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  1. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Haha!! Too funny!
  2. #ThankYouZBo

    It is the end of Grit n Grind. Thanks for putting professional basketball on the map in the Bluff City Zach. Thanks for all the memories. You will likely remain the best thing Chris Wallace ever does in Memphis.
  3. Draft Day 2017

    Raise your hand if you have confidence in Chris Wallace's ability to draft players who actually stick and stay in the league....... anyone ....... hellooooooo ......
  4. All of the talk is about whether Tony, Zbo, BWright will stay or go, but should Wallace be a part of the conversation? I think he deserves an incredible amount of criticism of how he has shaped this roster. The problems (back up PG, wing play) continue to be issues year after year after year. He sucks at drafting and seems to continue to put band aids on a gaping wound.
  5. We need a back up point guard (STILL) even though Harrison stepped up. WE STILL need wings. A lot of this falls on Wallace. He continues to disappoint and how he has shaped up this roster.
  6. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Very disappointed in Marc. Soft as a marshmellow. You big money guy has to come up big. Mike Conley has proven himself. Marc has go to consistently come up big and not be a wilting flower.
  7. Chicago @ Memphis 01/15/17

    Seems like the same old problems still plague this team. Inconsistency and no one go to player. Grizz specialize in mediocre.
  8. Chicago @ Memphis 01/15/17

    That was a bad time out call by Fiz. They were scoring with the Bulls. He calls a TO and they came back and Conley launches a rushed, off balance shot. This has been a horrible day for me. First the Cowboys lose then this
  9. Grizzlies Mlk50 Pride Uniform Unveiled

    The new unis are awesome; the symbolism incredible!
  10. The Draft - Pick By Pick

    I have absolutely no confidence in Chris Wallace.
  11. But-But-But... Is Fizdale Affable?

    He certainly won the press conference. He came off very likable.
  12. Memphis @ Utah 01/02/16

    This is why I have absolutely no confidence in Chris Wallace. We pass on Steph Curry. We pass on Rodney Hood for a bunch of dudes who never play. Why can't Adams play for this team. Why the heck not. It's not like we're making a playoff run??
  13. Memphis @ Miami 12/13/15

    I don't know what is wrong with Mike, but he is playing like crap in a contract year.
  14. Memphis @ Miami 12/13/15

    You know it's bad when the paid homers are going off on you. But they speak the truth.
  15. Memphis @ Miami 12/13/15

    What did they say, I"m not in front of a TV. I'm interested in what their take was.