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  1. i dont think harrison is playing on the SL team
  2. imo brooks can be a good nba player is he works on his ballhandling for he can play the 2...or be good enough on d to be an athlethic 3d shooting guard
  3. porzinza or what ever his name doesn't seem like the type that would like the amount of attention he receives in NY prob would be more happy in a smaller market.
  4. report that the grizzs are only going to offer ta the vet min..very smart in my imo...should do the same for z-bo and vc
  5. must need a third team for the money to work out right.
  6. problem solved: conley/harrison/parson/jam/gasol baldwin/ta/ennis/z-bo/davis that gives us 4 youn guys playing major mins
  7. i actually wont mind if they let green go...and start davis or martin at the 4...i think those two guys can be huge for the grizzlies down the line.
  8. you must didnt see any of his dleague games last season...he is ahead of baldwin imo...dude had a few nice 20/10 games...just go on youtube and search for him
  9. you know who would be a perfect fit for them.....brooke freakin lopez...the need a center that can score plus he has adding 3pt shooting to his game.
  10. conley/ennis/parson/love/davis really dont like how love fits on this team wonder ifs okc would take westbrook for gasol conley/westbrook/ennis/parson/davis getting rid of gasol is would be putting alot of faith in DD
  11. the return of rudy gay
  12. they could just move irving to the 2 spot.....paul/irving/james/love/thompsons...then they could do like the warriors did and fill out the roster with ring chasers and rookie contracts.
  13. i bet chris paul goes to the cavs
  14. we already have a ta replacement on the roster no need to look for one
  15. its time for a new league...you know the olympics is now feature 3-on-3 basketball.