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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Wish we didn't have such an injury-plagued history as a franchise, this would make taking Porter in the top 4 easy. Porter and Bagley seem a head above the rest of this class. If Porter comes back and plays for Mizzou before the draft, he will be top 2 off the board. I like Ayton, Doncic, Young after them though.
  2. You wouldn't do Reke for Clarkson? My assumption is no re-signing Reke, and that Clarkson is a slightly-above-average role player on a decent contract. Better than any other SG we have.
  3. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Yes Grizzlies. You must lose in order to secure the top 5 pick. Yessssssss
  4. I did hear that LA was willing to wait, but they don't have their 1st round pick no matter what, so they are trying to win so they don't help Boston or Philly. Tyreke probably helps them win more than Clarkson. Whenever they get a deal done, they just want that cap flexibility they gain when getting off of Clarkson's contract.
  5. I think we could get Clarkson, for Tyreke and another expiring (Wright fits salary-wise). Lakers want the flexibility for next year, and I like Clarkson. But Clarkson is under contract for 2 more years after this season so would be a somewhat long-term commitment to him. I guess he'd be a trade chip as an expiring in that last year anyway though.
  6. Getting off of those 2 contracts would put us at $89,933,199 in payroll for 2018-2019 (per Basketball Reference). Cap is projected to be $101M. We could offer $10M next year it looks like, or maybe more because we have his bird rights or something. Not sure what signing him this year grants us as far as advantages in his next contract. That's probably not enough, is my guess.
  7. You know, I didn't think about Marc or Mike being gone as a scenario. Mike isn't gonna get traded because I'm sure nobody else wants that contract on their books, but if there is a way to trade Marc and get back less salary, that may be a way to re-sign Tyreke also. Basically we'd have to trade Marc for expirings and picks. Being an NBA GM would be stressful, but a lot of fun
  8. If we can get a 1st for Reke, we should do it. Someone is going to offer him more than we can with our hamstrung cap situation. Don't be naive to think that Wallace can work some magic and get him to stay. That would require someone else taking on at least one of: Parsons (never happening, probably the worst contract in the league) McLemore (why would anyone want him if he can't crack the rotation of this pitiful team?) JaMychal (our only proven PF on the roster who also isn't worth much on the market)
  9. Memphis @ LA Clippers. 1-2-18

    Why didn't Parsons play...? I guess the tank is real. Though didn't CW say that we are still making the playoffs and Mike is coming back?
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    If we're enduring the most painful-to-watch basketball in the league, i want that top 5 pick. Would be nice to have a star for people to pay attention to in our city.
  11. Roster Moves

    I'm not saying trade all of them. Just that, if there is someone we want, we have enough expirings to match salary on a larger contract than just Reke's small deal. I wanna see something happen. Wallace thinks the only thing he can trade is our 1st round pick.
  12. Inverted Standings Watch

    Found a sweet site to keep an eye on our inverted standings, with an option to simulate the lottery as if it took place today: Kept simulating and Grizz falling all the way to like the 7th, 8th pick had me terrified What if all this tanking only got us a 7th pick?!!!!
  13. Roster Moves

    But seriously, who can we get for Tyreke? We gotta get something for our expiring contracts (Wright, Tyreke, Ennis) Of those, only Tyreke is worth something, and the rest are throw-ins. Perhaps someone would take Martin or Harrison since their contracts are puny but I think we'd be lucky to even be able to throw them in on any trade. Please Wallace, don't let all our expiring contracts walk again. SOMETHING is better than nothing in our position.
  14. Roster Moves

    Yeah no real chance we keep Tyreke. He's the best player on our team currently, and is balling out even though he looks bored to death. His facial expressions were cracking me up last night Who could we get for him though? Oubre was my favorite trade idea.
  15. Robert Pera

    I think he and Gasol are buddies, so he talks to someone around here. It's pretty obvious that he doesn't pay much attention, if just for the fact that he gave Chris Wallace an extension a year ago. Maybe after he buys out the other guy's shares he'll be more interested in keeping an eye on the team.