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  1. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    I will go with 41 wins, battle for 8th or 9th. Happy to apologise if prediction turns out wrong on low side, crying if I overestimated
  2. Mario Chalmers returns

    Totally agree and have been saying this for a while. A veteran back up C is a prime need. JaM (even if he returns) can not play C, neither can Wright, and having Davis as the prime (and only) backup to Marc is asking for deathwish. With the current lineup, if Marc goes down we are gooooone. At least it wasn't so catastrophic when he had Koufos or even Davis before him
  3. Mario Chalmers returns

    He's partially guaranteed so he can be waived at any time. As I said in another thread, IF he is fully FIT AND MOBILE, he'll be good for us. Welcome back Rio, happy for you brother, stay healthy and giv'em some GNG6!
  4. Draft And Free Agency '17

    LOL If he is fit and mobile and can still move you know he will be highly focused and motivated to do well for another contract. And if he is fit and mobile I would take him on too, so we agree there
  5. New Uniforms on the way

    Need to make sure we keep the black MLK uniforms as part of the dress regiment
  6. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I agree with this. I wouldn't be dumping Harrison (for this season at least) and I would try to hold on as long as feasable to Daniels as a specialist gunner. If Harrison is so bad, how come he got so much PT with Fizz? Where's Douglas? Where's Baldwin? There are other candidates for the chop that are further at the front of the line than these two.
  7. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Jonathon Simmons to Orlando $20mil/3y all guaranteed. That's a big loss for the Spurs
  8. What's the Current Lineup?

    Actually an astute analogy. I picked the sarcasm in the original post. A few guys are having a hard time picking sarcasm lately (see other threads)
  9. What's the Current Lineup?

    LOL KBM a Democrat? Who would have thought?
  10. What's the Current Lineup?

    Starting PF if not JaM is also a big worry. I've said this before, that if we lost Zbo AND JaM we be rats**t. Back up PG doesn't worry me. Harrison did a fair job when Mike was out with the back injury, we still won games, and was fairly decent by the end of the season and the playoffs, Why are you still down on Harrison? Starting SG is not much different to last year, we had a number of guys rotate through that role, it wasn't only Tony - and we still won games, made the playoffs even. If Marc is out for more than a few games we are gooooone. No ifs or buts about it
  11. What's the Current Lineup?

    Not having a legit backup C is worrying me. Y'all saying DD too raw right now, so are we expecting Marc to play 82 games this season? What happens if he doesnt?
  12. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    I'm keen to see what will be the action on Faried
  13. MEM Summer League Thread

    What's the go with Martin? Did he go 1-10 because he missed shots at the rim, or jumpers or both?
  14. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Hopefully he is sitting or on a recliner chair, otherwise there is a serious height disparity. Marc looks good
  15. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    Seldon (time for him to get quality PT) Harrison BenMac Davis I'm not sure Martin or Baldwin will be around long enough (i.e. traded)