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  1. All Time Grizz Squad?

    So many guys who'd easily qualify if they had just lasted a couple more seasons.
  2. ZBo Arrested

    We're talking about a guy who sees the other team triple-teaming him and decides that the way to beat them is to put his head down and drive to the hoop. Two thousand times. He's mostly a great guy but I don't see a deep thinker here.
  3. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

    Did he even MAKE it to Memphis? "With the #1 pick in the 2021 draft, The Memphis Grizzlies select FEWCHA SUPASTAH!" * player lifts arm to put on Grizzlies hat* * arm snaps* * player falls off stage, breaks leg*
  4. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Nah. PER uses actual performance. My stat is pure perception. Lots of high-PER players have a least a few fans who think they stink; lots of low-PER players have loyal fans who are sure their guy is just underutiilized.
  5. Question Grizznation...Why....

    Maybe not Curry. He's played 78 or more each regular season except 2010-11 (74) and 2011-12 (26), and if I recall right, that was just one injury.
  6. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    You raise an interesting point. Since we have a zillion stats available already, why not add one more: the Q score? In marketing and entertainment, it "is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company, or entertainment product" For the NBA, we could compute something like (% of fans who have even heard of the guy) - 1.5x (% who think he is hot garbage) + 1.24x (% who think he will be an allstar this season) + 0.1(% who go "meh, he's a tenth man at best")
  7. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Is one of JaM's options to take a one-year deal and hope he really gets hot? If he and his agent are really confident in his abilities, maybe they don't WANT a multi-year deal. (Me, I'd say "everybody gets hurt eventually; take the longest deal you can get")
  8. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    (1) When did GTF say he'd be content with 45 wins? He just said that's his most likely number. (2) Fiz didn't make the roster. To judge him we need to predict how many wins this roster AS IT IS should be capable of, and see if he got us higher or lower than that (adjusting for injuries, of course)
  9. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    Same as every other coach: do what you can with what you've got. Develop players if you can. Build schemes to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, and get your assistants going on plans B, C and D for when other teams figure out how to attack and defend us. Plus plans E, F and G for when a key player gets hurt. Study your players so you know what to do when one starts to sulk or lose confidence (this will require 15 individual plans). Build a team spirit and identity. Most of all, remember to put some money aside, because you won't be here all that long. Oh, and as Casey Stengel said, "Keep the players that hate you away from the ones that haven't decided yet." And remember that most of your assistants want to be head coaches too; try to make them want to do it somewhere else. Also, find six nice suits and a good dry cleaner. You're going to sweat like a racehorse into your suit 82+ times a year, and who wants to put on a skanky suit?
  10. Finding Darko: Former Grizz on His Life Journey

    Yep. He came over a couple of years before the NBA was ready for him, and Brown may have been the worst matchup for him.
  11. Draft And Free Agency '17

    It might be that it is almost the same thing as "perceived game speed" - anyone who's moved up a level in any sport knows what I mean. When you move up, everything happens too quickly. When you settle in, it slows down. If you're an elite player, everyone ELSE seems to be rushing but you are cool and have what feels like all the time in the world to make that decision. So you make the right decision a little more often than the other guys, and they say you have a high BBIQ. This may be the hurdle Baldwin has to clear.
  12. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Wasn't funny before, still isn't. Let's hear your basketball ideas.
  13. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    If Melo moves, he'll need to be replaced ... I should know but I don't: when's the next milestone by which deals have to be finalized?
  14. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Gosh, my first thought was "There's a baby who knows how to pose for a photo."
  15. Mario Chalmers returns

    Yeah, I'm fine with Brooks; I was thinking of our luck a bit higher in the drafts.