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  1. Coporate patch on jerseys

    The Clippers are sponsored by Tampax.
  2. Can they send Parsons to the G league and see if he can at least play on that level? Then if he proves he can, bring him back to the big team? I hate to give up on a guy, but he seems to be damaged goods. His knees seem as stiff as the tin man's.
  3. Pretty much sounds accurate except Selden might actually get a look at starting 2guard as part of the new look younger, less grit&grind Grizz? Lots of swiss-army-knife guards off the bench contributing at times as PG, at times the 2. Chalmers being better than expected already does make it a better crowded field of backcourt candidates. Too bad our quality experiece/depth at the 4/5 backing up Gasol and Jam is questionable.
  4. Predictions contest

    1.Warriors 2.Rockets 3.Spurs 4.Thunder 5.Timberwolves 6.Clippers 7. Jazz 8. Grizz 9. Trailblazers 10. Pelicans 11. Nuggets 12. Lakers 13. Kings 14. Suns 15. Mavs
  5. Why do all businesses constantly BS about everything they do? To placate the customers and stock holders. Besides, spouting BS is free. If there was a charge to do it, businesses would do it quite a bit less. You would see a scant fraction of "new and Improved" and "better than ever" out there. The world's biggest BS artist is the fraudulent charlatan pretending to be president of the United States of America right now.
  6. It wasn't so bad. Chalmers is back. Baldwin even showed a few things. Martin is finally coming around. Chancun still runs like the tin man when he can't the oil can. I can sympathize but after all, I'm a couple of decades older and not a pro athlete. Sometimes I do good to walk the dog early in the mornings. Maybe Parsons' next career will be walking dogs. Can somebody tell Davis to rebound and play D without ever shooting the ball on the offensive end? 0-6 - ?? Right by the bucket too.
  7. Martin couldn't outperform my mother-in-law with what I've seen so far. At least he doesn't get Parsons mega-$$$ to under-perform though. He does it more cost effectively. He was a bigger NBA prospect coming out of the SEC west than JamGreen which makes him a borderline bust if he doesn't do something this season.
  8. The memphis tigers just stunned ucla, babby

    Good day for the in-state team... except the little orange, of course. Other than the rotten orange stealing defeat from the jaws of victory, Memphis/Vandy/Austin Peay all made positive headlines.
  9. Where is OJ Mayo?

    It was so foolish that it deserves to live on in infamy. Like a wall of shame for thread titles. "Beg LH" get the wall of shame lifetime achievement award.
  10. Where is OJ Mayo?

    "Beg LH" and "Just tank" were two infamous threads on here during the early part of Joerger's first season just before the Grizz won 15 of their next 20 games or so. The butt-hurt ones were the "Beg LH's" and "Just tanks" if I recall. I was on the side of giving Joerger a chance, not to fire a guy one month into a season.
  11. Where is OJ Mayo?

    If I recall, game 7 in the playoffs vs the Clippers was one of those "show me" moments that turned out disastrous. Upon finding the box score from that Sunday afternoon game that I drove a long way to be at... OJ was... 1 of 11 in 24 minutes. his +/- was a minus 24 (basically lost the game for memphis) But he did have 2 assists And... I noticed that ("beg") LH didn't bother to have a true backup pg on the playoff roster (OOPS! ) At least J├Ągermeister knew to always have a backup PG.
  12. Where is OJ Mayo?

    Former coach ("beg") LH did try an OJ at pg experiment and it failed miserably. Not sure what the heck LH was thinking but it didn't work. At all.
  13. Fizz goes off !!!

    A low rent blog on a free WordPress hosted site is far from a reliable source on history. The forum's token anti-semite needs to find something better to back up his/her bigotry. I wonder what other minority groups that person hates? Probably African-Americans since a rabbi co-founded the NAACP they could conveniently hates Jews and Blacks at the same time.
  14. Fizz goes off !!!

    BS You might want to get your info from a more reliable source. Reality: Hitler viewed the Jews, along with other groups like Slavs and Gypsies as inferior to Aryans - just as tRump supporting white supremacists in the U.S. view all non-lilly-white non-Xtians as inferior because of their own low self esteem and dream up conspiracy theories in an attempt to validate their nonsense and scapegoat minority groups such as African American, Hispanics, Transgenders, Jews, Muslims, etc. Insecurity was certainly a motivating factor in the case of racist personal failures turned mass murderers such at Tim McVeigh and Dylann Roof. The redneck who killed the girl in Charlottesville had been tossed out of the Army after only a few months. tRump made money but is as insecure as it gets. Luckily the tragic mistake of him getting (sort of) elected will be over soon and we can have a somewhat less racist president in Pence until 2020 when a completely non-racist can be elected.
  15. Fizz goes off !!!