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  1. I know a lot of ppl are down on the team for next season...so I took me grizz glasses off and just looked at the team and how they fit...and I have to give Wallace his credit...he actually but together a team that could be quit dangerous...this team really has very few flaws 3pt shooting CHECK: gasol 38.8% martin 36% conley 40.7% mclemore 38.2% daniels 38.9% parsons 37% ennis 37.2% jam 38.2% FT Shooting Check: our worst ft shooters are wright/davis/Sheldon (Sheldon could improve) hit below 65% of there free throws everbody else on the team shoots ATLEASE 75% from the line...we actually have a few guys hitting in the high 80's area Athletes: mclemore davis baldwin martin seldom jam wright conley ennis gasol dare I say you could add reke and parson to this list if they knees hold up Playmakers Check: conley harrison gasol parson reke chalmers Above average size at ever position Check: pg- Harrison/reke 6'6 sg- ennis 6'7 jam 6.9 and yes I do believe jam could play some two guard because of his ability to play above average defense on the perimeter for his size sf-parsons 6'10 pf-wright/davis 6'10 gasol-7'1 Defense Check: I know some people was on Wallace but for getting the same type of players,but I think its by design because we have a lot of guys that can switch a lot of thing on the defensive end...plus we always seen to have a niche at playing great team defense the only thing I see the team having problems with is rebounding...jam is prob our best rebounder and he is not elite at it..but I can see our rebounding flaw not being a big deal because I can see our offsene being that good. your thoughts grizzsnation
  2. I think you are caught up in what TA has done for this team over the last few years...Im looking at just last season...imo the pelicans are going to be highly disappoint in TA next...he been falling off a cliff last few years...his legs cant take the abuse any more from chasing around and defending these elite scores...he become a slightly above average defensive wing that is terrible at shooting
  3. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    here is a theory...first off I don't even know if this is possible (fanboyslim where you at)...but maybe the guaranteed money is to keep guys from going over seas if they get waive...then they could get signed to the hustle team and make more money here instead of oversees because of the extra guaranteed money...I hope this makes sense.
  4. I just think the team will be better period...no knock on TA...but are we going to argue that TA is an outdated type of player in todays NBA.
  5. If we don't get jam back it may be a problem because he was the only big on the team that is above average at guarding the perimeter which makes him great at switching things...I sorry but I not concearned with replacing the defensive power of z-bo/carter...and like all TA things his greatness usually is cancelled out by his stupidity (ex. great steal...then fastbreak...then blown layup)(ex.great offensive rebound,,,,then stupid attempt at a putback while being guarded by 3ppl)(ex.great on ball defense/denial of the ball...then eractic gamble leading to blown coverages.) also TA had turned into a terrible FreeThrow shooter (61% last season)...not a TA hater be his elite one-on-one defense doesn't make up for other flaws anymore
  6. SI Top 100 NBA Players Conley&Gasol

