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  1. Conley out at least 2 weeks

    reke/mario ennis/mclemore jam/brooks parson/martin gasol/wright
  2. I know a lot of ppl are down on the team for next season...so I took me grizz glasses off and just looked at the team and how they fit...and I have to give Wallace his credit...he actually but together a team that could be quit dangerous...this team really has very few flaws 3pt shooting CHECK: gasol 38.8% martin 36% conley 40.7% mclemore 38.2% daniels 38.9% parsons 37% ennis 37.2% jam 38.2% FT Shooting Check: our worst ft shooters are wright/davis/Sheldon (Sheldon could improve) hit below 65% of there free throws everbody else on the team shoots ATLEASE 75% from the line...we actually have a few guys hitting in the high 80's area Athletes: mclemore davis baldwin martin seldom jam wright conley ennis gasol dare I say you could add reke and parson to this list if they knees hold up Playmakers Check: conley harrison gasol parson reke chalmers Above average size at ever position Check: pg- Harrison/reke 6'6 sg- ennis 6'7 jam 6.9 and yes I do believe jam could play some two guard because of his ability to play above average defense on the perimeter for his size sf-parsons 6'10 pf-wright/davis 6'10 gasol-7'1 Defense Check: I know some people was on Wallace but for getting the same type of players,but I think its by design because we have a lot of guys that can switch a lot of thing on the defensive end...plus we always seen to have a niche at playing great team defense the only thing I see the team having problems with is rebounding...jam is prob our best rebounder and he is not elite at it..but I can see our rebounding flaw not being a big deal because I can see our offsene being that good. your thoughts grizzsnation
  3. What Will the Grizzlies Record be on 5 Game Road Trip?

    why yall sleeping on the clippers
  4. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    imo reke/parson or both needs to work there way into the starting five for us to be considered a legit contender. I just cant see them team getting the most out of them coming off the bench...or atleast they need to be on the court at crunch time with mike and marc. conley/reke/parsons/jam/gasol that's a contender type starting five imo...with a bench of chalmers/mclemore/brooks/ennis/martin or wright plus or bench would still be deadly
  5. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    naw...just a lot of ppl are looking dump for think a healthy team led by mike and marc wouldn't be able to compete in the west
  6. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    I think Harrison is the problem also....hi is starting for mike can play off the ball more but rarely does he set any one up let alone conley...he just dribbles around the screen with gasol 3 or 4 times then passes of jacks up a shot...I would love to see his assist number.bet in below 1 a game...also he cant shoot so he is basicly a worse defending TA.
  7. http://www.nba.com/article/2017/10/24/nba-soundsystem-memphis-tour-leigh-ellis-starters#/
  8. Grizz News Links

    Exploring Memphis with The Starters' Leigh Ellis
  9. naw man...I just had a hard time thinking a healthy team lead by mike/gasol/parson/reke/wright/jam/mclemore wouldn't be a playoff team...plus I didn't think our young guy were garage...and chalmers wasn't even in my equation so that's a plus. and being honest I didn't think we would be playing this good this early...shocking me to be honest...but I did think we would be a pretty dangerous team after allstar break.
  10. Its just...well you see...dude you just be trying to hard sometimes...but I do agree you keep us entertained
  11. Team Hero v Warriors 10/21/2017

    no problem...just always thought jamychal was Jam...lol...if you look at the GSW/Grizz highlights they was calling martin ennis..so even the "experts" get it wrong sometimes
  12. I sure their thread aren't 80% from the SAME poster.
  13. Team Hero v Warriors 10/21/2017

    ? JAM didn't play.
  14. there should be a thread limit for how many you can create a month
  15. McLemore/Selden

    parsons is battling ennis for his starting sf position...I think martin is going to be the backup pf it parsons does become a starter again.
  16. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    hey we had to play great defense for them to loose their cool...that's the way I look at it...also I have faith that fizz will play the guys that give us the best at winning a game.
  17. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    we played without mclemore,seldon, and jam....where not at our best either.
  18. looks like I'm gonna be bumping this thread all season....we just gotta stay healthy.
  19. #chancun

    don't know why you guys are surprised by parsons defense...I said it a while back that he looked good during preseason on the defensive end as far as movement...but you all where more focus on his offense.
  20. if he expect for the team to play this pace all season...in the Houston game we look great starting out and you could tell by halftime a lot of the guys where gased..there really isn't much time during the season to improve on conditioning..so he is going to have to run 10 guys out there evernight if the team is going to be successful in this new style. conley/chalmers mclemore/reke ennis/brooks jam/parsons gasol/wright
  21. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    also I would never boo a grizz player...I might curse them out but neva boo them....I cursed out TA ever game
  22. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    I don't think they were real fans prob just there to troll parsons like some guys on this board.
  23. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    also has anyone else had prob getting on the boards lately.
  24. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    if chalmbers didn't show he could still play Baldwin would still be here...this isn't a knock Baldwin at all imo...he just was the worst of the best..if that makes sense.