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  1. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    I suspect Boston could put four guys on the court and still beat us. I suspect the oddsmakers aren't even offering this game. Good news: our guys can play really well and make us proud, and still get us the required L.
  2. Atlanta @ Memphis 12/15/17

    I'm seeing a split in the 2 ATL games. Professional courtesy between basement dwellers.
  3. Chris Vernon

    How do we confirm Vernon's claim that Fiz said those things? I'm thinking he probably did, but we should confirm. And if Fiz thought we had the horses to go for the title, maybe he WAS in the wrong job.
  4. Inverted Standings Watch

    But if we get rid of Marc we wouldn't even be competitive, and .... wait, never mind. We aren't now. These fake rallies we keep having are not convincing. So many times now the opponent has realized "oh, darn, we have to try again for a few minutes" and pop, we're down 10 again. I'm sure the league wouldn't like seeing us lose by 30 every night, but it might actually be easier to watch. When Conley returns, though, I agree we might need to move Evans so we don't win.

    So was Jimmer Fredette.
  6. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Clips and Thunder headed for wins ... over to the Draft Tracker thread!
  7. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    And another get-behind, struggle-back, fade in the 4th game.
  8. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    THat might not be their only problem with Marc.
  9. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Our bench has 5 points. Although theirs has only 11.
  10. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Grizzlies franchise record for lowest score is 62, Nov. 8 1995 vs SAS. I'd say it's in big trouble. NBA record is 49.
  11. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Well, there's a plentiful supply of missed shots ....
  12. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    You made me look. In June the Faroe Islands team played in the Gotland Island Games. They lost 90-33 to Gotland, 121-37 to Saaremaa, and 65-35 to Menorca. Saaremaa beat Isle of Wight in the quarters, lost to Cayman Islands in the semi, and beat Guernsey for 3rd place. Maybe we can move the Griz.
  13. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    On track to lose 82-58. Barf.
  14. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    According to Yahoo we only have 12 players dressed including Hunter and Evans. Isn't the minimum 13?
  15. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    The record for fewest points, both teams at the half appears to be 55 so we're safe.