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  1. I know a lot of ppl are down on the team for next season...so I took me grizz glasses off and just looked at the team and how they fit...and I have to give Wallace his credit...he actually but together a team that could be quit dangerous...this team really has very few flaws 3pt shooting CHECK: gasol 38.8% martin 36% conley 40.7% mclemore 38.2% daniels 38.9% parsons 37% ennis 37.2% jam 38.2% FT Shooting Check: our worst ft shooters are wright/davis/Sheldon (Sheldon could improve) hit below 65% of there free throws everbody else on the team shoots ATLEASE 75% from the line...we actually have a few guys hitting in the high 80's area Athletes: mclemore davis baldwin martin seldom jam wright conley ennis gasol dare I say you could add reke and parson to this list if they knees hold up Playmakers Check: conley harrison gasol parson reke chalmers Above average size at ever position Check: pg- Harrison/reke 6'6 sg- ennis 6'7 jam 6.9 and yes I do believe jam could play some two guard because of his ability to play above average defense on the perimeter for his size sf-parsons 6'10 pf-wright/davis 6'10 gasol-7'1 Defense Check: I know some people was on Wallace but for getting the same type of players,but I think its by design because we have a lot of guys that can switch a lot of thing on the defensive end...plus we always seen to have a niche at playing great team defense the only thing I see the team having problems with is rebounding...jam is prob our best rebounder and he is not elite at it..but I can see our rebounding flaw not being a big deal because I can see our offsene being that good. your thoughts grizzsnation
  2. why the heck do veterans need veteran leadership...majority of the guys getting playing time a vets...two of our worst players (chalmers,mclemore) are vets...our young guys are actually having more impact on the game than our vets...and you should be learning to come at me proper.
  3. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    the position the grizzs are in was eriely similar to me for some reason and I got to thinking....read the articles and do a little research and tell me what you think Grizznation... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2590615-kevin-mchale-reportedly-fired-by-rockets-jb-bickerstaff-to-replace http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/15170554/houston-rockets-gm-daryl-morey-coach-jb-bickerstaff-evaluated-season
  4. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    to me is going to be if we are competitive or not because the last few game we have not been even close to that.
  5. Jumping on the J B Train

    but I thought coaches don't matter
  6. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    I started this thread cause I kinda felt it coming because the situation sound so firmiliar...know lets see if the team make a turn for the better like they did in Houston under JB.
  7. David Fizdale Fired.

    do you think Wallace would fire fizz with out conley signing off on it...hmmm
  8. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    lol idk...just seems a lil fishy to me...plus jb was credited early in the season for our elite level defense...and lately we have been looking absolutely lost on that end of the court.
  9. David Fizdale Fired.

    what shocks me the most is that ppl cant see that fizz wasn't a good head coach...nun of his strength as a coach is what you want in a head coach..he is a championship level assistant coach through.
  10. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    the under perform based on talent/exaptation of team...the unhappy center (gasol/howard)...idk just seem like it might not have been fizz but maybe jb...like jb sabatoge things to get a hc gig.#conspiracytheory
  11. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    I posted this right before the fizz firing news broke...didn't know fizz was going to be fired...but that our situation was eirly similar to the one Houston went through when jb was assistant coach.
  12. David Fizdale Fired.

    to respond to your 3rd quote...first off fizz wasn't hired to CHANGE the culture...we already had one that produced wins (GNG) he was brought in to add championship knowledge to it..secondly our BROKEN parts (chalmers,parsons,evans) have been pretty heatlhy...and last but not least....I LUV THE FACT GASOL (MAYHAVE) PULLED A LEBRON ON FIZZDALE...take that for data.
  13. David Fizdale Fired.

    fizz set him self up for failure...he is the one that wanted chalmers he is the one that want ta and zbo gone...and it not the record its the quality of performance...we aren't even competitive in most games during this loosing streak
  14. David Fizdale Fired.

    good fizz has do nothing to prove he is an nba head coach
  15. the major reason we are terrible right now is because of defense is terrible. at the being of the year when we had a 5-1 record our defense was elite. at the being of the season our defense was SIMPLE but very effective...basicly ever one beside the center guarded the perimeter and switch on what looked like atleast 75% of screens on ball and off ball...the center (marc) never really guarded the perimeter one reason why I think gasols rebs went up because he was always around the rim...and if a miss match happen they attacked the ball (double team) while other guys played the passing lanes and was in position to close out on shooters. now look at our defense the scheme (which is a coaching may I add) has chanced not the talent level of the players...we are getting torched in the pNr...now the centers are in pretty much ever pNr situation and guys are trying to fight over screens (and doing a horrible job at it may I add) leaving the whole team in no man land...the defensive player is usually behind the offensive player coming off the screen which leave him in a position not to defend..which leaves the big that was in the pNr playing one-on-one with a guard with monmentom to the backet...which lead to easy floater,foul or kick out to wide open shooters...basicly we aint guarding anybody on the floor. also I looks like the defensive scheme has become TOO Complicated....they are always taking about communicating on the switch where in the being there was no need to communicate it because it was well know that we switched on the perimeter and fizz put lineups out there that could do this...my question is if COACHING DOESNT MATTER...who decide to change the defensive scheme.
  16. this game was a perfect example of bad coaching...no way is this team less talent than the Brooklyn team we just lost to...if you can go back and watch the game...the first quarter we were playing the type of defense I described in the OP....Brooklyn head coach made ONE just ONE adjustment and fizz had no answer for it...he just played booker at the 5 and for some odd reason our WHOLE defensive scheme changed....and after the first quarter you could see all the defensive lapses our guy where just lost on what to do absolutely no direction.
  17. Brooklyn @ Memphis 11/26/17

    yeah we lose tonight we are getting close to the season being over very early for us
  18. neither of you guys answer my question...who idea was it to change the defensive scheme because a fact Is that it is different...the game plan is not the same...aren't the coaches responsible for game planning ...they look like they have no idea what they are doing on defense...to me it looks like guys have been instructed to communicate where they are going to switch...which leads to this a)good communication no defensive breakdown b ) bad communication and they end up guarding the same guy and leaving one open....where in the being of the season every player knew that our defensive scheme was to switch on majority of screens which lead to few switch situations being miscommunicated...basicly they (coaches) just put that in the hand of the players to decide when to switch which in my opionon is bad coaching...you can have a team full of great defender but still be terrible on defense because of bad game planning.
  19. Marc's body language

    dude has a reason to be p'ed off...we look like we would have a losing record even if we played against college teams.
  20. So, we blew the 17 point lead and then...

    playing like we did in the first has for a whole 48mins...sound good to me.
  21. Conley out at least 2 weeks

    reke/mario ennis/mclemore jam/brooks parson/martin gasol/wright
  22. What Will the Grizzlies Record be on 5 Game Road Trip?

    why yall sleeping on the clippers
  23. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    imo reke/parson or both needs to work there way into the starting five for us to be considered a legit contender. I just cant see them team getting the most out of them coming off the bench...or atleast they need to be on the court at crunch time with mike and marc. conley/reke/parsons/jam/gasol that's a contender type starting five imo...with a bench of chalmers/mclemore/brooks/ennis/martin or wright plus or bench would still be deadly
  24. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    naw...just a lot of ppl are looking dump for think a healthy team led by mike and marc wouldn't be able to compete in the west
  25. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    I think Harrison is the problem also....hi is starting for mike can play off the ball more but rarely does he set any one up let alone conley...he just dribbles around the screen with gasol 3 or 4 times then passes of jacks up a shot...I would love to see his assist number.bet in below 1 a game...also he cant shoot so he is basicly a worse defending TA.