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  1. Sorry for old thread but the unrivaled reality ripper has left the planet. Rickles may you R.I.P.
  2. This is true. Its also true that big advances have been made in the repair of injuries. Here's a local story: ACL Surgery Usually Puts Athletes Back in Play: Study
  3. I also hope to be around. About Parsons, folks said similar things about Carter and Wright.
  4. Sure. Why not. Let's stretch him. We're all gonna die some day anyway.
  5. The good ole days when refs used ladders. "Naismith’s impromptu decision to mount the baskets on the railing is one of the few features of the first game to last to the present day. Originally, the game was played with nine people per side (as opposed to the modern five); they used a soccer ball—as the basketball had not, of course, yet been invented—and the players were not allowed to dribble the ball but instead had to be stationary when in possession of it. However, the goal remained 10 feet off the ground, even after the inconvenient peach baskets (which required a ladder to retrieve the ball when a shot was successful) were replaced with iron hoops."
  6. Zack wasn't there so I didn't watch. I heard that this guy thought he won it --- and nobody wanted to argue with him.
  7. Daniels went pretty much straight up and down. Booker ran by, in front of Daniels, into Daniels' space with his feet turned toward Daniels. That's why I called it sneaky.
  8. Yes, the recap clip at NBA.COM shows the foul slowed down. Looks like a very sneaky attempt to take Daniels feet out from under him.