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  1. Did you get my message?

    1. 10SC-2-TOKYO


      hey hey scooter!


      its me ... been dealing with a little ‘life’ ... just getting logged back in .


  2. Did you get my message?

  3. This Group Won't Change...

    Grizz need to move to another city. Until then, they will go from mediocrity to bottom feeders. They will never be contenders in such a backwater river town like Memphis. I know this will please most if not all of you to know that I'm through wasting time with this team and this piece of **** of a board site until they move to a viable NBA city. EDIT: Hope they move to Seattle or San Jose.
  4. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    Not really. NOLA is playing pretty well now that they have adjusted to the addition of Cousins being in the starting line-up.
  5. Toney Douglas Out, Wayne Selden In

    Wrong, ******** . Indefinitely means uncertain.
  6. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    Would be better to get a team that could actually contend for a championship.
  7. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    Such is mediocrity.
  8. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    No i was right on. Grizz lost by double digits.
  9. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    Same ole Grizzlies
  10. Toney Douglas Out, Wayne Selden In

    Looks like you get your wish. T.A is out indefinitely with a knee injury.
  11. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    Now NOLA wins by double digits and road trip coming up could be an extended losing streak.
  12. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    Injury bug hits us again going into playoffs
  13. Memphis @ New Orleans 03/21/17

    NOLA favored by 2 and 1/2. Davis, Cousins and Holiday are a load. Why in the world did Sac-Town trade Cousins to NOLA?
  14. Has Mike Conley Earned His Contract This Year?

    OK. Let's see how he does in the playoffs