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  1. Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    yes He's the one who caused the ruckus that resulted in whats happening now. If you have to ask how? Then go back and read all the posts on this subject. We've discussed this over and over.
  2. Memphis @ San Antonio 03/05/18

    Tony Parker is a no mercy kind of guy
  3. Memphis @ San Antonio 03/05/18

    Pau is feeling sorry for Marc so he's tanking
  4. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Yep that's true too. So who is making our draft pick?
  5. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    That's what I said earlier. Looks like Pau says the same thing, so it must be wrong, it must be hypocritical LOL: Pau Gasol is coming to the defense of his younger brother. The Grizzlies’ mounting losses and the overall direction of the franchise are unsettling for Marc, and Pau understands the frustration. “Of course, he’s upset. He should be upset,” Pau, a forward with the San Antonio Spurs, said on the eve of their game Monday night at AT&T Center. “Any player who competes and cares would be upset. That’s a good sign from a player who cares and is a leader. He’s putting his body on the line and not quitting.” Pau advised his brother to remain professional and mentally tough. Memphis (18-44) is mired in its second double-digit game slide this season. The Grizzlies, who lost 11 in a row earlier this season, own the NBA’s lowest winning percentage (.290) and have the fewest wins of any team in the league. “What I told him is, ‘Do your best. Keep competing.’ That’s the only thing you can control,” Pau said. “You can’t control that one of your best players, Mike Conley, is out for the year. You can’t control that (Chandler) Parsons, one of your biggest signings, has an (injury) issue and so forth. All you can control is your effort, your work ethic, your mindset going into games.” The other take home message: Parsons has killed this franchise. Even an "outsider" like Pau can see that.
  6. Memphis @ Orlando 03/03/18

    Completely agree. Glad to see someone with the courage to say it. Now I'm not gonna dump all over him because after all he is a rookie, a second rounder, and playing on a very talent-limited roster BUT if the argument is gonna be trotted out for Marc then the same needs to apply here.... If Dillon Brooks IS THAT good he should be at 20ppg, even if they do lose.
  7. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Playing well? You're kidding arent you? He has been one of the biggest disappointments this season based on his play last season, the hype from these boards and that dummy Fizdale about him replacing Zach, and his experience (he aint a developing rookie) Ultimately this is another FO mistake, because they should have let him walk, but sh!t themselves because Fizdale didnt want Zach, Zach walked for nothing in return, Martin was about to get cut, and Parsons wasnt ready to play (and still isnt)
  8. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    The bottom line is the roster sux, half of it is not NBA talent, then add arguably our best player injured for most of the season, a contract (Parsons) that has killed any chances of bringing in other talent but Marc cant be frustrated? As it was said earlier, Marc didnt signup for all these fiascos (add getting Fizdale as head coach to the list above). If this was happening to LBJ he'd be going off his head, and publically too. Look at what was going on in CLE before the trade deadline
  9. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    We did. Cash for trash
  10. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    When are we gonna trade Green? Coming from someone whining and crying he deserves more money, he is trash. How about the gasol bashers ask Green to stand up and be counted
  11. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    under the circumstances, with the talent level on this roster - agreed bango, we have a winner
  12. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    So it has been "well known" for a "long time" (and the opinion of multiple members here on the boards) that Marc is not an Alpha dog, and he's a 3rd or 4th "role player" yet he was asked to exactly that, and when it didn't work out, its Marc failing? What kind of logic is that? That's what I call a "stitch up" The REAL reason, aside from injury, aside for ditching experienced veteran NBA talent for no return, is that the roster sux I also put it to you that if "Marc is the ONLY one displaying nagativity, maybe because he's the only one who gives a dang, everybody else must be happy with being mediocre or happy getting their paychecks
  13. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Marc's stats are reflective of the team with no Conley, no Zbo, Peg-Leg Parsons cant play and is done, with Reke the only one left with NBA starter talent.
  14. Cleveland @ Memphis 02/23/18

    Must win LOL
  15. I'm sick of Lillard's whining and crying, he's been at it for at least 4 years. sob...sob..I want respect!. Can't deny McCullom though....