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  1. In my opinion the team is looking at Rabb, at least initially, as a center in a small ball lineup. He can stretch the court somewhat (he did shoot nearly 41% from the arc in college albeit in limited attempts) and his rebounding would be extremely valuable. Now that I have defended Rabb all I am willing to do, remember that Wallace has always said that the draft is the best place to find talent. You use trades and free agency to fill needs but you always draft strictly for talent. I don't have a problem with drafting Rabb if he is the best talent on the board. I don't know enough to say one way or the other if he is but clearly the Grizzlies felt he was. Now back to my original question. If Rabb can stretch centers away from the basket who do you believe would pair best with him? Davis and Rabb don't seem to work since Davis will keep bigs near the basket. JaMychal would be a good partner but he's a free agent so there is that issue. Does Rabb have a good enough outside game to clear space for Z-Bo if he comes back? Does he help Brandan Wright be more effective by clearing space for him to operate near the basket? It's not that Rabb himself is the problem as much as the team has too many players who can't stretch the court at all in Davis, Wright and Z-Bo if he returns. Will Rabb be able to create space inside for the returning bigs?
  2. ESPN pulled up a different statistic. I'm sure what you have said about Edmiston's positions are accurate as you remember them. This is in print however. Can you show where Edmiston's numbers are in print for last season showing Allen's defense made no difference?
  3. What has that got to do with how many players you just suggested the team have under contract?
  4. I see how Rabb and Gasol would fit well together but does anyone see Rabb pairing well with Martin, Davis or Wright?
  5. The only reason the team under-performed this past season was Chandler Parsons. If the Grizzlies had spent that money to get a SF who could play they would have been far better last year. There was nothing the Grizzlies could have done to beat the Warriors with Durant, Curry etc of course but they could have been more competitive if they hadn't wasted their major signing on Parsons. Getting an impact player instead of Parsons would dramatically change this discussion. Would the team have needed to be blown up instead of stretching it further if instead of a disaster who made the team weaker they had signed a player who would have improved the team? Wallace didn't believe so. He just chose the wrong player.
  6. Have you counted how many players you'd have under contract after doing these moves? I come up with 16 players (Conley, Harrison, Baldwin, Selden, Brooks, Daniels, Parsons, Ennis, Zagoric, Ibaka, Martin, Rabb, Gasol, Davis and then add Ta and Z-Bo).
  7. Too bad boxes don't determine if a player is that good or not. I continue to be amazed how people downplay Tony Allen's elite defense. Yes he gambles. However the fact remains the team is a better defensive unit as a whole when Tony is on the court. If anyone can find a player capable of making an all-league roster - be it all-rookie, all-defense or whatever, at a league minimum price you would consider the team fortunate. Memphis should offer TA the league minimum at the least. If another team is willing to pay more and TA wants to move his family to get that larger deal is another matter.
  8. According to ESPN, there is a formula to determine defensive effectiveness. Curiously Avery Bradley was not listed among the league leaders in this category. A statistic that shows the team is better defensively when he is on the court would suggest that the player has something to do with that. It's not just steals in other words. Tony made the team better defensively than all but one player at his position in the league last season. That implies he does deserve to be named 2nd team All Defense. Resigning such a player at a league minimum contract would be a great coup in this regard.
  9. Actually Harrison was a second round pick that the Grizzlies traded to get. With an additional year of ball in the D-League Harrison earned his spot last season. This season Baldwin does need to make a better impression however.
  10. Wit the current roster situation, it is highly likely that 3 players from Carter, Green, Randolph and Allen won't be back. Possibly two return of the Grizzlies can dump Martin and/or Wright on someone but that won't be easy without taking back players to make a trade work.
  11. Why do you say that? Is it because you believe Avery Bradley's reputation is superior to Tony's? Can you back that up with any statistics or facts?
  12. This sounds like the old Jerry West wisdom that the worst thing you can be is just good enough to make the playoffs but not advance. Of course, Jerry West felt he was a failure for losing in the finals so often so I am not sure his standard is a realistic one for most fans. I'm on KBM's side about losing. I attend a lot of home games and it isn't much fun when the team sucks to drive to downtown and back just to watch the team get killed. Attendance drops dramatically during lost seasons. Memphis doesn't support losing teams (just look at the Tigers bball attendance if you don't believe me). Losing breads more losing too. Losing is a disease, just as dangerous as...Oh wait, that's from a baseball movie. But you get my point here. We don't have to have a losing record to rebuild. We need a front office with a vision of where they want to be, how to get there and most importantly, a coach who is in agreement and on board with the decisions being made. You can make sure you have that without counting ping pong balls.
  13. Nice non-answer. I also don't understand your connection of the Grizzlies not winning 50 games with Mike and Marc to equating to more cap space to get more draft picks. Personally I am not sure that Mike, Marc and a healthy Chancun are enough to keep the team in the playoffs but lately my sunshine glasses haven't worked too well.
  14. Just curious but how do you figure Mike and Marc alone can get 50 wins when they played most of last season and the team only won 43 games with Allen, Randolph, Green and Carter all pitching in?