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  1. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    Good call! I forgot about KC and their new arena. They were shooting for an NHL team originally for the building weren't they?
  2. I can only say I hope you are wrong. I want McLemore to succeed here despite his failures in the past.
  3. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    I think Seattle deserves a team and Vegas is looking very promising as a 2nd location. Screw Vancouver who had a team and didn't support it. St Louis isn't a basketball city to me. Austin would struggle to be acceptable to Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. San Diego would seem to be a nice market if the Clippers and Lakers don't pitch too big of a fit. San Jose would be as well since the Warriors have sold out games for ever. Expansion south of SF would make a lot of sense with the Silicon Valley money down there. I may be in the minority but I'd hate to lose the Western Conference rivalries we have built up over the years but I'm sure I'd adjust to the East quick enough.
  4. You mean being a head coach isn't easy? I'm shocked that you would even suggest such a thing! Look, I didn't name Fizdale the zen master developer of players and the man who was bringing a title to Memphis. Tell Wallace you think the job is too hard for Fizdale! And I agree 100% that it's on the players shoulders to develop. Some feel that they have reached the NBA so they don't have to work that hard. Others feel they should be given time on the court since they starred in high school and college. The players who work hardest on the weaknesses in their games are the ones who make coaches look like geniuses developing their young players. It's up to the FO to figure out which players will work and which one's won't.
  5. Draft And Free Agency '17

    When has the league or the refs concerned themselves with integrity over popularity? there is a reason people feel the NBA refs are just barely a step ahead of WWE refs in terms of fairness.
  6. Fizdale - HOPEFULLY - is developing a number of these players already. Just because games aren't being played in the summer doesn't mean conditioning and skills aren't being improved right now. Fizdale and the staff should be watching players working out at FedEx Forum and giving them precise lists of skills and conditioning areas they need to improve on. The "off-season" isn't really off-season anymore. Then there is the month of training camp, multiple coaches following Fizdale's instructions working with the players who aren't in the everyday rotation too. However, to put into the daily rotation I think he's limited to Selden, Harrison, McLemore and Davis.
  7. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Regardless of Rabb signing with Memphis or not the team controls his NBA rights so eventually he has to come to the table. Perhaps spending a year in some minor league will allow him to show his talent and earn him more money than if he signed right now.
  8. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Zagorac was just signed to a new contract in July. I sincerely doubt that the Grizzlies are going to give up on him before the season begins. Ben McLemore and Tyreke Evans were signed in July. Parsons has a huge contract. Brooks was signed last week. It's simply a numbers game here and you can't have all these wings on the roster.
  9. It lists 5 players signing contracts that were bad for the teams. One was Jeff Green. Two was Ben McLemore. Three was Bojan Bogdanovic. Four was Kyle Korver. Last was JJ Reddick.
  10. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Couldn't agree more. Which once again means we are probably way off base!
  11. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    It could be that the team is giving up on Baldwin as a PG or it could mean they are trying to get Selden to work on his handles more to help Conley with the workload. We'll have to see what happens going forward. Did Cyprien say they were concerned about Baldwin on the ball or was this just your conclusion?
  12. Worst Free Agents Signings this Summer
  13. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Not to mention that Ennis is a true SF with 6 knee operations ahead of him in the rotation!
  14. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    While I agree about both players looking trade-able. I hate to see the franchise give up on rookies this early. Martin has been slowed by foot issues but he is extremely athletic. Baldwin is attempting to learn the most difficult position in the game. Cutting them early seems like such a waste but this is a business and sometimes you have to make tough decisions.