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  1. Vince - returns Zach - my gut is telling me he may be gone. This is the first time since he arrived that I've felt this. Tony - my gut tells me if Zach is gone, he stays; if Zach stays he is gone JaM - gone, a team like Brooklyn offers him big money, we don't match Sheldon - stays As you asked, this is what I think will happen, not what I would do
  2. This thread, like the roster changes thread, will get to 30+ pages, with every trade possible, some good & realistic, some bad & fanciful and at the end of the day we will basically have the same roster as before the thread started...
  3. Yes but they are not adding any scoring or threat of scoring in these playoffs. LMA has been inconsistent. Lee and Pau are not gonna win you games at this level. Even Shaq and Barkley were commenting on this during the Memphis series that there does not seem to be anyone outside of Kawhi that is a go to scorer when its not Kawhi. I agree with this. LMA, Mills are great one game then disappear for a few. DGreen is not the threat he was 2 years ago. Theyve got an aging roster. Its good enough to be in the top 3 of the WC but to beat the Warriors in a series you need more than just Kawhi, although I admit loosing a player of that calbre means you have next to no chance.
  4. Harden was trying LOL He just shrunk under the REAL pressure like he always does. I agree with you about the Spurs. I think they gonna try to be a player in the off season this year when the last few they've been one of the quietest. They need to find a real good PG and a one or two big scoring bigs. I like Mills but he's not in the class required by this team as a starting PG, and he might not get resigned. Who knows if Parker will be back. But if Ginobili doesn't come back, and Parker gets some injuired player exception they'll have some money to keep Simmons with. Simmons has been showing he can step up if called on. They may need to think about moving LMA or Pau or both
  5. I cant see Celtics doing it. But if y'all are intent on moving Marc for at least a pick, Kings are the best chance they got 2 firsts, one is pick #5, maybe add on a couple of their guys but honestly I wouldnt like it
  6. We are about to find out......
  7. Me I'd go for a SG who can score rather than a wing. We have Parsons Ennis maybe Vince maybe Seldon who can fit that role. But if we had Swaggy or a Lou Williams type, Harrison can also fill in and take some mins while Mike rests. We need to get Mike some help/threat in the back court
  8. Good observations And Green should have been ejected from today's game after his disgraceful carry-on AFTER he got T'd up. If that was any average NBA player approaching a ref like he did, it would have been another tech. Imagine if Cousins did that? Automatic 2nd tech and ejected. Imagine if Zach carried on like that, and then imagine the brothers on the boards here how they would have reacted? Imagine if you or I or anyone here carried on like that in our workplace? We'd be FIRED Why does this boofhead get such a pass?
  9. He originally was signed to Houston for very low money, picked up by Pelicans as a FA at begining of the season for vet min, then waived by Pelicans at trade deadline, picked up by Bucks , then waived after a few games, and then not picked up by another team. His salary at both Pelicans and Bucks was approx.980K. On this one would have to conclude that, barring offers from 2 or more NBA teams, he can be had very cheaply for a one year deal (to reestablish his value like James Johnson now has)
  10. He got very little playing time with Joerger. Reasonable D but not much involved in O, could be the schemes their running. Problem is he is restricted and his current salary owed is $4mil so itd probably requirw a QO of 8 or more for Kings to walk away. If we are gonna keep JaM @ 12 or more we wont be able to get much else at those prices. And at $8mil it starts to become high risk. To me the best value/lowest risk to get TJones for $2-3 mil, move Wright to free up salary. Maybe Zbo doesnt stay?
  11. It is but hopefully the consolation prize is the Warriors get smashed and Green gets ejected and suspended
  12. And their 2 biggest killers had to get injured AFTER playing us
  13. I said it months ago, when he had that big 20+ game but the brothers here said "he'll cool down"
  14. Spurs are giving Rockets the bizness, and its all been through LMA. When he has got going and Pop is playing offense through LMA Rockets have no answer. Sigh....and to think Zbo gives LMA fits and mostly ends up on top in battles....even in the last series....