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  1. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    True and very reasonable ignoring one small aspect. What if the Grizzlies aren't interested in trading Gasol?
  2. Scrub-maniacs vs Tank-aholics

    I understand your position but any player in today's game where the offense runs exclusively through him without any realistic alternatives is going to be a negative to a team. That also isn't the way Gasol wants to play unlike some other more popular current players on the boards. Gasol wants to play the right way but he's been on a team that doesn't play right. Perhaps his missing some games will allow or convince these players to take a step forward and become more active offensively.
  3. Team Hero 01/18/2018 vs Knicks

    TH: JaMychal Green HM: Dillon Brooks, Jarell Martin Nice seeing the young guys playing well. I hope they can keep up the good work.
  4. Scrub-maniacs vs Tank-aholics

    People on the board jump at every chance to degrade players on this team. Wait until teams adjust before making too many broad statements is my advice.
  5. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    I agree with this. His FG% is horrid but that happens when you can’t create your own shots and teams are focused on stopping you. Otherwise Gasol hasn’t played poorly. His defensive rating has dropped but so has the team’s overall so how much of that should laid solely on Gasol’s shoulders?
  6. Scrub-maniacs vs Tank-aholics

    Even scrubs can wins. Game now and then, especially when the opponent isn’t prepared for the lineup changes and doesn’t have insight into what to expect. The difference between a real NBA contributor and a scrub isn’t that great. Last night the Grizzlies played differently than the Knicks were prepared for, hit shots they usually miss and squeaked out a win against a team playing on a 7 game road trip. Let’s not make this out to be more than it is.
  7. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    You were missed
  8. Team Hero v Lakers 01/15/2018

    TH: Dillon Brooks HM: Davis, Ennis
  9. Memphis Hustle

    Rabb is the 12th man on the Grizzlies bench right now. I have no idea why he isn't playing with the Hustle. Seems like a waste to me.
  10. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    Exactly but I would be surprised after this brush off that Hunter came back to the Hustle.
  11. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    The only way the Hustle could get Myke was to offer a better contract than his current G League contract. The team could only offer two 2 way contracts. For the team to sign Myke they needed to get rid of one of their two already under contract.
  12. Why are we even trying?

    The team is trying because they are professionals. They get paid to give their best every night. It may be just a lost season to some fans but to the players it is their career. It is a statement of who they are as a person. I support these guys 100%. It may not be enough on most nights but they represent our city and I want them to give the fans their best every night regardless of the outcome.
  13. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Same here. I worked thru the illness but stopped All extracurricular events. Heck, I’m at the office today!
  14. Team Hero 01/11/2018 vs Pelicans

    TH: JaMychal Green HM: Marc Gasol and Tyreke Evans
  15. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    I missed my first game of the season fighting this **** cold that is going around. I can't remember the last time I missed a game I had tickets to go to.