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  1. Some changes I'd like to see

    Brandan Wright, Ivan Rabb, Chandler Parsons all are more talented. But I wasn't talking about earlier in the season. I was saying now.
  2. Chip, you wouldn't happen to know a guy named Earl H Cook Jr., would you?

    1. chipc3


      I know some people named Earl but I don't believe I know an Earl Cook Jr

    2. LuvThem Grizzlies

      LuvThem Grizzlies

      He lives in Germantown, he passed away and my sister can't find anyway to contact his family, she worked with him at FedEx.

    3. chipc3


      Sorry. I can't help either. 

  3. Some changes I'd like to see

    No. According to my definition, Rabb would have to show what he is capable of doing in practice, then he'd have to take advantage of the opportunities presented in real game situations before making a radical move. How many times do I have to repeat that mantra? Players have to earn playing time. You don't just give it to them because in your mind you think you know what will happen or you just want to see what will happen in a real game situation. Glad to know you wouldn't do something really stupid like start Jarell Martin!
  4. Marc sounds off

  5. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    So you just came up with this out of the blue and somehow made the determination that "we may have finally discovered a competent starting lineup." Who is this 'we' you are referring to? How many people are in that head of yours?
  6. Marc sounds off

    Wallace would rather have Mayo than Love! Just teasing. I know that was a long time ago.
  7. Marc sounds off

    I don't know that they would. I just think they'd be interested in Gasol to play alongside Horford.
  8. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Just curious but when have you seen these five people on the court at the same time to make this discovery??? How often have you seen the backup 4 players for that matter? How exactly were these lineups found in the Portland game? Is this another idea you heard on the radio and trying to push as your own thoughts on the board?
  9. Marc sounds off

    Boston's issue is they have too much talent right now. They can't get high draft picks onto the court as it is. To get an All-Star for another draft pick may work for them. The problem is the salary of course.
  10. Some changes I'd like to see

    That could be. So if we take away those three wins the team is not actually 7-9 in your eyes but 4-9. Is this what you are saying? Wow. Fizdale is doing far worse than I thought then with the most talented team in franchise history according to some people.
  11. Some changes I'd like to see

    That’s a bit extreme example wouldn’t you say? It’s not like LeBron hasn’t proven himself already. He is a rather unique situation compared to what we are talking about. A better example would be Ivan Rabb. If Green goes down again would you start Ivan without seeing how he worked with the starters and if he wouldn’t mess up things even worse? Rabb is probable more talented than Green right now.
  12. Marc sounds off

    If a trade is made, no one on the board will prognosticate what it will be correctly. I’ve been reading these trade ideas for 15 years at least and not one has come true the way they are talked about here.9
  13. Some changes I'd like to see

    GTF - When did Fizdale have a practice with Ben McLemore and the team prior to his breaking his foot? How long did it take after McLemore was activated for Fizdale to put him into the lineup? Clearly Fizdale agrees with you that practice isn't important. He'd rather experiment with lineups during games which matter. I want to see the team win games not experimenting with roster moves. JaM and Wayne were available during training camp. Green started the first game and all of last season. Wayne worked out with the team during the playoffs, at the end of last season and worked with the summer league team which Fizdale oversaw. I'm not against making needed changes. I am against making changes for changes sake. The team was short Ben, JaM and Wayne yet still managed to start the season 5-1. Fizdale started experiementing with different lineups when the team was winning. Since that time the team has gone 2-8. If you like experimenting and going 2-8 more power to you. I prefer the roster winning 5 of 6 games. Dwash - We aren't talking about a finished product. We are talking about team chemistry. GTF (and others but particularly GTF in this instance) are advocating changing lineups daily. I believe you experiment with lineup changes in practice instead of games. If you see something you like in practice you may play with it in a game for a short period but not roll it out and see what happens for long stretches. As I have said repeatedly, you earn minutes in practice to get a shot in games. You take advantage of your opportunities in games to earn more minutes. You don't simply throw people out there and hope for the best during real games. Experimenting with lineups needs to happen in practice, then in short stints in games and finally as a rotational constant. Chemistry is too fragile to constantly meddle with lineups. It's just my opinion and not one in favor with the current coaching staff which partially explains the 2-8 streak the team is suffering through but it not the only reason. This isn't fantasy basketball where you can move pieces in and out without an effect on the whole team's performance.
  14. Marc sounds off

    It wouldn't make the team better right off the bat but possibly over time, if the correct picks are made, it would work out.
  15. Some changes I'd like to see

    I don't believe that "just picking 5 dudes to play together' is a recipe for success. I believe you pick your groups in advance and stick with them until you have to make a change. The five players who you mentioned are all veterans and played together for the entire of training camp. They didn't just 'immediately' gain chemistry. They worked on it. Now that chemistry is lost because they aren't playing together as a unit any more. It won't come right back by simply throwing them in together either. This is an old discussion with us but I believe in practice far more than you. You seem to believe that the only way to learn anything is to play in real games. I believe that you develop habits and understanding of each other (i.e chemistry) by practicing together and taking what you learn from practice into real game situations. I believe players earn opportunities in practice not throwing them into games and hoping something works out.