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  1. So ESPN has done a best/worst draft pick for every team. Memphis has the following: Do people agree? I mean, I don't know if we can include Vancouver but SAR would definitely rival Pau (early on in his career, although he was always on losing teams). not sure if there is a worst draft pick than Thabeet, everyone else including Stro and Big Country at least contributed.
  2. Good list. I would put Xavier 2nd behind Thabeet. I never had any hopes he would do anything but he was a lottery pick. A lottery pick that was almost out of the league in his second year.
  3. And just throwing this out there, I was watching a game and the announcer pronounced his name "Rah-day" not "Rade" (like Wade) just saying.
  4. So how would people rank their top 5 Grizz draft picks and bottom 5?
  5. Once again, you do realize that the Grizz are not a full strength right? It's one thing to talk about what we can do while healthy against those teams, but that's not reality. The reality is that we are missing one of the best defensive players in the game and a 6'10" guy who was supposed to give us scoring and playmaking at the 3. Those are 2 humongous losses. We are replacing them with a 40-year-old VC, a journeyman bench player in Ennis and rookies like Selden (who hasn't even played half an NBA season), Harrison and Baldwin. We are just overmatched right now, but yes, I agree, if we were at full strength we could cause some problems. The reality is, we are not and have not been in the playoffs for awhile.
  6. What? Where did I say the Grizz would be lucky to win one game? WTF are you talking about? Anyway, if the Grizz would have gotten by the Spurs (which wasn't happening), they would have struggled with the Rockets. The fact is they were missing 2 starters in TA and Parsons. TA would have missed at least half of that series. It was obvious that rookies weren't going to get it done. It was obvious that Marc was not going to take over. Conley cannot outscore Harden and couldn't do it by himself and then you had Eric Gordon and then Lou Williams off of the bench. Way too much firepower for our inconsistent defense. If this team was at full power and everyone was healthy, yeah, they probably could have beat the Spurs and yeah they probably could have beat Houston. The problem is, this team has not been at full power in the playoffs in a while. The team last year should have never been in the playoffs. That's just being realistic and not only that, we did all of that to make the playoffs last year so that we could keep our first round pick only to spend it on Wade Baldwin.We would have been better off missing the playoffs last year, losing our pick and having a pick in this year's draft which is deeper.
  7. Agreed. We are not better than any team still in the playoffs. We would not have beaten the Rockets. Harden would have lit us up for 50 per game.
  8. We need a dominate scorer. Scoring and taking over is not Marc's makeup, it just isn't. He's a wonderfully skilled player but we cannot have him as one of our 2 best players and win. Hopefully, Parsons can be traded (hey, he was on Orlando's board as a trade option) or he comes back healthy and gives us 16-18 ppg but even then, we still would not have a dominate scorer. We need one badly to let, Marc do what he does. He's like a bigger Draymond Green in the fact that he can fill up the entire stat sheet across the board. That's the type of role that best suits Marc.
  9. I was also referring to a quick 3 he took in the 3rd when the Spurs were making a run. I'm definitely not blaming him for how this game went, just an observation. it's obvious this team doesn't have the horses and need a dominant scorer really badly. A guy who we can just give it to and he's going to score or draw a foul. We don't have any guys like that and as good as Gasol and Conley are, neither are really natural scorers. Having them being primary scorers affect other parts of their game. Gasol's rebounding has been down and he's not as aggressive on defense. Using Conley as a scorer means we have someone like Harrison on the floor and we miss Conley's on the ball d. Hopefully we can make some move but we need a scorer really, really badly.
  10. After all the good Conley has done, he goes back to these quick trigger hero threes. I have no idea what Ennis was doing on that turnover, he passed up 2 if not 3 shots to try and force a pass into the lane.
  11. If anything, this series shows me why this team should not pay money for JAM. I know everybody on this board loves him and thinks he's like the best defensive big in the league or something but he's vastly undersized, gets abused on defense and just disappears on offense. nIce backup but no way he should be our starting PF going forward.
  12. Have no idea why Wright hasn't seen any action. i mean, coaches are stubborn and do what they do and they roll with who they are comfortable with but still. I think some of Fizz's decisions in games 1 and 2 hurt us and I think the same thing is happening tonight. Obviously, his decisions helped in games 3 and 4 but you have to adjust
  13. Have no idea why Daniels is such an afterthought. I mean, if you're going to play Selden, why not play Daniels? Selden ain't some lock down defender. You're at a disadvantage either way. I like Selden but I think TD could give us a spark in this game.
  14. Fizz better make some adjustments. This unit ain't getting it done.
  15. Why are Selden and Harrison on the floor at the same time?
  16. I just hope there is not a letdown tonight.
  17. I wouldn't call it a bargain. They probably could have gotten him for half of that. No other teams were taken chances on a long term deal. I do find it hilarious that so many posters on this board proclaimed that the grizz made a huge mistake and how Stephenson was going to get a max contract,etc. Good for him for getting another chance, let's hope he doesn't blow it. i still would have taken him over Xavier Henry in that draft. Henry was a wasted pick and bust since draft day. Just worthless.
  18. Sad thing is that out of Harrison, Selden and Williams, I would say Harrison is the odd man out but he's been the one getting the most pt in the NBA and the biggest opportunity. IDK, maybe because he spent a year in teh D-League and they are true rookies.
  19. Yeah, the meniscus is tricky. i had a meniscus tear near the outside which is closer to the blood supply so they did something to get more blood to the area and repair it. It's a different story when they have to take some out because that is the cartilage protecting your knee. He may experience arthritis in that knee because it's a higher potential for bone on bone especially for a world class athlete.
  20. Well, it's official, I mean no surprise, but Parsons will have surgery on Monday and is done for the season
  21. Why? he still has his best bud Andrew Harrison to lean on. I would much rather have selden and Williams than Harrison. Hopefully Selden gets a chance to prove himself As well.
  22. Parsons needs to go and get his knees checked out by some specialists other than the Grizz staff, just saying.
  23. Maybe teams aren't offering anything of value that could help make us better? IDK, I just don't think our players have that much value and I said this last offseason as well.
  24. i've always like Casspi and have suggested in the past we should go after him. I'm not sure what he has left though. He was never great at any one thing, just a nice versatile guy who can shoot to bring off of the bench. I'm not sure why we would go out and get yet another swingman though. We seem to be overloaded with swingmen but none seem to be good enough to start for us consistently. I don't think casspi would solve that issue. Start Ennis and let him get some burn and play TD more. That would not affect VC's minutes at all. We need to decide on who to keep. we still don't have a competent backup PG (and I don't think anyone is available). i would go that route and release Douglas, not sure what Casspi would bring at this point that would justify taking minutes away from Ennis and TD.
  25. Had nothing to do with Memphis per se. Moreso it was a horrible franchise. We won a combined 46 games in Darko's 2 years. The franchise was on a downward spiral after Hubie/Fratello's run and we had been rebuilding for a while. The coach was Iavaroni. i'd be miserable too. He basically said he was miserable everywhere except Orlando i think. The guy was clinically depressed.