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  1. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    For a guy like Aaron Gordon or Klay i'd do it. Someone young enough with room to grow into real team leader if they had free rein.
  2. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    Here's a question for ya'll...if we do end up with a top 5 pick, would you trade it (can only trade it on draft day after makin the pick) if it meant we get out of Parsons contract and/or get back another all-star level player?
  3. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Wall returns for this one so it could get ugly. I ain't ready to embrace the tank gimme a few more losses. For what it's worth the 1996-97 Suns started the season 15-31 n stormed back to make the playoffs, so there's still a chance lol
  4. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Missing free throws in pressure end-of-game situations happens, it's a tough shot n noone on the team shoots em like Steve Nash. Lettin Alex bleepin Abrines drop SIX threes on you is another story. ZERO excuse for that n the real reason why we lost.
  5. Chalmers has been playin so bad it's fooled us into believin Harrison is good. He's still not its just he's playin slightly better than Chalmers lol.
  6. Well you can't say that about TA thats for sure. Lotta people on here were sayin he couldn't come off the bench he'd be a locker room problem. Well look where he is now sittin on the bench as a Pelican n I guarantee you he'd rather be doin that here. And FO apparently didn't even offer him a contract smh. For a team that struggles to attract free agents that's a terrible way to handle our own. Hands up; who would rather have TA right now over Mclemore? I know i damm would.
  7. Toronto @ Memphis 12/08/17

    You see 86-year-old Manu out chea still making big shots. Why? Because he's the Spurs' guy n they're keeping him to the end. Zbo n TA were our guys dunno bout ya'll but I'd rather of kept them over movin on to this bs.
  8. Toronto @ Memphis 12/08/17

    Who was the dumbass that wanted Jam to shoot more?
  9. Toronto @ Memphis 12/08/17

    Heyyy surprised noones up here rippin Mclemore a new one. Ain't no dunk contest man noone wants to see you try that **** durin a game smh‎
  10. Toronto @ Memphis 12/08/17

    I think this new forum format has more posts per page no? Not sure but it seems like it. Used to be numbered too, this new format has been pretty crappy compared to one before.
  11. Need to go big tonight

    Evans hasn't been any worse in the starting lineup than on the bench really. Besides, I wanna see if a lineup of Conley-Evans-Parsons-Green-Gasol can play togther. They haven't had a single minute due to injuries n it's fair to say they are the best players at their positions on the team when healthy... When you're one of the worst starting teams in the league you just gotta see if your top guys can start together before sayin no to it. Also i don't think you can trust Mclemore as a starter right now tbh, that's if they're actually thinkin bout winnin.
  12. Need to go big tonight

    Brooks been good defensively n that's about it. 3-13 since moving him to the starting lineup n he's had maybe 1 good game offense-wise in the past 10. He's hit the rookie wall n he's hit it hard. Noone wants to admit it cuz he's been the best rookie we've had since Gasol. But once Conley comes back they need to sit him.
  13. I think the Grizz should go after Okafor

    Kilpatrick can't be that good if the Sixers didn't want to take him back in the trade lol. I knew they were gonna give up Stauskas too they didn't have minutes for him n he was injured. He's like a white Troy Daniels, doesn't shoot nearly as much or as well but still a better shooter than anyone we got. This is a ***** off, your tellin me we had nothin better to offer than Trevor Booker? Wright/Martin/2nds for Okafor/Stauskas would've been amazing.
  14. I think the Grizz should go after Okafor

    The only thing that could possibly hold this up is that the Sixers don't want our crap. And we have to give up our crap to make this trade...
  15. How Long before Tyreke is traded/waived?

    Unfortunately yes, yes I have. He's been doodoo when forced to start n play 25+ minutes but as a backup to Conley I don't think there's too many realistic, better options out there. Between him or Harrison I'd say keep one n bring up Simmons as the 3rd guy next year.‎