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  1. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Fwiw, i thought the all star idea of picking teams was stupid. I watched about 30 seconds of sloppy play in the all star game before i turned it off. That's how much of nba all star weekend that i watched, and i'm a long time nba fan. I just don't appreciate how the nba and their agenda filled refs cater to today's whiny ***** so called superstars. This nba era led by leboy is the worse ever, imo.
  2. Parsons return?

    The commercial appeal article about Parsons return is wasted ink. Nobody cares about the team anchor. He sucks. He cant play very long before getting hurt. The end.
  3. The 2018 Free Agents

    No big time free agents are gonna come here while our 3 big $ contracts are here. Memphis won't even be considered. First, who wants to play the grizz offense going through gasol all the time. Plus grizz just don't have the money. This team won't be much better next year unless some miracles happen. They need to start over. Grizz FO is gonna stay stuck on stupid apparently. This team around these so called star players is done.
  4. Memphis @ Oklahoma 02/11/18

    Flagrant foul my azz. I like ivan rabb so far. Glad to see tyreke but i want to see very little of marc gasol, because every time he is in the game, the offense must go through him. I prefer to see the team playing without gasol and see how they react. Wins don't even matter right now. It's about seeing who the keepers are among all the young guys. Btw, i hope the grizz are able to resign tyreke next year if he will accept playing 6th man. Espn says deyonta davis is out to "knees" as is plural?
  5. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Imo, if you are stuck on keeping this team together and just adding a lottery pick, could the grizz not trade tyreke for a 2nd round pick, resign him and then convince him to be the 6th man of the year next year and lead the 2nd unit?
  6. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Yeah, i wish. Imho, he is holding back the offense. One online article said the interest in gasol wasn't really that strong. Another article says the grizz have no interest in trading him. I'm guessing at least the 2nd article is correct. If the intent is to keep the team in memphis and rebuild a team to win a championship, he should be gone and there should be no issue in trading him. If the intent next year is to keep nearly the same team and add a top lottery pick, it might help the grizz get that 6th to 8th spot and a first round exit in the playoffs if all 3 big contracts can stay healthy. The only exception is if that lottery pick comes out playing at a michael jordan level. When a team has a handicap like chandler parsons, it's gonna be hard to do anything and get to that top level. Unless there is some way to unload parson's contract, the grizz should also trade mike conley and start building the next "team" to represent grit and grind.
  7. Memphis @ Atlanta 02/06/18

    It's about time they sat marc gasol. Keep him on the bench.
  8. Memphis @ Atlanta 02/06/18

    I'd rather gasol play limited minutes for the rest of the night. I like seeing the younger guys play and have to figure out what to do without gasol bossing them around. Gives more of a true look at their skills and how they adapt. The downside for the "tankers" is they might score more points as a unit with gasol getting limited minutes for the rest of the game.
  9. Parsons return?

    He is another player who screws up the development of young players. He is not worth it. Make his azz sit. Only use him if desperate. If he doesn't like it, that's tough. Either way, it's lost money anyways. Knowing the grizz, they will throw him back in the starting lineup.
  10. Memphis @ Toronto 02/04/18

    Without tyreke, i figured gasol would be the focal point of the offense which is so boring and ineffective. One of the last games, gasol started handling the ball like he was a point guard. Yuck. I decided to spend my day doing other stuff. Imho, the grizz should remove gasol from the team so other players can truly develop their game. I hope this is his last year here.
  11. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    LOL I just gotta say tyreke was fun to watch as a memphis tiger, and despite this bad season, tyreke was a joy to watch this year as a memphis grizzlie. He has been our best player this year. I just wish we could keep him. Hopefully, the FO puts tyreke on a team where he can be successful if he does get traded.
  12. 2018 trade deadline thread

    *Truth. I have to agree with memphisX on the points he is making in this thread. It still seems the clippers could have done better.
  13. I've thought this myself for at least a year. I have posted about it here and on another site. They loaded the team up with bad contracts. Got rid of some fan favorite players. They have stuck with players that obviously can't get the job done. They fire the coach....again. They loaded the team up with 2nd rounders. And oh yeah, the team might be up for sale. They could actually set it up to leave with several young good players already on the roster and some draft picks and will lose the gasol and parsons contracts freeing up a lot of cap space.
  14. I am worried we have two more seasons left in memphis after this year. Imo, the local owners not buying the grizz from mr heisley was the worse mistake made in the franchise history. It seems like a decision would have happened by now.
  15. San Antonio @ Memphis 01/24/18

    For you old farts...