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  1. I get the rest but hope the rest of the team can step up. It ain't gonna be easy.
  2. If You Where Wallace Would You Go After D.howard If He Opts. Out ?

    Hey buddy. Life is hectic and demanding so I'm not on here like I used to be. Glad you're still here too
  3. If You Where Wallace Would You Go After D.howard If He Opts. Out ?

    No f ing way. Dude is a cancer
  4. The Grizzlies May Be Hard Pressed To Make The Playoffs

    Glad we are in. Anything is possible.
  5. Matt Barnes' Impact On The Team

    I'm definitely eating crow about him. He's been a bright spot for us this year
  6. Memphis @ Detroit 12/09/15

    Man, we either get our butts whooped or pull it out by the skin of our teeth. Pop a heart pill and hang on. Still glad for the win. On to the next one
  7. Man what a finish!!!! I yelled so loud it scared my 5 year old in the other room haha
  8. Just An 'ole Fan

    Respect to all the long time posters and fans. I've been a fan since they came to town but life has caused me to be more or less of a devoted/involved fan during their tenure here. It doesnt have to be all sunshine but so much negativity for a team someone supposedly roots for blows my mind. There are one or two posters I just stop reading when they post based on their long negative rants mostly during the game thread. I havent ignored anyone but it's prob about time I do. Things could be worse and I'm proud to have a team for this city. Sitting at fourth in the conference with plenty of games left to play. I'm still believing
  9. Atlanta @ Memphis 11/27/15

    Man look at this offense go.
  10. Atlanta @ Memphis 11/27/15

    Haha I wanted to yell but managed to not wake her. Fun game so far
  11. Atlanta @ Memphis 11/27/15

    Thanks bud
  12. Atlanta @ Memphis 11/27/15

    I have my newborn asleep on my chest as I watch the game so all I could do was yell in a whisper and kick my legs out when he hit that shot
  13. Atlanta @ Memphis 11/27/15

    Haha that shot was amazeballs
  14. Memphis @ Houston 11/25/15

    Hahaha and on cue, boom!! That half court shot