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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Like I said earlier in this thread, he would be cleared before March Madness begins.
  2. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Are you serious?
  3. Major reason why Reke willing return...Him and Conley could be a top 5 backcourt.

    I'm saying he had surgery for that injury at 30 years old and who knows what will happen to a pro athletes body after 30.
  4. Major reason why Reke willing return...Him and Conley could be a top 5 backcourt.

    Agreed but I think a JaM trade and a lottery pick will fill out our final 2 roster spots. So Marc, Mike, Dilly and then 2 newly acquired players is my thinking and just bring Reke off of the bench.
  5. Major reason why Reke willing return...Him and Conley could be a top 5 backcourt.

    Reke is best used off of the bench. We don't need a ball dominant scorer like him in the starting lineup. Who knows what Conley will be from here on out. He might be Chucky Atkins for the rest of his career for all we know, not likely, but it could happen.
  6. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    C'mon Chip don't kill my all seriousness, this is just a formality. I don't think it will affect anything in the near future. I'm sure if they have solid evidence then that may influence Pera's decision on selling the team.
  7. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    People will always complain no matter what. We could have 3 straight 70 win seasons with 3 straight championships and people would complain.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    If we get the #1 pick, would people select Ayton? If you do, would you move Marc or keep Marc?
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    He'll be cleared for full contact before the college season ends. He'll probably be cleared for non-contact within the next week or so. He'll be healthy for the draft workouts.
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Wallace will take him. And you think this would deter Wallace because...........? I guarantee you if we had the first pick, Wallace would have selected Oden in that draft.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I said it before and I''ll say it again. We're drafting Michael Porter, Jr.
  12. Oklahoma @ Memphis 02/14/18

    Neither. We need a real starting PF. I was never on the JaM train and all of his efficiency numbers blah blah blah. Just produce. We need a man down there and stop all of this stretch 4 foolishness. When Marc was out, Adams was taking everybody's lunch. JaM too slight and light in the butt. Jarell is nice for a dunk or two every 3 or 4 games but is not a starter nor is he someone you want to rely on being in heavy rotation. I'm just mad that Tyreke is winning us all of these games since he's been back. He just may get us into the playoffs by himself.
  13. Potential Offseason Trade

    Yep, good position to take. Both sides have inherent risks.
  14. Parsons return?

    Yep Westbrook would break his ankles or knees in the case of Parsons
  15. Potential Offseason Trade

    I wouldn't do this trade but it's not just getting Kevin Love back for the pick (a proven for an unknown), it's also getting rid of Parsons and his deadweight contract, Personally, I don't think any teams will take on Parsons contract now. I think we may have had a chance to trade it last off-season or earlier in this season but he's injured yet again. I don't know if i would do this trade but i like the spirit of it. you have to think to yourself what's better- have a proven player who's a multi time All-Star while giving up a potential All-Star unknown and a dead weight contract OR select a lottery pick that will take 2-3 years before really getting his feet under him, who may eventually one day turn into an All-Star and keeping Parsons dead wedight contract for the next 2 years.Interesting choice. If you're going to keep Mike and Marc, why not try to win now and the only way you will probably get rid of Parsons is a deal like this.