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  1. Fizz goes off !!!

  2. Fizz goes off !!!

    tRump is a racist and should be impeached yesterday. ‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start
  3. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Zagorac? Did he even have one really good game in Summer ball? I saw most of the games and don't recall him doing anything above G-league. Martin ahead of Wright? Despite Wright's constant injuries, I don't see it happening. When push comes to shove, I don't think Fiz will want to part with Ennis. Not saying all those eventualities are best for the team, just happen to think that is how things will shake out.
  4. Mario Chalmers returns

    I disagree with whoever said Troy Daniels would be traded or released or whatever. This team is in dire need of guys who can hit a 3 and he is one of them. It's what he does. It's his thing.
  5. Mario Chalmers returns

    90% of winning in sports is in the team's head and the other 50% is mental. Or whatever Yogi Berra used to say. As long as the team doesn't subscribe to the losing/negative "just tank" mentality, they might be good. Nashville's NHL team didn't listen to all the radio know-it-all types who said they would be swept in the first round. On the contrary, they swept Chicago, dispatched of St. Louis and Anaheim... came within one game of a world championship vs Pittsburgh who needed help from the officials to put the Preds away . The Preds believed in themselves. Their fans REALLY believed in them. None of this "woe is me" crappola all the time.
  6. Mario Chalmers returns

    Harrison is 6-6. Why could he not play some minutes at the two while Chalmers gives Conley breathers? Is 6-6 not an ideal size for a 2-guard in this era of hoops?
  7. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    WB4 had a crappy game today. OK. It's been said. But it was a win. He can be crappy as long as we win. If he's crappy in a loss, then we'll see.
  8. And former Piston Ben Wallace, a good defensive player and rebounder. Can't leave him out.
  9. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    I'm pretty sure when he signed with Vandy, some of the recruiting sites listed him as either a shooting guard or a combo guard. VU signed a kid that same class out of Wisconsin named Riley LaChance to be the PG and when WB4 turned pro, LaChance was moved back to PG. Ironically, last season back at PG... LaChance shot a blazing 49% from three, best in the SEC. (makes some sense, seeing as notorious shooter Bryce Drew became the coach replacing notorious jerk Kevin Stallings)
  10. None of the all-time leading scorers in NBA history had the first name "Ben." Few even had a 3-letter first name. Tim Duncan Ray Allen That's about it. There were a few good players named "Bob" - Lanier, Petit, Cousey plus "Don" Havlicek Hal Green and Pau Gasol get three letter first name honorable mention. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **obvious sarcasm alert
  11. What's the Current Lineup?

    I will say this about Hollins. He is not a greedy treasonous crook surrounded by an entire mob of crime enablers ...both related to him and not. Trump supporters weren't sick of Obama because he was competent and sane. Trump supports are motivated by their racism, xenophobia, etc.
  12. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    So ... the team was +13 with Baldwin on the floor and -18 with Simmons on the floor last game BUT you don't see any posts about that, do you? No talk about WB4's 21 points, his 8-11 from the field, his 2-3 from three, his 3-3 at the stripe, his 7 rebounds... ? I guess if his name was "Kobi" instead of "Wade"... maybe if he hadn't gone to an academic private college...
  13. I was making fun of the ones who were b!tching about him. The guy was a top-ten lotto pick in the draft a few years ago and started all 82 games one year. I think that's plenty reason to give the guy a chance. I'll put *sarcasm alert on the next post when I'm being sarcastic.
  14. He talks too quiet. And his beard is scraggly instead of neatly trimmed. And he was wearing a long sleeve hoodie indoors in the summer.
  15. MEM Summer League Thread

    Seldon and Baldwin were good. WB4's 86% from the line shows he needs to slash and drive to draw fouls, not spot up for 3's. Ironically, FTs were the only weakness for Seldon. 23% from three for the team? Looks like Daniels job is safe for now.