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  1. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    The option has been exercised by either Strauss, Kaplan or both according to news reports. The owners are in, and very near the end of. The negotiation period but that can be extended if both sides agree. Pera can sell his interest but it is unlikely that would have any effect on the option to purchase those shares by Kaplan/Strauss. The risk would/should be reflected in the sales price. I don’t know the book value of the franchise but is would be far less than the negotiated sales price.
  2. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    I talkd to a minority owner today and he brought up a new angle on this story. It is possible that if Pera is in big trouble he’d turn to the minority owners to buy out his interest at book value. Its not likely but it is something to think about.
  3. Coaching search: How about Tony Bennett?

    Because there are only 30 head coaching jobs in the NBA and you never know what the future holds.
  4. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    I don’t know about how less secure the lease is it’s the FedEx Forum. It’s pretty hard to break away for the foreseeable future. There is a clause in the contract that allows the local owners to buy out the team if the majority owner tries to move for the next five years at the original purchase price.
  5. I suppose I’d like him back and his role would depend on what helps the team win the most games.
  6. Perhaps everyone should calm down on the Conley-Evans debate until we see if they ever play together.
  7. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    I agree but since Wallace was put in place by Pera and hasn't been replaced despite numerous failings lately it does fall on Pera's shoulders to take heat for the state of the franchise.
  8. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    That's a bit harsh. A person is innocent until proven guilty. All that has happened so far is a formal announcement that an investigation is going on. There has been no indictment much less a verdict.
  9. Robert Pera’s company, Ubiquity Networks, was issued subpoenas on Feb 13th to answer questions and release documents over alleged accounting issues among other things.
  10. The 2018 Free Agents

    The real question is will Chris Wallace ever catch on?
  11. Oklahoma @ Memphis 02/14/18

    None of the above. why is Ivan Rabb not playing anymore? I guess he’s been too efficient.
  12. Robert Pera

    Here is the original source. I believe the CA and other outlets have since confirmed.
  13. Oklahoma @ Memphis 02/14/18

    Chris Wallace is hosting a Chalk Talk tonight for VIP fans. I’m sure it will be contentious with the fans feeling rather upset about the Front Office moves over the last few months.
  14. Robert Pera

    It’s all I can hope for.