memphis, Tenn. – The Memphis Grizzlies today released the following medical update on guardMike Conley. Conley will undergo therapy and treatment to help promote healing and alleviate soreness in his left heel and Achilles following consultations with physicians and the Grizzlies’ medical staff. There is no timetable for his return at this time. Further updates will be provided in approximately two weeks. Conley (6-1, 175) has appeared and started in 12 of the Grizzlies’ first 14 games this season and has averaged 17.1 points, 2.3 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.00 steals in 31.1 minutes in his 11th NBA season (all with Memphis).
  4. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    MIKE CONLEY MEDICAL UPDATE Memphis, Tenn. – The Memphis Grizzlies today released the following medical update on guardMike Conley. Conley will undergo therapy and treatment to help promote healing and alleviate soreness in his left heel and Achilles following consultations with physicians and the Grizzlies’ medical staff. There is no timetable for his return at this time. Further updates will be provided in approximately two weeks. Conley (6-1, 175) has appeared and started in 12 of the Grizzlies’ first 14 games this season and has averaged 17.1 points, 2.3 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.00 steals in 31.1 minutes in his 11th NBA season (all with Memphis).
  5. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    I want to see Ivan Rabb getting some minutes with the big squad. He's destroying the G League and I suspect he's already more effective than Jarell Martin and possibly more what the team needs than JaMychal Green. People have screamed to give young guys a chance for years on this board and when we finally get a big man with real skill no one says a word about him playing in the G League while we put up with scrubs in real games. It makes no sense.
  6. Fizdale is 50-50 through his first 100 games as head coach. He was 43-39 in his first season, 0-4 in the playoffs and is now 7-7 this season. Fratello won 53.4% of his games, Joerger won 59.8%, Hollis won 55.8% as the FT head coach (not counting 0-4 stone between Hugie and Fratello) and Hubie won 49.4%.
  7. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Do you realize this “new” information is the same information I have said since you changed your mind about Evans coming off the bench to start?
  8. Predictions contest

    Regrettably I am still confident in my prediction. 😩
  9. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Dang GTF. Do you ever hold an opinion for more than a few days?
  10. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    This isn’t a criticism of the poster directly but this sounds like someone who would turn around and criticize the team for losing those games and playing someone who wasn’t ready. How quickly everyone forgets Harrison getting minutes last season and earlier this season.
  11. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    So he wasted at least one (although I believe it was 2) in a game that was close. He did call one with 26 seconds remaining and the Grizzlies down 7 points so I guess he was hoping to save the last one in case the team made a huge run in the closing seconds and he needed to cool down the team's excitement.
  12. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    I was thinking last night about how rarely the team comes out of a timeout and runs a perfectly executed play for an easy basket. That used to be expected but now it never seems to happen. According to the play by play report the Grizzlies called 3 TOs in the 2nd half despite being outscored 50-38 and the only points scored after the time out were by Gasol after he was fouled by Bledsoe and made one of two FTs. As large a concern is the fact that the Grizzlies only took three TOs in the 2nd half. I understand the attitude of letting the team play thru their mistakes but a the time when you are losing a lead it seems a bit counter-productive. In hindsight it looks downright foolish honestly. So no one can really describe the offensive system and the time out situation seems to be getting worse not better in the rare moments Fizdale calls timeout. This isn't very encouraging is it?
  13. What do you all think?

    I am not against starting the best player. I just disagree with you on basing the opinion strictly on scoring. Mike is a better team leader than Evans and I want a team leader running the point. I also disagree that Evans success is not directly related to playing with Chandler (a court spacer), Chalmers (spacer) and the others. I believe Evans success is because the court is better spaced with the backups than it is with the starters. I believe Conley and Gasol will improve their play when two legitimate three point threats are added to the starting lineup in JaMychal Green and either Selden or McLemore. I prefer Selden after watching McLemore play for the Hustle but both are better threats from deep than Brooks. If Selden and McLemore fail to live up to the hype you and others gave them this summer then Evans can be moved into the lineup and take away touches from Conley and Gasol. Of course, that would mean Fizdale was not protecting his big three as you suggested he wanted to do earlier in this thread. It is so difficult to keep up with all of your changing theories on these issues. One moment you are advocating Fizdale wanting to find ways to keep Conley, Gasol and Parsons as the focus and the next you are advocating taking opportunities away from them. I don't want to over-react to the slow start that is based on a combination of injuries slowing Gasol and Conley plus injuries taking two starters out of the rotation. With those starters back or due back shortly now is not the time to make more changes to the rotation. Now is the time to heal up (the team is at home until after Thanksgiving now) and get the original starters working out together to get back in sync and start exploiting opponents who try to pound the paint defensively. If Selden or McLemore fail then Evans is always available to move into the role they lost.
  14. What do you all think?

    People wanting a scoring wing doesn't mean they want a player who simply drives the ball to the basket, clogging the lane for Mike and Marc and not spreading the court at all. Teams are defending the Grizzlies by packing the paint and daring the Grizzlies to beat them from the perimeter. So far that has been a pretty smart move too since the team is 25th in the league in 3 point shooting percentage. Hopefully the SG role will be taken by Selden or McLemore who can hit the long ball according to everyone this summer. With Green returning that too will help spread the court making it easier for Conley and Gasol to operate. In my opinion many of the problems the Grizzlies have right now stem from teams daring them to shoot from the perimeter where the team isn't as effective. Adding Evans to the starting unit won't alleviate that problem in my eyes. I know Evans has been hitting his threes but he's mostly a drive to the basket type of player. Selden and McLemore are better suited to spread the court if they can prove they can hit the shots on a consistent basis. If they can't then starting Evans makes more sense but right now I don't believe Evans is the answer to the starting five problems and losing him off the bench weakens that group as well.
  15. What do you all think?

