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  1. Lol top 5? Good one. So you're telling me he's better than at least one of derozan, harden, klay, butler, McCollum?
  2. Grizz Done Dirty In The Gm Survey

    as a Canadian, I'd love for wiggins to have a huge year and I think he will, but giannis will still have a better year. He's playing PG this year so his numbers will get inflated a lot more
  3. Grizz Done Dirty In The Gm Survey

    Giannis probably is actually the best international player right now. He's gonna break out as an all star this year
  4. When did this happen?
  5. When did this happen?
  6. Roster Moves

    Eric Gordon anyone?
  7. Roster Moves

    So that's why Munford was released
  8. Grade The Draft

    A- Loved the Baldwin and Davis picks. The minus is just cause I wanted someone I had at least heard of for the 35th and 57th pick. Not mad at all though cause we wouldn't have had room for 4 rooks anyways. This is the happiest I've been with a Grizzlies draft in years
  9. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Finals mvp
  10. Roster Moves

    Lmao we're gonna be starting a dleaguer tomorrow XD Great opportunity for weber though. Good luck to him
  11. Roster Moves

    man I miss hamed. He was an awesome dude. Just extremely slow lol
  12. Roster Moves

    the whole point of the buyout is for him to chase a ring. No chance of that here, especially with Marc out. I think it's between cavs and okc with raptors being a dark horse
  13. Mike Conley's Free Agency Comments

    I see Spurs becoming a big factor for Mike. Pop would turn him into the true all star he should be
  14. Roster Moves

    Mavs waived John Jenkins. I'd rather have him than pj
  15. Lance Stephenson Traded To Memphis

    I'm actually glad we got this guy. He's like TA but with actual offensive talent and younger. Lance needs to start next to game and joerger needs to let him be himself. If we can revive his career back to his Indiana days, it'll be huge