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  1. Fiz Is Killing This Team

    I think Fiz could have done a lot better with the team he was given. But, this is his first real HC job. Sure, he was assistant coach to championship teams. But, that doesn't mean he'd be a great HC. I personally would give him a few more years. But, with Gasol and the Core being older, can we wait for Fiz to learn the HC position? Maybe we need to find a more seasoned HC while we still have the Core still around. Good question.
  2. Mike Conley

    Conley has a "family" in the Core Four. They have all stuck for each other. But, Mike has a chance to be on a playoff team, Spurs. And, Spurs probably will pay max. So, I believe it is a tossup for Mike, will he stay with his "family" at Memphis? Or, will he move on to a team where the HC and FO know how to develop teams. With Grizzlies, The Core Four just can't seem to stay healthy consistently during the playoffs. If they could have, you might have seen a different results. I would love to keep Mike, and add a true 3 pt. Shooting Guard. If Mike moves on, I will miss him and wish him the best.
  3. Is Steph Curry A "volume Shooter/scorer"?

    No doubt Stephen Curry can shoot. But, my question is the game today vs. MJ's days. Are the refs calling it close that gives Stephen more cleaner shots? Are the players playing as defensive as they did in MJ's days? Those things are not taken into account. Today's games, rules and sets are made for players like Stephen. IMO So, would Stephen be just as effective back in MJ's days? Maybe, maybe not.
  4. Mike Conley

    Conley has had a bad couple of years, but I hope he comes back next year with vengeance. Seems like, unless I am wrong, we have yet to have a full healthy Core Four each playoff year. Imagine if the Core Four were all healthy. The rest of the team did their best the last of the year and playoff. I applaud their effort. Sure, their record was not very good, but it was the heart that counted this year. Z-Bo gave it his all, and I really am impressed with his effort.
  5. TA was shooting the lights out! GNG is now Shoots Lights Out, SLO!
  6. Minnesota @ Memphis 03/16/16

    Time for TA to mentor these guys into the Grizzlies' system. I am not expecting this team to go far in the playoffs, nor win a lot of games the rest of the season. BUT, I LOVE being the Underdog. LOL So, this is kind of exciting to me on some level. Too bad we can't have a well oiled team by playoff time. With everyone recovering at different times, it is just going to a constant adjusting the rest of this season. We used to be happy when Grizzlies won 50+ in a season. We are at 39, even with Gasol out most of the later half and all these injuries. If they win a few games, the Grizzlies still might have a 45 game season. NOT shabby for an injury laden team.
  7. Rio's % Field Goal the last couple of games is 25%. 2/10 and 2 of 9. His other games were around 50%. Where Rio is helping is at the FT, where he hardly misses. This is where we should take advantage of Rio, letting him drive the paint to collect fouls on the opponent's Big Guys. His point production is back to average. But, I think he will help relieve Mike at PG.
  8. Z-Bo Responds

    And, the ironic thing is Z-Bo is playing like he usually does, and putting up his APG. But, Marc and Mike are below their APG.
  9. Front Office Make A Change Now!

    I don't know what is going on, but Mike Conley and Marc Gasol are playing below average this year, so far. I am very disappointed in the team this year.
  10. Marc Back In Fold For 5 Years 108 Mil.

    Congrats to Marc and Grizzlies. But, I am more impressed with Z-Bo, sacrificing more money to make room for other players. Marc did not seem to want to sacrifice money to help the team. Sure, Marc is a great player. But, if Marc was a team player, he would accept less so we could make room for a legit outside shooter.
  11. Is Allen The Big Elephant In The Room?

    Coach Joerger has already tried benching TA, and gave Jeff Green the starting position. Jeff Green, who has been nothing more exciting than warm water, was so ineffective that the Grizzlies would fall behind quickly. TA brings on defense that is very hard to replace. TA's 3's are very rare. I hardly see him throw up a 3, I think he was caught up in the moment of Grizzlies' beating the Warriors two games in a row. TA is a great defensive asset, a decent offensive asset. The young players need to be played during the regular season a lot more in a rotation, this hurt the Grizzlies against the Warriors since Joerger could not go too deep on the bench because lack of playing the young players throughout the season.
  12. Tony Allen

    TA really had no business shooting 3's. He should have made a move into the paint and tried to make a close shot with contention, that is what he is good at. As for him being injured, I have not heard that. I hope that he is OK. I like Koufous and how well he shoots, he just needs to shoot more. He fouls too easily, that is his issue. The bench did good, but the starters just wanted it more than our starters last game. Grizzlies sat on their laurels too much, allowed Warriors to go back to their game, and they took off from there. If Grizzlies get back to a more physical, slower game, maybe erratic game and put the Warriors off tempo, then we have a chance to win. The issue we now have is Curry's back to scoring, and so it will be hard to slow him down. If we had stayed in his head last game, the series would be obtainable. Now, that Curry is back on track, we still have a chance, but now we have to shut down the rest of the Warriors to have a chance, if we can't stop Curry.
  13. Where Is Jeff Green?

    I was neutral about acquiring Jeff, but as the season went on, there were times I felt that he was not engaged. When he scored or missed, he just kept playing, not really emotional on any play. Well, at least the times I saw him on camera. Who knows, maybe he is emotional in the locker room. When the core players play, you can tell they are intense in what they are doing. Jeff seems to just be going through the motion. Even with VC recovering from surgery, he seemed to have more engagement, but VC just does not seem to meeting our 3 pt. expectation. But, Jeff, I am hoping will pick up his game and really come out of his shell and feel like this is his team and this is his town.
  14. Grizzlies & Warriors - 5/11/2015

    Grit N Grind Time!!!! #1stTeamAllDefense
  15. The Warriors have not lost three in a row in the regular season. So, IF the Grizzlies can pull out a trifecta, then the Grizzlies has the mental edge on the Warriors going back to GS. But, the Warriors are going to be tough to beat, knowing they don't want to lose three in a row.