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  1. This year the Grizzlies 1st round pick was traded to Cleveland along with Mo Speights, Josh Selby and Wayne Ellington for Jon Leuer. That pick was subsequently traded to Denver and Portland in different deals. The Grizzlies 2nd round pick this year is headed to Denver but it was originally traded to OKC for Ryan Gomes. In 2018, the Grizzlies have their own 1st round pick, their 2nd round pick plus the Heat's and the Bobcats' 2nd round pick acquired in the Courtney Lee trade. In 2019 the Grizzlies pick is owed to the Celtics but is lottery protected I believe. This has some dated information but is a pretty good place to look.
  2. Everyone does remember that Jarell basically missed his rookie season (not to mention two spring training camps) with foot issues. That has a lot to do with his lack of development.
  3. But you mentioned Caron Butler?
  4. You didn't answer my question. Who should Wallace have taken instead of Jarell Martin who you have panned? I also believe Brogdon versus Baldwin is exactly the situation I am describing. Brogdon likely won't improve greatly on what we have seen. Baldwin has more physical ability and can improve if he works hard on doing so. The "smarter" pick this season may look laughable later if Baldwin continues to work on improving. Of course, no one knows for sure what the future holds. It is possible that Baldwin won't develop but when you are picking late in the 1st round it makes sense to take the player who is younger with the greater upside potential over someone more mature with less upside.
  5. I agree but it wasn't a top 5 mistake. Maybe Drew Goodwin instead of Amare Stoudamire...
  6. I hope everyone is keeping expectations real about Rade. He was a 2nd round pick in a draft universally panned for the lack of talent. I hope he surprises me but I am going in with the expectations that he spends the entire year in the D-League getting used to the NBA 3 point line and the physicality of the game.
  7. Top Picks: 1) Pau Gasol 2) Mike Conley 3) Rudy Gay 4) Kyle Lowry 5) DeMarre Carroll Sad that the last two names didn't stick around longer in Memphis but they are both examples of how Wallace can find real value in later picks. Honorable mention to Shane Battier who did so much more for the franchise off the court than on. Worst Picks: 1) Hasheem Thabeet 2) Steve Francis (I know he wasn't drafted by Memphis but he was drafted by the Grizzlies) 3) Robert Archibald (pretty sad when a 2nd round pick makes this list but with Carlos Boozer on the board...) 4) Xavier Henry - Never looked like a player to me and then the strange injuries ended his career 5) Marcus Banks/Troy Bell - Technically the Grizzlies drafted Banks and Perkins and then traded them for Bell and Dahntay Jones. No matter which player you want to count the picks bombed.
  8. Well no one was going to beat the Warriors in the playoffs this season. However, a healthy Kawhi and Tony Parker could have made it a lot more interesting.
  9. This entire thread reminds me of the time people wanted to trade Pau Gasol because he was a 2nd option type of player. He was eventually traded to the Lakers who won a few titles with him as their #2 guy.
  10. Who was the glaring mistake that Wallace missed in that draft? Josh Richardson is the only player I see that has made an impact in the league and he was taken 40th. Who else should Wallace have drafted? Personally I don't want Wallace, or any GM for that matter, taking a more polished but tapped out player that late in the first round. Give me the talent and hope the team can coach him up to reach his maximum ability.
  11. The Grizzlies have given up on young players too early (Vasquez, Lowry, Carroll to name a few) but that doesn't mean you don't take a chance on talent in the draft. The Grizzlies developed Pau Gasol, Shane Battier, Mike Conley and are developing Andrew Harrison, Wayne Seldon, James Ennis and hopefully Davis and Baldwin too. What people seem to forget is the carousel of leadership on top with this team. When Wallace arrived Michael Heisley took over all major decisions. When Heisley sold the team Levien took over, then Pera fired Levien and reinstated Wallace. There have been 3 coaches over the last 5 seasons as well. Without consistency at the top it is very difficult to develop young players on the court. Consider that Hollins was in a must win situation when Levien took over, Joerger was nearly fired (if rumors can be believed) after only two weeks on the job and was always under the radar too. When you are in a win now mode you don't have the luxury of developing young players. Wallace is firmly entrenched on top, the team is aging, the coach is finally his man and the team needs to start developing their young players. We can't look at the mistakes of the past and decide never to attempt to develop young players again.
  12. Wallace is an excellent Assistant GM. It's too bad he's the GM instead of the Assistant GM. Wallace knows talent and can identify players very late in the draft when others have already missed. Consider some of Wallace's later picks: DeMarre Carroll (late 1st round), Sam Young (2nd round and a solid contributor for a few years), Darrell Arthur (late 1st round pick), Greivis Vasquez (late 1st round), Tony Wroten (late 1st round and a promising player before injuries ended his career), Andrew Harrison (2nd round). Sure he's had some misses late as well but his batting average on late 1st and 2nd round picks is pretty good. It's been the lottery picks (Hasheem Thabeet and Xavier Henry, trading Kevin Love for O J Mayo) that people are most upset about. That was when he needed to be a strong leader and instead deferred to his owner, scouts and others. He shrunk when the spotlight was on him so that he didn't ruffle feathers and kept his job instead of doing his job.
  13. The Spurs were quiet last year when they picked up Pau Gasol and David Lee in the off-season? They are two former all-stars playing significant minutes on the Spurs this season. I'd argue they had one of the most successful off-seasons if you combine production and cost.
  14. Hasheem Thabeet is among the worst draft picks of all time. In a draft that included James Harden, Steph Curry, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozan, Jrue Holliday, Gerald Henderson, Ricky Rubio, James Johnson, Ty Lawson and others the Grizzlies picked a total bust at #2. Stromile Swift was not a great player but he may have still been among the best picks in that draft so I have a hard time being overly critical of that pick. Big Country was a solid player and if not for back injuries could have a been a solid NBA player. Injury is no reason to pan a pick. Pau Gasol and Mike Conley clearly were the best two picks by the Grizzlies. Pau got the team to 3 straight playoff appearances with a team voted the worst in professional sports when he was drafted. Mike Conley captained the team to 7 straight playoff appearances and almost every playoff victory in franchise history. Tough call between those two players. However, Pau became the Grizzlies first all star player while Mike has never been an all star so I can understand giving Pau the nod.
  15. No one is denying that. I was simply responding to the comment that LeBron shouldn't be penalized for playing in the East since he was drafted into the East.