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  1. Dang. People are starting to argue about the Hustle's lineup now. This coming year is going to get crazy on the boards!
  2. More than insurance I'd say since they take roster spots leaving few available for those players to return.
  3. We agree that Z-Bo doesn't fit well with Fizdale's desires for his PF. We just disagree that losing Z-Bo won't have an immediate negative impact on the team. Hopefully Green returns, Martin and Davis matures, Rabb is better than I believe and Wright is moved to get a more impact-ready player for Fizdale's system. I would love to be wrong about this.
  4. Yes and Yes.
  5. This quote was from Wallace's post draft comments.
  6. Kobi Simmons has been signed as an undrafted FA. He likely will receive a camp invite and a 2 way contract if he shows well.
  7. Glad to hear we aren't trying to short change them like we did a few years ago with our draft picks.
  8. I understand people's frustrations but understand that Pera just resigned Wallace to a long-term deal. I doubt Pera will rush to fire him simply for one bad season especially if he's doing what Pera asked of him in the first place.
  9. If you were a second round pick would you accept the 2 way deal capping you at $275,000 rather than a league minimum deal. This suggestion will make the team look cheap just like they did when they tried to lowball their picks in the Vasquez draft. The 2 way contracts are intended for undrafted players who that teams want to hold their rights on for a year or two. They aren't intended as alternative ways to avoid paying 2nd round picks what the rest of the league is paying them.
  10. I don't believe the 2 way contracts will affect most 2nd round draft picks. These players are guaranteed only $75,000 a year. It can go up to $275,000 a year depending on how much they actually play in the NBA. That is way below the minimum contract for an NBA player. It would be great for the team but why would Rade, Ivan or Dillon accept a low ball offer from the team tying them up for a couple of years when they can go overseas and make more money and get experience?
  11. I think it was clear over the season that Zach wasn't the type of player Fizdale wanted to rely on but no one else seemed capable of stepping up into that role. Yes Fizdale played Z-Bo a lot against San Antonio's twin tower attack but he also sat him a lot. Zach barely averaged 24 minutes a night compared to Green's 27+ and many of those minutes were played at C rather than his preferred position of PF. Both of you are correct in other words but overall I side with the idea that Fizdale doesn't want a player like Zach paired with Gasol.
  12. Who comes back is even more of a discussion now with 2 new draft picks added to the mix. Players under contract (11): Baldwin, Conley, Daniels, Davis, Ennis, Gasol, Harrison, Martin, Parsons, Selden and Wright Draft Picks (3): Rade Zagoric (2016), Ivan Rabb and Dillon Brooks Free Agents: Green (RFA), Allen, Carter and Randolph Wallace prefers taking just 14 players into the season to give the team room to make adjustments due to injury but did take 15 last season. If no trades are accomplished then the team can only sign at most 4 of their draft picks and free agents. Since all three draft picks were acquired by giving away future picks you have to give them priority over the FAs in my opinion. So who are the top 15 players on this list?
  13. I forgot him but I expect he will be a part of the summer league team.
  14. Finding him playing time between Rade, Rabb and Davis could cause mayhem regardless of how he plays!
  15. Wade's tall enough to pair with Conley in many situations. However, for Baldwin to reach his full potential the team will need to eventually turn the reigns over to him. That's years away however as Baldwin is only 20 and Conley is approaching 30. The team doesn't have to rush to make that move yet. First let's get Baldwin comfortable being on an NBA court at all.