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  1. Team (anti)Hero Nugs@Grizz

    the nerve of them. winning a game? come on mane..
  2. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    no. we don't have adequate hotel space. and our transportation system is inadequate.
  3. Will Tyreke play for the Grizzlies again this year?

    I'd play him 18-20 mins a night just to keep his juices flowing. Offer the MLE this summer. 8 mil aint bad. I hear $$$ is going to be tight around the league this summer. Chris, should have a come to jesus meeting with reke and admit he blew this. then sell him on a future here. he's qualified for the 1 year bird rights if he signs accept the MLE this summer. He can still get paid but its going to take a couple years. All he has to do is keep balling and stay healthy.
  4. 2018 trade deadline thread

    Ainge has stated already he's not parting with Smart.
  5. no thanks. "damaged goods." and too expensive. its time to focus on rebuilding through the draft. we got two more years of Parsons. at that time the f/o has to be extremely careful before throwing a big wad of cash to an often injured F/A.
  6. 2018 trade deadline thread

    they should be if they have any designs on saving this season and making a title run. They should target Marc. Of course we'd want that Brooklyn pick in return. stranger things have happened.
  7. Coaching search: How about Tony Bennett?

    why? he handed Kerr the keys to a masserati and he won a title. MJ established the culture in Oak town.
  8. Coaching search: How about Tony Bennett?

    The only coach to rebuild our culture and build this team for the future is Mark Jackson. Pera should reach out to him immediately.
  9. Conley out at least 2 weeks

    all that matters to me at this point are those ping pong balls. sit MC for the year. find a way to lock tyreke in for 3-4 years. a top 3 lottery pick would make us relevant again...

    no thanks.
  11. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    it that's the case I'm for tanking
  12. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    I'm confused. I know we owe our 1st to Boston; right? is it protected if we land in a certain spot?
  13. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    I'm with you. its like folks are begging for the sun to set in the morning time.
  14. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    Fizz was responsible for bringing ennis back here. he coached him at Miami. they have history.