    According to SI we have two top 25 players in the league....enjoy grizznation 24. Marc Gasol, Grizzlies Marc Gasol is shooting more than ever without skimping on the assists, and lighting up the arc without neglecting his duties inside. There’s nothing to stop a player with such a diverse skill set from having it all—save for himself. And at long last, Gasol has taken his offensive game to the meaner, leaner heights he has long been capable of. For a center to turn a handful of long two-pointers a game into threes is in itself a noteworthy shift. When that center is making 38.8% of those shots (better than Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant, albeit on different sorts of attempts), his range becomes that much more consequential. Gasol (19.5 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 4.6 APG) is a different player than he was a year ago because on top of what he offers as a playmaker from the elbow and as a captain of the defense, he’s now one of the most prolific three-point shooting centers in a league that relies on them. The entire structure of the offense changes when a high screener and dribble hand-off initiator like Gasol can begin each play from beyond the three-point line. Stretching even those few feet beyond the arc eats meaningfully into an opponent’s room for error. That's what makes Gasol so punishing. Other bigs just don’t have an answer for the fact that Gasol can move fluidly from the three-point line into a spin move hook shot in the space of two dribbles. There’s no need for a deliberate backdown when the defender never even has a chance to set his feet—especially when it’s hard enough as it is to actually bother the shot of a mobile seven-footer. Gasol’s defense is still there, albeit not quite at Defensive Player of the Year levels. Changes in shot distribution have led him to a six-year high in Effective Field Goal Percentage. Gasol—a team-first player, through and through—simply feels the freedom now to take what he wants. His team does nothing but benefit. — RM 18. Mike Conley, Grizzlies David Fizdale sold Conley on a vision. Memphis had centered itself over the years through Conley’s careful stewardship—his even keel a defining force of a balanced offense. As Fizdale saw it, what the Grizz needed was greater abandon. Grinding out games as usual was an option, though it left Memphis particularly vulnerable to the NBA’s emerging arms race. A low-variance, post-heavy style could only get the team so far in a league dominated by dynamic scoring guards. Fortunately, the Grizzlies had just that sort of guard hiding in plain sight. It took some coaxing, but Conley upped his usage to a career-high 26.3% (higher than Kyle Lowry and Derrick Rose) in a revelatory season. For the first time in his basketball life, Conley came off of screens firing. His scoring leapt from 15.3 points per game to 20.5. He made 39% of his pull-up three-pointers and 40.8% of his three-pointers overall. Chipping away at Conley’s inhibitions even unleashed him into the isolation game, where the speedy point guard took Fizdale’s directives to heart. That Conley’s performance extended to a monster playoff series against San Antonio only reinforces the strength of his season. A solid defender and floor general is now a 20-point scorer posting the highest True Shooting Percentage of his career. It’s hard to imagine Conley, soon to be 30, improving on that kind of performance moving forward. Some regression to the mean could be in order. Nevertheless, Conley has pushed his way into a different tier of point guards, making contemporaries of stars like Damian Lillard, Kyle Lowry, and Kyrie Irving. This is where Conley lives now, and the stature his play demands. — RM
  7. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    I hope your joking
  8. we were top ten in: Opponent FG% Def EFF Oppenent PPG in the paint (best in the league) there is a few vids on youtube showing how TA gambling most of the time end up with a team having to getting out of positions to cover him....heck even gasol and conley brought it up I an interview once...like I said he is an elite defender one-on-one and dening the ball but he is terrible at team defense.
  9. I didn't say every night...I not saying any of those guys could average 30ppg...but imo they are capable of going for 30 if the defense sleeps on them.
  10. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    develop how..dude was and is hurt.
  11. rebounding is more than likely going to be a problem...but I'm not with you on the scoring we have a few guys that can put up points these guys could go for thirty on any given night: conely gasol parson-if he is healthy reke daniels mclemore
  12. there has never been a team in any sports history that had NO weaknesses...I guess you are feeling some type of way since TA signed some where else...you don't need a defensive stopper if you play great team defense in which we do...ta was elite at one-on-one defense but was terrible at team defense with all the gambling he did...as for as backup pg we have Harrison and reke and wildcard chalmers...sg is not a prob either since ever one on this board seems to have forgot about ennis and if jam doesn't sign there could be a problem at pf but they prob would start wright/parsons at the 4...but I do agree with you on the rebounding situation.
  13. That putback dude by marc was something I though he would never eva be capable of...here hoping to a aggressive marc next season.
  14. Grizzlies Predictions

    I answered your question like two months ago.
  15. SI Top 100 NBA Players Conley&Gasol

    question...because I don't know...but has a team with two top 25 players ever missed the playoff
  16. The Grindfather Appreciation Thread

    I most def not going to miss this though...thanks for the good times TA.
  17. lol put Wallace name in the title of a thread a watch ppl get riled up.
  18. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

  19. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    lol that's why Rubio looked like a sharpshooter in those highlights.
  20. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    oh didn't know their 3pt line was shorter
  21. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    so Rubio hittin spot up threes now
  22. career ppg: branden wright 7.1 ben mclemore 9.4 Mario chalmers 9.0 that's 25.5 ppg I would hope fiz could squeeze 5 more points out of that trio..they prob will be the focal points of our bench so that really not a huge stretch. also didn't say jam could go for 30...I was talking about conley/reke/parson/gasol...and with parosn if he can stay healthy I believe he can return to form because he game really wasn't based on his athleticism kind of like gasol and zbo.
  23. ta/vc/zbo production should be replaced by mclemore/wright/chalmers hopefully...but one of the main reason I'm excited for next season is because we could run a starting five (conley/evans/parsons/jam/gasol) that would have fours guys that could go for 30 on any giving night
  24. replacing ta/vince/zbo production (as in numbers/stats) is not going to be hard imo...what they brought to the game mentally may be another story..im just having a hard time believing that a healthy Core 5 of conley/reke/parson/jam/gasol are going to be a nonplayoff team...imo our ceiling is the second seed...but I can also see use having a lot of injuries and being a lottery team.
  25. in my honest opinion...I think Wallace has constructed (if healthy) a title contender for THIS season...this team really has few flaws besides guys with injury concerns