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  1. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Watch Mudiay break out in New York now
  2. Memphis @ Toronto 02/04/18

    L 34 coming up
  3. 2018 trade deadline thread

    I’d take that deal from Denver. We could develop Mudiay to be our lead guard of the future
  4. Who Could Be Traded?

    Toronto loves him. No way they give him up for a rental. They’re keeping him long term
  5. Who Could Be Traded?

    I’d rather do a trade with Toronto. Their young pieces are so underrated and mature with their games. I’d look to do a Tyreke for Bebe and Bruno Caboclo trade. Gives us 2 guys with high ceilings that we could develop for the future. Low risk, high reward
  6. Inverted Standings Watch

    In this draft even the 4th pick is good. We’d get one of either Doncic, Ayton, Bagley, and Porter. I’d be happier with any of them.
  7. Inverted Standings Watch

    Lol I’ve been hoping for blowouts so Marc can just demand a trade and we can get rid of him so we can properly rebuild
  8. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    I’d be so mad if we traded a top pick
  9. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    L 19
  10. I’m actually rooting for team tank so I’m enjoying this a lot. We need a real talent like a Bagley or Ayton or Doncic. That Spanish diva won’t take us anywhere
  11. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    With the way things are going, we gotta be deciding Bagley, Doncic, Porter, Bamba, and Ayton
  12. Lol top 5? Good one. So you're telling me he's better than at least one of derozan, harden, klay, butler, McCollum?
  13. Grizz Done Dirty In The Gm Survey

    as a Canadian, I'd love for wiggins to have a huge year and I think he will, but giannis will still have a better year. He's playing PG this year so his numbers will get inflated a lot more
  14. Grizz Done Dirty In The Gm Survey

    Giannis probably is actually the best international player right now. He's gonna break out as an all star this year