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  1. Martin didn't really create mayhem at LSU and certainly hasn't since then. Does he even have it in him? (looking at this from an unbiased non-Grizz-fan-colored-glasses point of view, he hasn't been impressive so far)
  2. Anybody else see this on Twitter, about Parsons for Porzingis? I'm somewhat convinced NY is trying to move Porzingis for whatever reason, but not sure if the Parsons part was just some sort of wishful thinking pipe dream. Is there ANY chance at all?
  3. Is that why I yawned while reading it?
  4. You were sorta close.
  5. He's not old enough. How are we going to get an AARP endorsement with a young guy like that?
  6. So. What is this really cool news he is supposed to break within the next few weeks? Jason Terry and Manu Ginobili to join VC in the starting lineup next year? (just kidding)
  7. Then you know enough about hockey to know what a "breakaway" (like a clear path NBA foul) is... right? A couple of seasons ago at Bridgestone, right in front of me, in OT vs Chicago, now former Pred Taylor Beck stole the puck for a breakaway. In the NBA it's two shots and the ball. The NHL has a "penalty shot" which is just him and the goalie one on one. Which they didn't call when he was pulled down from behind by the seat of his pants, while being tripped as well. They didn't even call a 2-minute penalty on the offending player. There was no call at all. All four officials swallowed their whistles. It was so bogus that USA Today ran a picture of it the next morning. Since it was the worst missed call I ever saw in person at a sporting event, I actually kept the photo in my downloads. Tim Donaghy said NBA refs were crooked and unfortunately, I see what he is saying. I never thought the NHL would have the same problem or have it worse. They need to fire some refs in both leagues to set an example. Remember when Conley got his face broken and no foul was called? Remember when Subban was getting his head beat into the ice last week and nothing was called? Crookedness.
  8. And we thought NBA officials were bogus...
  9. Luke Kornet. Most prolific 3-point shooting 7-foot or taller in NCAA history.
  10. If the Preds win game 5 in Pitt, they could sell out Nissan Stadium for game 6. The window is closing on the Gasol/Conley era. If Memphis doesn't find a way to sign a couple of game changers to go along with them, it might be a long wait to see this happen in Memphis. I was at the first ever western conf. playoff game against the Spurs and that was a heck of a crowd, but what is going on in NashVegas is off the charts in modern sports history. 50,000 people without tickets downtown at various watch parties including the Ascend Amphitheater which showed game 4 on a big screen to help spread the crowd out. Maybe the Cubs winning a WS (Boo!) after 108 years rivaled the local fanaticism level. There has been an issue with parking lots charging "scalpers" prices to park, but other than that, it's been all good. Charles Barkley compares Predators fans to Bulls fans ‘in their heyday’
  11. LET'S GO PREDS!!
  12. Remember to bookmark the backup forum if this one has technical issues...
  13. That was one of the two watch party gatherings outside the arena. I think there was 6,000 at one and 5,000 at the other. third round game vs Anaheim
  14. <img src="">