    I understand the reality of the situation. My OP on this subject said "in a perfect world" and went on to state that I anticipated players getting minutes who don't deserve them. Glad you finally came to agree with my position. Maybe now you will simply speak the truth as you believe it instead of interpreting what you hope others are thinking and make it sound like you believe that to be the truth. Fizdale is a big boy and he is either going to do what is right or what he believes others want him to do. If he continues to do what others expect of him instead of what's right the team will hover around .500 or worse and what could have been a good season will go down the drain.
  16. What do you all think?

    Evans has been closing games but he hasn't been as effective as he is with the backups.
  17. What do you all think?

    Brooks is the only player that fits your description. Selden and Harrison didn't even play last night. We are still in the playoff hunt despite going 2-5 in the last 7 games. With 69 games remaining it is hardly what I consider a solid playoff position. Marc and Mike are hurt but playing the most minutes on the team so I am not surprised they aren't playing at the high level people expect. I suppose you support their playing extended minutes since they are two of the 3 top paid players and Fizdale needs to protect their minutes right?
  18. Pops would do something like that. I remember when he benched his starting 5 early in a playoff game against the Grizzlies when they weren't giving him the effort he expected. I guess Pops doesn't care about player salaries as much as other coaches. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned there.
  19. What do you all think?

    And that is why you wanted to fire the first two and will soon be wanting to fire the 3rd. When winning isn't the priority for the coach then then the coach needs to be relieved of his duties.
  20. Selden's back. McLemore is back. Green will be back soon. Possibly as soon as Wednesday night. How long after they return can we complain about how the team is being coached or was built this past summer?
  21. What do you all think?

    If Fizdale is "trying to figure out the right combination of guys that accentuate his highest paid players" then he is a terrible coach and should be replaced immediately. His goal should be to find the best combination of players to win games and ignore their salaries. What a player is paid is a front office decision. When a player plays is a coaching decision. How a player performs is an individual decision made by the player during workouts, practice and games.
  22. What do you all think?

    Rabb was hurt this past summer and didn't play summer league but he has played all of training camp and pre-season but rarely saw the court then too. Jarell Martin (6-10, 235) is as big as Rabb (6-10, 220) so it isn't like Rabb can't play alongside Wright or Gasol. That is a "big fat incorrect assumption" there buddy. Harrison was, in the coach's eyes, the best player available to start the season. If you remember Harrison started last season when Conley was out and played a lot of minutes last year. He played extremely well in the playoffs and the team's winning percentage when Harrison started wasn't too shabby either. The Grizz went 5-3 with Harrison starting and are 2-3 when he hasn't started. You can make all the excuses you want as to why that shouldn't matter but I prefer winning to excuses. I admit that Parsons got minutes because of his contract so I don't always side against the players. I just believe that players should earn their minutes not be given them. Parsons was given them last season. Last night McLemore was given them too. Not impressed with either of those decisions by the coaching staff. I am against players being given minutes without earning them. I understand that talent needs to be on the court. I don't agree that a coach can't see that unless he is playing in a real game. I believe that if a player wants to see the court he has to outwork and outplay those ahead of him in practice. Then he has to take advantage of the situations when he is given his shot. Brooks was a 2nd round pick who earned his way into the lineup by his play in practice, in the pre-season games and then earned his starting position by his play on the court in real games. Rabb wasn't in shape (you can make any excuse you want as to why he wasn't in shape), didn't play as well (you can make all the excuses you want on why that was) and lost out on minutes because of that and not because the coach didn't like him or just didn't want to play him. Let's not pretend Brooks was some lottery pick who didn't have to earn his way into the rotation. I don't BLAME anyone. I simply don't reward anyone for what they haven't earned yet.
  23. How long would you prefer we wait to state the obvious?
  24. What do you all think?

    I never said that players weren't rewarded with minutes based on front office pressure. I have said that if a player was 'outperforming in practice that the coach will play him more in games and if he continued to outperform in games he'd get more minutes, especially when the coach's job is on the line if he doesn't win.' I still stand by that belief. I have never been in favor of players getting minutes for any reason other than talent that I can remember. Everyone recognizes that Parsons got minutes last season despite not earning them. No one has ever argued in favor of this. It's a fact of life we have to deal with. The same will likely hold true this season with McLemore. I believe you may be confusing previous discussions between others and myself. Many people have argued that 'practice' isn't important and all that matters is game play so the coach needs to play rookies and others more in games to determine if they can play. I disagree with that philosophy. I believe players have to earn their minutes. It doesn't always happen that way but that is the way it should be. I've always argued against players being 'given' minutes without earning them. For example, Brooks earned his rotation spot in training camp and pre-season, then earned the starting spot in games. This is an example of someone earning his minutes. Ivan Rabb was chosen ahead of Brooks and has barely seen the court this season because he hasn't shown as much in practice despite dominating in games with the Hustle. Funny that we haven't heard anyone this season blasting Fizdale for not playing Rabb isn't it? I stand by what I originally wrote.
  25. What do you all think?

    I agree that Fizdale has had to shuffle the lineups. I disagree that the answer is to continue to screw with the lineups instead of putting the former or expected starters back into their roles. I disagree that Fizdale has refused to alter the 2nd team as well. Dillon Brooks wasn't always the starter. He beat out Harrison to take that role. Fizdale made that adjustment. To continue to gut the strong point on the team (the bench) to prop up the starting unit at the same time that Selden, McLemore and Green are returning is making too many adjustments and depleting the strength of the team. This isn't fantasy basketball where you can shuffle players around willy-nilly with not impact on their performance. Maintaining some level of chemistry is important.