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  1. why the heck do veterans need veteran leadership...majority of the guys getting playing time a vets...two of our worst players (chalmers,mclemore) are vets...our young guys are actually having more impact on the game than our vets...and you should be learning to come at me proper.
  2. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    to me is going to be if we are competitive or not because the last few game we have not been even close to that.
  3. Jumping on the J B Train

    but I thought coaches don't matter
  4. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    I started this thread cause I kinda felt it coming because the situation sound so firmiliar...know lets see if the team make a turn for the better like they did in Houston under JB.
  5. David Fizdale Fired.

    do you think Wallace would fire fizz with out conley signing off on it...hmmm
  6. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    lol idk...just seems a lil fishy to me...plus jb was credited early in the season for our elite level defense...and lately we have been looking absolutely lost on that end of the court.
  7. David Fizdale Fired.

    what shocks me the most is that ppl cant see that fizz wasn't a good head coach...nun of his strength as a coach is what you want in a head coach..he is a championship level assistant coach through.
  8. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    the under perform based on talent/exaptation of team...the unhappy center (gasol/howard)...idk just seem like it might not have been fizz but maybe jb...like jb sabatoge things to get a hc gig.#conspiracytheory
  9. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    I posted this right before the fizz firing news broke...didn't know fizz was going to be fired...but that our situation was eirly similar to the one Houston went through when jb was assistant coach.
  10. David Fizdale Fired.

    to respond to your 3rd quote...first off fizz wasn't hired to CHANGE the culture...we already had one that produced wins (GNG) he was brought in to add championship knowledge to it..secondly our BROKEN parts (chalmers,parsons,evans) have been pretty heatlhy...and last but not least....I LUV THE FACT GASOL (MAYHAVE) PULLED A LEBRON ON FIZZDALE...take that for data.
  11. David Fizdale Fired.

    fizz set him self up for failure...he is the one that wanted chalmers he is the one that want ta and zbo gone...and it not the record its the quality of performance...we aren't even competitive in most games during this loosing streak
  12. David Fizdale Fired.

    good fizz has do nothing to prove he is an nba head coach
  13. JB Freakin Bickerstaff !?!?!?

    the position the grizzs are in was eriely similar to me for some reason and I got to thinking....read the articles and do a little research and tell me what you think Grizznation... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2590615-kevin-mchale-reportedly-fired-by-rockets-jb-bickerstaff-to-replace http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/15170554/houston-rockets-gm-daryl-morey-coach-jb-bickerstaff-evaluated-season
  14. this game was a perfect example of bad coaching...no way is this team less talent than the Brooklyn team we just lost to...if you can go back and watch the game...the first quarter we were playing the type of defense I described in the OP....Brooklyn head coach made ONE just ONE adjustment and fizz had no answer for it...he just played booker at the 5 and for some odd reason our WHOLE defensive scheme changed....and after the first quarter you could see all the defensive lapses our guy where just lost on what to do absolutely no direction.
  15. Brooklyn @ Memphis 11/26/17

    yeah we lose tonight we are getting close to the season being over very early for us