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  1. Fizz goes off !!!

    I been seein a lot tweets on the timeline sayin just a lot of bull****. Good on Fizz as a public figure to sit down and actually speak constructively bout the situation. Wish some others would take note.
  2. The Return of Tayshaun Prince?

    Good move. Kinda expected it he was chillin with Wallace all summer league n there was a report back then that he might be back as a front office guy.
  3. Grizzlies Predictions

    Barely. Between us, the Blazers, Clips, Jazz, Kings, Nuggets, Pels n Wolves it's gonna be an all out war for those lower four playoff spots. Should be a lil entertainin atleast.
  4. ZBo Arrested

    Apparently he had 2 pounds on him. He's ******.
  5. All Time Grizz Squad?

    TA is definitely makin the roster. Ima just do top ten Conley/Williams Miller/Mayo Gay/Allen Randolph/PGasol (i think Pau might make it as the starter tho) MGasol/LWright
  6. ZBo Arrested

    Bring a large amount of weed into gang territory where you don't live at 10 o'clock in the night ya'll. That could never had ended well.
  7. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    His contract year he came in built like a friggin tank with a shaved head n I didn't even realize that was him on the court. Now he looks like someone else all over again lol. I just hope the training staff can keep him in check.
  8. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

    I dunno bout it bein nice but it's a way lol. Still got a bit of a cluster**** goin on at the wings: Evans‎/Daniels/Selden‎ (starter/backup will be figured out in camp) Parsons‎/Ennis/‎Zagorac‎/Brooks‎ ‎ I can't figure out why FO was so quick to sign Zag n Brooks to long term deals. If one of them has a horrible training camp/preseason then what they gonna do? Drop Ennis or Daniels for an unproven 2nd rounder? ‎
  9. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

    Kinda clears some of the logjam they had goin on. Lock in Evans/Daniels/Selden at SG.
  10. Question Grizznation...Why....

    Maybe it's the fact that 3 of our top 5 guys account for 7 surgeries in the past 2 years? I mean if we're talking bout who to count on to stay healthy, the guys you listed or our guys. I'm betting on the former.
  11. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    Huge impact like we would've won the series had TA played or somethin? Cuz we wouldn't have. We beat them one stinkin game handily while it took Conley givin his best performance n Gasol hittin a game winner to barely eek out another in overtime. The Spurs crushed us in 4 other games. Tony may have been the difference in winnin 1 of those games, maybe.
  12. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    That espn "expert" also has the Wolves winnin more games than any team in the east. I dunno why time was wasted postin that prediction it's ridiculous.‎ Can't wait to play 2k18 n simulate the season, it'll be a more realistic prediction than that sh!t‎
  13. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Word on the streets is Jennings, D-Mo n Terrence Jones all headin overseas. Which begs the question of what the heck is this team gonna do if Jam does the same? Our depth would be Wright/Martin/Davis arguably the worst lookin PF lineup in the league.‎ edit- I guess they could sign Rabb then but that wouldn't make it any better
  14. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Speights n Afflalo to Orlando, Crabbe to the Nets. Jam runnin out of options outside of us.
  15. I know just kinda surprisin seein him sign for that little. Makes you wonder if FO could've done somethin to convince him to sign.