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  1. It's great that we don't need to use up a "main roster" spot when signin 2nd round prospects anymore. Let Rabb n Brooks put in work with the new dleague team n if they're needed they can be called up
  2. More like Zbo takes him under his wing n helps shape his game for the next year or two, then he's gone.‎ Don't forget, we can sign this guy as a 16th man.
  3. Wouldn't mind a big. Maybe one of Bell, Bolden or Rabb.‎
  4. Dang Kuzma would've been a nice get.
  5. Jake Fischer @JakeLFischer 5m The Orlando Magic have traded the No. 35 pick to Memphis, per league source. Grizzlies will send back Brooklyn's 2019 second round pick.
  6. Would be nice to make a move tonight. Even just to get a 2nd rounder.
  7. Not if they wanna keep him. If they wanna convince TA to come off the bench n not cause a hubbub about it then they shouldn't be lowballin. 6-7mill/year is a number well deserved considerin what some of our other lesser players will be makin next year. It's also low enough where it won't cause luxury tax issues n still makes for a movable contract down the line. 2.3 mill is more than I thought the minimum was though. But with an offer like that I think they're just showin him the door.
  8. Wowww that is a slap in the face to Tony. They can go over the cap to resign him I don't see why he shouldn't get a lil raise. Maybe like a 2yr/12-14 mill deal with player option. That would be respectable.
  9. I think buyin a 2nd rounder n somehow landin Tyreke at the mle, along with resignin some of our guys n bringin Zag over would be about as good an offseason as we could hope for.‎‎
  10. When they're makin suggestions like Justin Holiday, yea then that's exactly what people are doin. The realistic targets in free agency/trades that are better options than TA n Zbo are very, very limited.
  11. ‎Grizz-withdrawl is just hittin Kev hard lol. Hang in there man summer league is like 3 weeks away n training camps a couple months after that. Plus the draft next week.
  12. If we're gonna replace TA it needs to be an upgrade. This dude is a downgrade, straight up, sorry. His brother on the other hand....
  13. The only thing that could save this disaster of a playoffs would be witnessin the greatest sports comeback of all time where Lebron leads his team back from a 0-3 deficit. But that ain't happenin. Worst playoffs in a looong time, can't think of any memorable game except our OT win over the Spurs. I've only watched maybe 5 nhl games n they were all crazy. Can only hope tonight's game is another good one.
  14. High quality postin KBM. Funny you didn't make a thread bout the video of him back on the court.