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  1. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    Isn't this 10/21? The thread title says 10/28. Not criticizing, just happened to notice.Great job with the graphics and everything. I'm not worried about Wright's strength, I mean, it's not like JaM is the incredible hulk out there or anything and West really isn't a threat offensively. We're going to get slaughtered on the perimeter.
  2. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Ennis had ample opportunity to prove himself last year and didn't take advantage of it. Although he took Parsons starting spot, Brooks took minutes away from Ennis in the game last night, which really speaks to how screwed up our SG/SF situation is.
  3. Parrish, Martin, Smith, Calkins et al. That entire 92.9 lineup is a friggen joke and embarrassment to Memphis. They are so negative minded and they try to act like the cool kids/good ole boys club and if you don't bow to them, they go on a negativity campaign against you (can you say Tubby Smith). And they make ridiculous snarky comments like those tweets all of the time. Personally, just listening to them (which i rarely do anymore), I think they are all clinically depressed. They just seem to wallow in negativity and enjoy being negative all of the time.
  4. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Yep Possibly. it's probably the pressure getting to him and that he knows his body has failed him and he will never be right again. I still think there is a slight chance that we could pawn him off to a team well below the salary floor who is rebuilding say like a Chicago. They're not trying to win but they need to make the salary floor. It's a very small chance but weird things happen in the NBA.
  5. Breakout Candidate for the team

    i'm hopeful but it won't surprise me if he doesn't. The biggest thing I liked was his feel for the game and BBIQ which are hard to teach. So he has an advantage in those areas. He brought great energy too but this is the first game of his career, let's see if he's still doing it after 50 games. The next 5 games are against the defending champs and then 4 division games. I'm hoping he can contribute similarly
  6. Free N B A League Pass

    Yeah, I haven't lived in the Memphis/MidSouth area since the late '90's so I have to pay for it to see Grizz games. I'm not big on the various free streaming services, i never trust those sites. I did the online streaming for the Grizz only the past couple of years but it was just so herky jerky and i have a pretty fast stream(50 Mbps). it was just frustrating. When I had it as part of DirecTV, I would sometime watch other teams but I barely have time to watch Grizz games let alone other teams. it's good to take advantage of while it's free. You can see teh big time rookies I may follow the Sixers and Ben Simmons to see how he's doing.
  7. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Yes, he said it was tasteless and he's going to start treating home games like road games, what ever that means. He needs to toughen up mentally and play better, simple and plain. I don't agree with the boos but I understand. He can't be so overly sensitive to them.
  8. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    It wouldn't surprise me if this is his season high in points. I hope not, but it very well could be. I'll see how he's doing after 10 games. To me, his BBIQ and understanding of his limitations (and knowing how to play within those limitations) makes him a valuable asset to this team. We haven't had a guy who just hustles like that in a long time, probably since TA was healthy. Those players really help your team when you have talent. Draymond Green has made a living playing like that and racking up triple doubles, just being in the right place in the right time and hitting open shots while the defense focuses on the more talented players. I would be beyond thrilled if he somehow becomes 03-04 James Posey.
  9. Free N B A League Pass

    Yeah, you can also sign up online as well to stream games by creating an account. I was on the fence this year as far as paying for it again. I've had LP for like 12 out of 14 years or so but I am really on the fence about this year, I did streaming the past couple of years and it was not really smooth. it was not always real time and the stream would jump around. i'll take advantage of this and make a decision later.
  10. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Good win, but don't let this distract you from the fact that Al Bundy j/k. Glad we won but the Pelicans were a bad team last year and were missing players due to injury. i'm still not sure how Boogie will fit in in the long run or if he will implode and bring the team down with him. Don't get me wrong, it's way better than a loss but i'm not too excited just yet
  11. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    It's just one game but he looked good. The thing that I liked most was he seemed to be in the right place in the right time, had a good feel for the game and was a good teammate. If you can find a guy with a high motor and high BBIQ, they should be able to contribute. As was mentioned in the game thread though, let's not forget a rookie had a good first game last year too but i think Brooks is a lot more humble, has a better BBIQ and plays within his limitations.
  12. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Not sure but they mentioned we have now won 3 of 4 and this is the first time we've won consecutive home openers in franchise history.
  13. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    So JaM is injured? Came him and it was end of the 1Q. Why isn't DD playing?
  14. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Well, somebody could be petty and bump that thread that was started saying that we just drafted a superstar but I won't do that
  15. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    I'm just going by the article and how they counted it