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  1. This is one pervy post....just saying
  2. I haven't seen anyone say they hate the pick but maybe I haven't looked. Anyway, for the second year in a row, we have taken a big who was supposedly a solid first round pick (if not a lottery pick) who had fallen. If things work out we could get 2 solid backup bigs for years to come. I pretty much think both Rabb and Davis will be in the G league for most of next year. Dillon Brooks may be another Sam Young type.
  3. Oh well, lock.
  4. So ESPN has a story out there that the Cavs are looking for a third team to help them acquire Jimmy Butler (or Paul George) while moving Kevin Love . Using the trade machine, a 3-way trade between Bulls-Cavs-Grizz works with Parsons to Bulls, Butler to Cavs and Love to Memphis. Would people entertain this? I know the first question is why would the Bulls take Parsons and also help a division rival. Well, that's a good question, which I don't have a great answer for right now, but teams have done crazier things base don hope. Also, I know people would complain about Love being soft and not playing d and how Gasol and Love would be the softer frontcourt in the league. At the end of the day, he's still one of the top scoring bigs in the league and one of the best rebounders in the league. Whatever he contributes would probably be way more than what Parsons contributes (if healthy) so it's a risk and may very well be the best we can do. I know there's going to be people who will say they would rather have JAM over Love, which, you will only hear people on a Grizz board say that but hey, that's your opinion. Thoughts?
  5. If we traded Marc, I would hope we get more than that. Ingram has a lot of potential but a lot of guys in their first couple of years do and it never happens, so that's a big risk. Mozgov is an okay player but he's a career backup C and seems to be injured quite a bit. Throw in Julius Randle and a draft pick and now we're talking. That way we trade 1 starter for 2 starters. we would have a hole at C because Mozgov is not a starter, Wright is fragile and wouldn't make it a full season and Davis is not ready yet. The only way we should trade him is if we get a bucketload of players or draft picks, similar to how the Celtics ripped the Nets.
  6. Not sure if the brand matters much these days. My living room tv died about a year and a half ago and I got a new 60" LG tv. I ordered it on Amazon (on Christmas Day) where it was already discounted and I got an extra $300 off in a flash sale so I got it really cheap. it's okay from a distance, but if you get too close, it's really pixelated. I had been a Samsung loyalist up until then. I think they may still make the best. Sony has improved but is still way overpriced. I didn't go for 4K cause I may move the LG to a game room in the near future and get a brand new larger one for my living room but prices have fallen dramatically on those, so you might as well make sure it's 4k even though no one is really broadcasting in 4k. I think Amazon and Netflix and few movies can be seen in 4K but it's so cheap now might as well go that route. I guess sit all depends on how much you are willing to pay. If you want to go high end at one of those electronic specialty stores, I can't help ya. If you are going the normal retail store Best Buy/Amazon route, I would say most name brands are safe these days-Samsung, LG, Sony, Toshiba, etc. I think the technology has been around so long most companies can make good tv's. Also, I don't use my smart TV, I still use my Roku. The number of HDMI ports may be something to consider as well if you want to keep Roku or Apple TV or Chromecast or Amazon Firestick. I have 4 HDMI ports on mine and can accommodate DirecTV, Roku and PS4. I also have 2 USB ports. I also have a sound bar but it is connected through the optical port. Some of the cheaper tv's generally have 2 HDMI ports and maybe 1 USB port. You need to tally how many things you have hooked up to your tv as well. I do know people who bought tv's that don't have enough ports and they plug and unplug. Hope that helps. I also use CNET and PC Mag reviews for stuff like that.
  7. I was in the bathroom at Krystal's and overheard some top secret info. The rumor is that Lionel Hollins is on his way play backup PG.
  8. Man, I swear. I hope and pray that you are a weed head with some of this stuff you be posting.
  9. So you''re sick of him yet you follow him on Instagram?
  10. Good list. I would put Xavier 2nd behind Thabeet. I never had any hopes he would do anything but he was a lottery pick. A lottery pick that was almost out of the league in his second year.
  11. And just throwing this out there, I was watching a game and the announcer pronounced his name "Rah-day" not "Rade" (like Wade) just saying.
  12. So how would people rank their top 5 Grizz draft picks and bottom 5?
  13. So ESPN has done a best/worst draft pick for every team. Memphis has the following: Do people agree? I mean, I don't know if we can include Vancouver but SAR would definitely rival Pau (early on in his career, although he was always on losing teams). not sure if there is a worst draft pick than Thabeet, everyone else including Stro and Big Country at least contributed.
  14. Once again, you do realize that the Grizz are not a full strength right? It's one thing to talk about what we can do while healthy against those teams, but that's not reality. The reality is that we are missing one of the best defensive players in the game and a 6'10" guy who was supposed to give us scoring and playmaking at the 3. Those are 2 humongous losses. We are replacing them with a 40-year-old VC, a journeyman bench player in Ennis and rookies like Selden (who hasn't even played half an NBA season), Harrison and Baldwin. We are just overmatched right now, but yes, I agree, if we were at full strength we could cause some problems. The reality is, we are not and have not been in the playoffs for awhile.
  15. What? Where did I say the Grizz would be lucky to win one game? WTF are you talking about? Anyway, if the Grizz would have gotten by the Spurs (which wasn't happening), they would have struggled with the Rockets. The fact is they were missing 2 starters in TA and Parsons. TA would have missed at least half of that series. It was obvious that rookies weren't going to get it done. It was obvious that Marc was not going to take over. Conley cannot outscore Harden and couldn't do it by himself and then you had Eric Gordon and then Lou Williams off of the bench. Way too much firepower for our inconsistent defense. If this team was at full power and everyone was healthy, yeah, they probably could have beat the Spurs and yeah they probably could have beat Houston. The problem is, this team has not been at full power in the playoffs in a while. The team last year should have never been in the playoffs. That's just being realistic and not only that, we did all of that to make the playoffs last year so that we could keep our first round pick only to spend it on Wade Baldwin.We would have been better off missing the playoffs last year, losing our pick and having a pick in this year's draft which is deeper.