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  1. Team Hero v Lakers 01/15/2018

    Gotta have a team hero thread after a win right? Very hard to split 'em because most everyone played well as a team and made contributions TH: Deyonte Davis for a phenomenal defensive effort owning the paint and some nice slam downs HM: King James III was instrumental in breaking open the game in the 3rd when the difference was one possession HM2: Reke with the assists, Jumpin' Jarell, and good to see Dillon Brooks make a comeback to production
  2. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    My criticism about the way the fellas played was they gotta control the ball better and reduce the TOs because of rushed or blind passing. And they gotta utilise the shot clock better, especially late in the game when they are up. There's no need for run&gun play then, make the possessions count and use up the time
  3. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Not me Maybe the wheels fell off because we didn't ride the core like Zach Randolph more, but let him go for nothing without replacing what he brought to the table? Maybe because we have a GM throwing out max contracts to cripples without performing due diligence health checks? And stuffed it with a coach who had little idea how we got where we were, and how to make best use of that going forward, instead of completely disowning it? Just putting the other side of the coin up for show.....
  4. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    It WAS an entertaining game, especially after the last effort in Denver
  5. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Couldn't watch the game live, watched a replay but I'm still in this for the long haul
  6. Parsons and Conley out for the Grizzlies, Milsap out for Denver The line is Grizzlies with +6.5 For the win Grizzlies @ $3.25 v Nuggets @ $1.35
  7. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Simmons DNP Selden 3mins McLemore 5mins Obviously Wallace and Bickerstaff think we gonna make the finals instead of trying the young guys Chalmers 20mins Harrison 29 mins Brooks 36 mins
  8. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    The wrong guys are getting big mins
  9. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    When Reke gets traded this offense will be lucky to score 50ppg
  10. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    I'm sure he is. When Bickerstaff is saying in the Commercial Appeal the reason McLemore is DNP is because they want to try out the young guys (isnt McLemore young), but since he said that Simmons, Selden hardly playing and Chalmers getting big mins, that tells me one thing. He's gone
  11. TH: Rekeing Havoc HM: Super Grizz because I can't think of anyone else
  12. Team Hero 01/11/2018 vs Pelicans

    Fair enough, Green deserves some credit
  13. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    its sad isn't it? Well at least I'm not a bandwagon fan....yet
  14. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    His lineups They are terrible If they wanted to tank, I understand going with Chalmers, Harrison etc, and giving them the shooting assignments. But I really think they dont want to tank so I can't explain it. Add to that, Bickerstaff in the Commercial Appeal saying McLemore is getting DNPs because they wanna go with the young guys, and there is a queue at that position, but then he goes with Chalmers and Harrison meanwhile Selden sees hardly any time, Simmons and McLemore are DNP. Go figure....
  15. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Done Now we just need Wells' cheers post
  16. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Bickerstaff nearly cost us the game. He is not a good coach
  17. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Get out of jail for free whhhheeeeewwww
  18. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Dang Cousins with his 4th 3 for the qtr
  19. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    possibly or maybe he is being used all wrong by Bickerstaff. He should be on the 2nd unit not a starter
  20. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Brooks has really regressed. Basically contributing nothing lately
  21. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Cousins missing shots all game and now hits 3 3s in a row....sssheeesh
  22. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Missed the start, any reason why Simmons is DNP?
  23. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Chalmers is killing us again. Bickerstaff has these lineups all screwed up
  24. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Did Houston trade a 1st pick last year to get LouWil?