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  1. 7 of the next 8 games are away games

    it's sad because we have played 18 out of our 30 games at home and are 6-12 at home. That's a lot of lost opportunity especially when the front half our schedule has been mostly at home, now it's about to catch up to us.
  2. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    Agreed. I would say a lot of people in general are evil though but evil women are much more likely to get a pass in society, especially if they come up with a story saying they were treated wrongly. They get a lot more sympathy from society than evil men. Well, I agree with that to a certain degree but you're making an assumption on why they got married in the first place. I have no idea. People get married for all types of reason from financial stability to fame and fortune to satisfy society so they won't be judged to a baby is on the way, etc etc etc and once they get married they have their own rules, there are a lot of open marriages out there. I don't judge other people's marriages from the outside because you never know the terms of someone's marriage or why they were married in the first place. i mean, she started dating Ren when he was in hs and she was at the age she should have been graduating college. From what I heard, she was very controlling of him from the get go. Also, open infidelity doesn't necessarily mean there are problems in the marriage, a lot of people (both men and women) put up with that and stay whether it's for money or it doesn't bother them because they are cheating themselves or they have an arrangement or whatever. Once again, pro athletes are a different breed and open cheating isn't uncommon and it may not even point to problems in the relationship. it depends on the couple and every couple is different. I think all of this is a moot point thought because the Wrights got divorced and shortly after the got divorced she tried to kill him in Atlanta. She was charged with attempted 1st degree murder as well because there is ample evidence that her and that guy tried to kill Ren in Atlanta earlier in 2010. And then they finally killed him later that year. I don't think that's a woman scorned. I think it's a pure evil POS who was money hungry but that's just my opinion.
  3. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    Well, I don't know about you but I have lived in multiple cities with major league sports team and/or spent a lot of time in them. I don't think it's as rare as you think. People don't care. They got money. I'll just leave it there because I could tell stories. If that was the problem she should have moved on. They had already divorced. I have a hard time believing that was the problem when she spent the majority of the $1mil insurance policy for the kids on herself, not only that she apparently tried to kill him before as well. Sometimes, evil is just evil, no other explanation needed.
  4. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    Most professional athletes got side pieces and thots all over the place. That's nothing new an dthe overwhelming majority of the women put up with it for the lifestyle, which quite honestly isn't any different from the avg household. I think the last statistic i saw said like roughly 60% of married men admit to cheat and over 50% of married women. That's not uncommon at all and especially not with professional athletes. i definitely don't think it leads to abuse in the home. I was mainly talking about that cockamamie story about mysterious men visiting their house looking for Ren and him leaving with a box of drugs. All fo that stuff was clearly made up to cover her tracks. She was the one trying to kill him, not anyone else.
  5. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    You know, if you watch any of those crime shows, the spouse(or ex-spouse) is always one of the first people of interest and along with the last person to see the person alive. In this case Sherra Wright was both which makes it highly suspicious. Also, on many of those shows, a common tactic of the spouse who killed their spouse is to spread negative information about the person who was killed. She not only claimed mysterious men were looking for Ren and he left with a box of drugs but she also wrote a "fictional" book which seemed to really be about her and Ren where she claimed he beat her. So she did her best to make Ren look like a monster so that society wouldn't have any sympathy for him. now come to find out, her and that dude are not only being charged with 1st degree murder(which is premeditated, meaning she set him up) but also ATTEMPTED 1st degree murder because she previously tried to kill Ren. This is beyond disgusting and i hope that woman never sees the light of day, Everything that she said was a lie-the beatings, teh mysterious men looking for him, him leaving with a box of drugs going to flip something. This is just disgusting.
  6. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    Well, let me add one more fact for you. Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife has now been arrested in connection with his murder. As i mentioned, there was 1 person who was repeatedly bad mouthing him and making him look like the worst person in the world and that person had a reason to do that so that she could get suspicion off of her. Not only that, it would have had to have been a humongous coincidence that the dude arrested just so happen to be connected with her and she didn't have anything to do with it. I think most people suspected her from the get go and her stories about him leaving with boxes of drugs and what not didn't add up. Her neighbors also reported that she was burning something in the fire pit behind their house around the time he was killed. I never believed one word that came out of her mouth. She probably lured him down there to kill him.
  7. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    It's getting harder and harder to watch this dumpster fire, especially on NBALP. I have no idea what teh FO is trying to do or what the path forward is.
  8. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    We're 5-10 about to be 5-11 at home. Just squandering opportunity
  9. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    Losing at home yet again. This time to a team under .500. Just blow this sorry azz team up.
  10. Well, that's the more difficult question to me. I think this board has convinced themselves that there is no way he can be traded. I'm saying yes there is, but to your point, what do we take back? i'm not sure if there is a good answer.
  11. I don't think it's as hard as people think. Teams are always looking for trades for a variety of reasons. I do think his social media presence has hurt him though. Teams may trade for him to hit the salary floor while rebuilding or some idiot GM may think he can build around him. I think if he avg mid teens in the second half of the season and stays healthy, ihes tradeable. It's only 2 more years. With that being said, we should probably keep him while we get rid of Mike and Marc and do a true rebuild. We would need his salary to hit the salary floor.
  12. Harrison -14, BenMc +15 last night

    It's only 1 game. I have drug Harrison through the ringers on this board so I'm no fan but he provide some spark off of the bench for a few games. I'm not going to complain either way, neither is an ideal starter at SG. ^^^^this Yes, he always has. It's gone in before but he is highly inconsistent. My guess is that he will roll off a few good games and then disappear again.
  13. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    IDK about that. They had a 20 point lead. Kind of a collective team loss
  14. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    What i don't get was the Grizz trying to hold Harrison back, why? Let Harrison and Westbrook fight and let both of them get kicked out of the game. Sounds like the Grizz win in that situation
  15. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Nope, Parsons sitting for "rest".