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  1. TH and HM

    It's the cautionary tale of be careful what you wish for. Gasol and Evans combined for 55 points tonight. Everybody on here was wild and crazy over JaM and Ennis. They combined for 7. Despite Gasol's 30 & 10 double double, he is who people will gripe about. Not the scrubs who are barely even NBA level players.
  2. Chris Vernon

    Marc Gasol speaks English more correctly than half the people who grew up in the southern United States. Take this guy for example. He wants to make America (cough-cough) "great again." Just like him.
  3. TH and HM

    "Solid role players in the future" super-stars, studs, all-stars, etc
  4. TH and HM

    There was a thread that proclaimed the Grizz was "gifted a potential super-star" when they picked up Ennis, a reserve forward. There were people who proclaimed Davis was a future super-stud post player when the Grizz picked him up. There were people acting like Brooks was the next Dr. J eight or ten weeks ago. This is the same roster that drew rave reviews not that long ago. Remember all the "we don't need Z-bo, we have JaM!!" etc etc etc. This is the roster people begged for. Live with it.
  5. TH and HM

    TH: Evans & Chalmers HM: Parsons, Gasol, Harrison, Green and bhoyal for calling the win
  6. I feel a win coming on

    Hopefully he learned that Rufus Thomas was one of the few soul singers that could ever to hold a candle to James Brown.
  7. I feel a win coming on

    I don't exactly observe Xmas as a religious day, but we can call my prediction a Festivus for the rest-of-us. I see a couple of mid-January wins on the horizon as well. I can't think of any Judeo-Xtian holy days to equate those with. Maybe one could be in honor of Penguin Awareness Day which always is in January and the song "Funky Penguin" by Memphis r&b great Rufus Thomas could be the official song for those wins.
  8. They have a losing streak of their own and got pwned by the Nets. This feels like a win. I'll go on record. Grizz win over Atlanta tonight.
  9. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    Does 14ppg suck for a 19 year old rookie? Let's compare: Also scoring around 14ppg... Dion Waiters Caldwell-Pope Al Horford Andre Drummond Serge Ibaka Thaddeus Young Six boards a game so far? Who else is rebounding at that clip? Porzingas Carmelo Anthony Nowitzki Robin Lopez Faried Ibaka, Koustas, etc.
  10. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    Rookie Power Rankings: Celtics' Jayson Tatum is leading the NBA in three-point shooting
  11. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    Jayson Tatum is a rookie. He's 19 years old. Just sayin'
  12. Say what you want about Parsons being a bust, but he outscored Ennis and Brooks and McLemore combined last night. Well... everybody wanted the team to get younger. Hope you like the results.
  13. Inverted Standings Watch

    Watch for a guy named Romeo Langford in the 2019 draft. He's the next Kawhi Leonard. There is simply nothing he can't do on a basketball court.
  14. Harrison -14, BenMc +15 last night

    It's Baldwin's fault. (sarcasm alert)
  15. One guy got some ball but the guy behind him mugged him. It was too obvious to not call it. The refs are a disgrace. Yes, the team should not have blown a 20 point lead or had a 9 point 3rd quarter. That's a disgrace too. Missing FTs that could have iced it... bad too. That doesn't give the refs a license to not do their job. They should be docked their play by the league for last night's game and maybe additional sanctions.