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  1. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    Troy was an asset when the team had Tony Allen and Zach Randolph because he took advantage of defenses that collapsed on those two players. Once teams started to cover Tony his effectiveness diminished. Teams won’t be packing the paint this season so he became expendable. Troy gave fans a lot of memories last season but the writing was on the wall when the Grizzlies signed Tyreke Evans, Ben McLemore and drafted Dillon Brooks that Fizdale wanted more than just 3 point shooting ability on the wings.
  2. No. He rated Memphis 22nd out of 30 teams. Previously, as in earlier in the summer, he rated their summer moves 28th out of 30.
  3. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    So we are back to making trades for cash considerations!
  4. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Teams at 15 now with JaM still up in the air assuming Mario and Harrison are fighting it out for the backup PG with the loser being waived.
  5. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    And Daniels just got traded for a 2nd round pick.
  6. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    I wonder how close that guarantee will be if Mario beats him out for the backup PG position? I believe one of the two players will make the squad but not both. It'll cost the Grizzlies less than a million to waive either one. Baldwin could cost over $1.8 million and is younger than both Harrison and Chalmers. But like I said I expect two players not to make the team. One of them will be a PG and the other is unknown but I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade for a future draft pick or someone with a smaller guaranteed contract. That should bring the roster back to 15 players if I am not mistaken.
  7. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Wallace has signed 20 players to the roster. He has invited 20 players to training camp just like he does almost every year. However he doesn't have 20 guaranteed contracts. It's important to understand the difference. Currently the Grizzlies have only 15 players currently with fully guaranteed contracts for the upcoming season. They are Baldwin, Brooks, Conley, Daniels, Davis, Ennis, Evans, Gasol, Martin, McLemore, Parsons, Rabb, Selden, Wright and Zagorac. JaMychal Green could be the 16th guaranteed contract. Then again he could have his qualifying offer revoked with no commitment moving forward. Kobi Simmons is signed to a two-way contract which doesn't count toward the 15 players max number. Mario Chalmers and Andrew Harrison have partially guaranteed deals which means either or both could be cut and only cost the Grizzlies a little cash compared to cutting a fully guaranteed contract. Vince Hunter and Jeremy Morgan are training camp invites who have no guarantee of making the final roster. They are both probably hoping to get the 2nd two-way contract from the Grizzlies. JaMychal Green accepting the qualifying offer or signing a new contract would put pressure on the Grizzlies to make a guaranteed contract move (or waive) two players. If we assume fully guaranteed deals would have priority over non-guaranteed deals then Chalmers and Harrison would be in trouble. If the team decides they need/want three point guards (and Kobi Simmons) then someone else could be waived or traded. It's not clear who the final 15 will be and how much it will cost the Grizzlies to get down to the magical number but it isn't as dire as saying the Grizzlies have 20 players and have to cut 5.
  8. From ESPN Insider article on Power Rankings: 22. Memphis Grizzlies RANK SCORE Players 20 42.5 Management 19 42.5 Money 20 37.5 Market 25 30 Draft 15 45 Overall: 41.3 After surpassing a pessimistic projection using ESPN's real plus-minus (RPM) to reach the playoffs for a seventh consecutive season, the Grizzlies move up six spots. Alas, it's possible we could ultimately view this as a dead-cat bounce. Again, RPM forecasts Memphis most likely out of the playoffs. And this time, the Grizzlies will be relying on a different core to beat expectations. While stalwarts Mike Conley and Marc Gasol remain, the departure of veterans Tony Allen and Zach Randolph via free agency signals an end to the "Grit and Grind" era. With big contracts for Conley, Gasol and injury-plagued Chandler Parsonstaking Memphis out of free agency for the foreseeable future, the Grizzlies must hit on their draft picks to add young talent to an aging roster. And the top-eight protection on the 2019 first-round pick Memphis traded to Boston could make rebuilding an attractive option in 2018-19. -- Kevin Pelton (Previous rank: 28)
  9. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    It's going to be an interesting training camp, especially if Green signs a contract rather than accepting the Qualifying Offer.
  10. Tip Off Luncheon Tables

    I’ve sold 12 tickets already. Need 8 more to complete the 2nd table
  11. The Grizzlies have made 7 straight playoffs but prior to that streak they never won a playoff game. It doesn’t take Captain Obvious to correct your inaccurate statement. i never said a team has to be great to make adjustments. I said that every team figured out how to beat the Grizzlies. For example most teams stopped putting their tallest player guarding Gasol on the perimeter, preferring to put the tallest player on Randolph making him less effective and expecting Gasol to turn down threes when guarded. Teams knew to force the Grizzlies to play faster which hurt them with their lack of speed. Teams denied the paint and left the Grizzlies open to shoot longer shots because they couldn’t hit those shots often enough. Not great adjustments. Just obvious ones. The one thing we can agree on is you will ignore the truth and call is BS rather than accept your premise last season was wrong.
  12. The Grizzlies have definitely NOT always been a playoff team. All the doom and gloom comes from an intelligent view of the roster and the reality that a lot of last season’s weaknesses were exposed by teams as the season progressed. You can surprise teams early in the season but eventually teams catch on and start to exploit those weaknesses. There wasn’t a wall as much as teams forcing the Grizzlies to beat them at what they weren’t good at and taking away what they did well. The sign of a good team is the ability to either force what they do well despite teams trying to stop it or doing what they don’t do well at a good enough level while taking away the other team’s strengths.
  13. Tip Off Luncheon Tables

    First table is sold out. Working on getting a second table for anyone interested.
  14. Once again I am buying a table for our message board fans. A table costs $550 so each seat will sell for $55. Let me know if you want tickets. I have already sold some so they are going fast.
  15. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    All three players received guaranteed money for at least the 1st year of their contracts. terms weren't disclosed so no one knows if the 2nd year is fully guaranteed or not but it is safe to assume they are.