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  1. Except marc has never been as good as pau. Kobe and pau > kobe and marc gasol in his best year ever. I doubt kobe would have won a title with marc gasol.
  2. I'm not so sure we can beat these rockets even though we DO have a far better team. The reason is officiating. Harden would shoot 28 free throws by himself while the grizz had 17 free throws as a team. It's all about popular players with commercials in the nba these days. I'm becoming less and less a nba fan every year. I haven't even watched the playoffs since the grizz got ousted. I'm not missing anything. The nba is not about real skills anymore. It's so boring to watch players manipulate officials and watching officials give certain players or teams all of the calls. It's also boring watching a bunch of all stars group up on one team so they can finally win a championship.
  3. Well, he definitely didn't step it up like a lot of his supporters claimed he would do in the playoffs. Besides the first game, he showed very little passion to win. Regular season for marc: 34.2 minutes, 19.5 points on .459 shooting (.388 on 3 pointers), 6.3 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 1.3 blocks, .9 steals, 2.2 turnovers, 2.3 fouls. Playoff season for marc: 40 minutes, 19.3 points on .470 shooting (.583 on 3 pointers), 6.5 rebounds, 4.2 assists, .7 block, .3 steal, 2.5 turnovers, 3.7 fouls. Marc averaged two less shot attempts per game in the playoffs vs regular season.
  4. At 32 years old and turning 33 during the next season, i wouldn't expect much to change with marc and rebounding. He is peaking and on his way downward soon. Even in his peak, he gets outrebounded by guards on the regular We will be lucky if he can even finish his contract and be healthy enough to play. This is exactly why i wanted to trade him last year before he got hurt. He is not going to do anything for this franchise but get in the way of true success. If the grizz have him next year, i'd like to see him involved less with the offense. The grizz need to move on.
  5. Here's marc's numbers compared to other players during the playoffs. 23rd in scoring 80th in FG% 13th in 3 pt % 22nd in assists 31st in rebounding 3 way tie for 41st in blocks 8 way tie for 113th in steals
  6. I'm all for keeping VC if it's possible. Not only can he still be productive, but he is a good mentor to younger players. I highly respect him and i enjoy what he brings to the team.
  7. Pau was truly one of the best big men during his career. Without a question, i'd take prime pau over prime marc anyday.
  8. I love zbo, but i'd say no. I'm not sure how much more friendly his contract can be compared to what he has played for the last couple years. 10 million average i believe. Zbo is still the "heart" of this team. I really hope we can keep him. I would think zbo will get a 2 year contract somewhere. If he decides to chase a championship elsewhere, i will understand. I'm a big VC fan for the right money. Not only can he be productive, but he helps younger players as well which is very valuable. TA can still be first team defense at times. Honestly, i wouldn't mind seeing all of them retire as grizzlies. They are all players that should be highly respected here and throughout the nba. It's going to be tough decisions on money for TA, VC and Zbo imo. I'm pretty sure one or two of them won't be here next year.
  9. Wow, so many people are now seeing it my way. I wanted him traded before he got hurt last year. Here's my issue with him. I want this team to have a banner at least and we got nothing so far. Two years ago, we could have had a division banner, but marc gasol played passive after the all star break when he had been playing at an high level BEFORE the all star game. We lost the banner. We lost in the playoffs. He got his big contract and then came back not in the best shape. Then he got hurt later in the year. I'm not intestested in a center who wants to make an assist twice as bad as he wants to get a rebound. I will credit him for hitting a lot of 3's this year which also masks the fact that he is slow getting back since he stands at the top of the key most of the time. If marc is under the offensive rim and gets outrebounded by a guard (which happens so often), then it's almost a guaranteed basket the other way. The bad part of having him stand at the 3 point line is he never figured out what to do when teams would guard him with a point guard. Also, i dislike passing him the ball at all on offense if he isn't going to shoot. Nothing pisses me off more than when it becomes obvious he is trying to work on his assist totals.
  10. They might make the playoffs if they resign everyone, but there will be a slight dropoff if you start plugging in a bunch of younger guys with less experience. Mike and marc would have to lead the team even more and not be able to rely on old guys like TA, VC and zbo helping to win a lot of games this past year. Then you have to resign Jam green and HOPE that chander parsons can be more than a distraction next year. Then again, a young player could come along and change everything, but it's risky. As the team stands now, if you add players to the roster, you will have one of the top payrolls in the nba. Do you really think it's worth all that for a first round exit at best?
  11. Yes we should, but i bet we won't. Mike seems determined to play with gasol, but i think it's time to split them up. Depending on what we do over the summer, i could see us barely missing the playoffs next year. I think we are at 94 million now with a projected cap of 103 million. That would not include TA, VC, Zbo or jam green. Do you want to spend that much money and be a top payroll in the nba for a team that will be first round exit at best?
  12. Stay loud when the crooked nba refs start screwing us over. It's all we got and so far the grizz fans have been good about staying on the refs. When backed into a corner, don't be surprised when the old big bad alpha bear steps up and flexes his muscles.
  13. I really would like to see mike conley dominate the dribble more often like steve nash used to do. It's not only fun to watch, it's incredibly effective.
  14. Exactly. He will feel good about his stats tonight. 17 pts, 5 rebounds and most importantly 7 assists. I'm not going to say anything else. I'm not a big marc fan, i think everyone knows it.
  15. Ya'll know i've been begging for someone within the grizz organization to step up for the grizz, so it makes me happy, but i think it should have already been done and also it should have been done again after game 4. It's going to take more than one public outcry. These type of calls have been going on for 4-5 years now. Still, the way fiz did it was quality all the way. I ask for more of it.