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  1. One more loonnng week till the fun begins n I'm sittin here bored at work just discoverin that our roster is set (minus Jam, for now). We signed Vince Hunter n some guy named Jeremy Morgan who lets just assume is goin to the Hustle. Hunter n Simmons are locked in as two-way players so they are too. That means we have to move off of two more guys before the season starts, whose it gonna be?‎
  2. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    It's slightly depressin that he looks like our best draft pick since Conley. But i just found out he's Canadian so im officially a fan lol.
  3. JaMychal Green to miss several weeks

    Out 3-4 weeks accordin to Dave Aldridge. That's like what, a dozen games maybe? Is what it is. Hopefully Wright, Parsons n Martin can step their game up. Maybe we'll see a Rabb sightin or two.
  4. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    We saw w/ Hayward last night that anythin can happen in any given game. So I just wanna wish for good health most importantly for these players especially Tyreke, Mclemore, Parsons n Selden who are affected by their injuries right now. If everyone can just stay healthy it should be an entertainin season. Maybe we're not thinkin championship, but I still wanna see how this thing plays out. Here's to a new season ya'll.
  5. Breakout Candidate for the team

    I rather hope it's Parsons.
  6. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Moral of the story here; don't draft BPA if you don't need him. They had to of thought about bringin Chalmers back from the beginnin since they kept in touch with him‎ since the injury. It was a failure bringin in two rookies at pg. Also, signin Troy Daniels only to trade him a year later makes this whole thing so much worse. Think about this; they draft Luwawu, save that TD money n bring in a vet pg, heck even Douglas, for the year. All of the sudden they don't have to release Troy Williams in order to carry 4 friggin point guards. ‎And right now they'd be in the exact same position but with Williams n Luwawu instead of Selden n Mclemore. But not only do they save money, they save themselves from wastin yet another 1st. This should be it for Wallace. If they don't fire him by seasons end i might just boycott lol.
  7. And u might not remember Marshon Brooks. 25th pick in 2011 looked good his first year but after that didn't show much n is now out of the league at 28. It works both ways. It's taken Martin 2 years n the threat of losin his job to put 3 good games in a row.‎ I don't see anythin "Grizzlies starting power forward of the future" bout this guy. Not when they drafted him n not now. Plus if we keep him he'll be 10th, 11th man at best. It's time to move on.‎
  8. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    The fact that they're lookin to make a trade prolly means Chalmers, Rabb, Zag n Brooks r safe; they can't be traded till december. Edit- Chalmers n possibly Harrison aren't goin anywhere. Deadline to waive them was 5:00. They can still trade Harrison I think.
  9. He's been given 2 years to put it together. Might be too late for him here.
  10. No, we trade him while his values at an all-time high.
  11. Parsons - out (personal) Selden - questionable (right quad) Might see him, is he on the bench?
  12. Tell me we're a better team paying Mclemore 5 million instead of this guy for the vet min. I'll call you a liar.
  13. Baldwin, Brooks n Martin ain't been any better. Cuts gonna be two of Harrison/Martin/Baldwin/Zag/Brooks. Its a toss up.
  14. A HEALTHY 2nd unit of Chalmers-Evans-Parsons-Wright would be the best bench we've ever had. Thing is it's a mighty big healthy.‎
  15. Stackin up that Hustle roster. When we sign a free agent we also get the rights to him in the dleague, if another dleague team doesn't already have them that is. Best believe this dude'll be waived they just wanna get a look tho.
  16. I think they gave Zag guaranteed money as incentive to come over from Mega Leks. And as incentive, if he's waived (and clears waivers), to stay n play with the Hustle. Same with Brooks. I don't see room on the team for both of them.
  17. Predictions contest

    Sorta like a Pick Em for the season, nice. 1. Gsw 2. Okc 3. Sas 4. Hou 5. Min 6. Lac 7. Nop 8. Mem 9. Den 10. Por 11. Uta 12. Sac 13. Lal 14. Dal 15. Phx
  18. ^^^ This. Let Baldwin/Martin prove they belong in training camp/preseason. Cuz if they can't show n prove when their roster spots are on the line they sure ain't gonna be able to do it in the real game. Their first real test starts tonight. #Grizzliesballdroughtisfinallyoverthankthelordomg
  19. #chancun

    He's probably more like 90% like the article said he'd be by now. Take it with a grain of salt anyways we'll see how he really is on tuesday.
  20. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Forgot Wright GTF. Still gotta cut one more guy. Its gonna come down to one of Harrison/Chalmers/Baldwin, whoever looks worse gets the boot i guess.
  21. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    I guess its been awhile since they've done any smart trade, maybe since the Chalmers trade. But ya'll tellin me we couldn't package Daniels and Martin, whose about to be waived, for ANYTHING better than a non-existent 2nd round pick? Nah that's bs that's just another missed chance for this FO i guess.
  22. Melo Traded to the Thunder, huh?

    They could end up 2nd seed if everythin clicks. They were gonna be better than us anyways.
  23. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    There were other ways of doin this. Like a 3-for-1 trade or tradin a lesser player. Not just givin away a decent role player for nothin just to clear room for another decent role player.‎ ‎ Let's be real this is a result of signin 3 unproven 2nd rounders to guaranteed contracts.
  24. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    That's really the best they could've done huh? They couldn't have packaged a couple more players n get a guy like Jared Dudley out of it. This team has no idea what it wants now does it.
  25. Do We Have Assets To Go For Jahlil Okafor?

    Didn't know where else to post this but the Sixers tryin to move Okafor, again. It's funny when I heard they were tryin to move Speights I said to myself "we have to make that trade", sure enough it went down. I feel the same way again. Baldwin/Martin/Wright/Daniels for Okafor/2nd rounder It makes too much sense for both teams. Clears our roster logjam n gets us a legit 3rd big. Gets veteren help for the Sixers n some prospects they might actually be able to make somethin out of. Get it done FO, please.