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  1. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    Says we are #5 behind Clippers, Spurs, Warriors and Rockets (who are still #1)
  2. Overall FEF/Grizz Game experience

    Went to the game last night and noticed that the new corner video boards block the views for at least 20 seats each. Basically, they are not going to be able to sell tickets for those seats with a clear conscious. Wish i took a picture... It was bad.
  3. Our GM's short-sightedness and terrible drafting has finally caught up to him. Really, there is nobody on this roster other than Marc or Mike that are viable NBA starters. I like Brooks, he looked better than any rookie we've had in years. Other than that, I seriously think they could cut ANYONE and it would make a minimal difference. One saving grace is that at least we'll have few contracts on the books next year, so we can hopefully bring in some decent players (not counting on **** in free agency though, given our track record). Went to the game, and that starting lineup was just so sad. Was thinking Parsons was resting or something, but nope. Here he comes off the bench, and he still can't do ANYTHING. I guess we could still make the playoffs... right?
  4. MEM Summer League Thread

    Baldwin never passes when he gets into the paint.. Has ZERO vision 👀
  5. MEM Summer League Thread

    LOL. Wallace loves that Baldwin 3! Wish that goober wasn't our GM 😒
  6. MEM Summer League Thread

    He has a lot of confidence, I'll give him that. Brooks looks good.
  7. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    What?! Worse pick than Thabust? Cmon man...
  8. Toronto had to include a 1st bc Caroll's contract is so bad. You want Memphis to be salary dumping ground? I don't think our cap could've handled Caroll even if we wanted him. We screwed ourselves last year with Parsons, meaning we can't make many moves this offseason.
  9. MEM Summer League Thread

    Troy Williams dropped 29 w HOU's summer league squad last night. 4 for 7 from 3.
  10. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Wallace on suicide watch
  11. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    We better hope to God that Brooklyn doesn't decide they wanna go after JaMychal if Washington matches this. We might actually be able to get JaM on a Patterick Patterson sized deal, which would be perfect. JJ about to get PAYED. I read $60M/4 years
  12. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    There goes an option for replacing ZBo/JaM
  13. Superteam in Memphis

    Hahahaha Zach is the man. He gets bombarded by a TMZ reporter in an airport and all he wants to talk about is Memphis, not even acknowledging the possibility of he or Vince leaving. This guy loves this city and this franchise.
  14. Draft Day 2017

    Supposedly Phil is not taking anything less than 2 1st rounders and a starter. He apparently wants both Brooklyn picks, Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley or something like that from Boston, is what i read. His asking price is astronomical. Speculation is this is a way to "teach Porzingis a lesson" for skipping the exit interview