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  1. Brandan Wright Buyout

    Couldn't at least get a 2nd rounder for him? Did Wallace try or was he asleep at the wheel on this as well?
  2. OJ Mayo

    League minimum with team option years, then I would say why not. Other than that, no thank you.
  3. The whole thing is what else can the G.M. say after failing to pull the trigger on trading him? Sure, Memphis "might" give Reke a MLE, and Reke "might" sign such an offer if in fact one is given. Anything is possible but the probability of it all happening is not likely. I believe that Reke learned a valuable lessen, or at least was presented with one. He faced what all players eventually face, the league was (for the most part) done with him. He had been payed well and then had to take a lowball offer. Health permitting, he will have an opportunity to once again command better pay based on exceeding expectations this season. I think another team will make a better offer to him than the Grizzlies can afford if he stays healthy. I also believe that the F.O. has done things in the past 12 months or so that makes Memphis an undesirable place for most players that have other options.
  4. What makes you think he wants to stay in Memphis?
  5. Is this pick up ball or professional basketball? Of course he will play. Being professional is the only positive thing that he can control. By doing it to the best of his ability, he has the possibility of once being considered washed up by 29 other teams to being wanted by them within a year. Barring injury...
  6. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Very good point. Reke was told, and ready to go to a playoff bound team. He can't be too happy about that. He will see it as costing him a lot of money, not being able to be show cased in the playoffs and just the extra money from being in the playoffs. Don't see the Grizzlies waiving him though. It will point out what/who was offered just before the deadline for a waived player. Just not happening. ...which will further tick Reke off so the B.S. about resigning him to the MLE just will not happen either. Wallace totally burned this bridge.
  7. Not before expansion.
  8. That is your opinion. According to the NBA, Pau Gasol was obtained by the Memphis Grizzlies via trade. Your decision to call anyone a "fool" that doesn't agree with your opinion is shameful and narcissistic. Dwash stated his opinion and I respect that. He said why he held that opinion without devolving into deciding anyone who doesn't agree with him is a fool. His response reflects his character. While I don't agree with him, I understand his point of view and respect him for that, and enjoy his willingness to discuss basketball and the Grizzlies specifically. Responses like his is what originally draws most fans to this site. On the surface your opinion and Dwash's with regard to the specifics were the same, but your response was one of arrogance and self importance. It was all about you and not the subject. That's the sort of garbage that drives fans away from this site.
  9. The deal may go down because it wasn't the teams pick. It's a failed trade, not a failed draft pick. I'm saying that there is a difference from having a draft pick and trading for a player picked by another team. Unless the player is taken with the first pick, any of those types of deals can fall through, and they have fallen through in the past. This whole thing was brought up by isugrizzfan and really has no relevance to my original point (or this thread) anyway.
  10. You have confused getting a player via trade with drafting a player and devolve in name calling of those that don't subscribe to your incorrect definition. What exactly is your point, to talk basketball or just put others down that don't agree with your line of thinking? Has it ever occurred to you that both Kobe and Pau could have been drafted by a different team, thus making the deals void? Both deals were based on "if" the first team drafted the player, so no, the Grizzlies did not draft Pau in any sense of the meaning. The pick was not theirs to choose and both Kobe and Pau were available to other teams to pick and trade or keep for that matter.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/nba-officially-supports-legalized-gambling-wants-a-cut/ar-AAv7G7W?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp The value of all teams will jump again once they start doing this. There will be expansion and Vegas will get a team. Pera would be nuts to sell out now.
  12. league officially supports gambling

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/nba-officially-supports-legalized-gambling-wants-a-cut/ar-AAv7G7W?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp Vegas will get a team now for sure, probably through expansion. The fee and cut for each team will be big. Also this will increase the value of each team so Pera should dig deep to keep the Grizzlies. As a whole, I think that it's bad for the sport in the long term.
  13. I left out Francis's 3 A.S. games, none with the Grizzlies. Pau was traded for, not a pick by the Grizzlies, so the point of no all star games from 8 consecutive years of #6 picks or better is still valid. The whole Steve Francis debacle is testament of incompetency. Drafting him a year after Bibby, who started every game he ever played for the Grizzlies, was idiotic. They had their starting PG. The only reason to take Francis would have been if they already had a deal made, which they didn't. The Danny Ferry garbage should have still been in every G.M.'s mind at the time. It also came just 3 years after Kobe had declared that he would only play for the Lakers which allowed him to fall to 13th and onto their lap. Francis's agent made it clear that he didn't want to play for Vancouver. It was just asking for drama the team didn't need. There is just no excuse for the Francis debacle. "The key is to draft players and have them develop." - Ya think? There are several hall of famers that had been dumped after their rookie year by the team that drafted them so your statement isn't exactly a secret. Your, mine, or anyone else's opinion on how well any of the picks were is irrelevant to the glaring point that the franchise failed after 8 straight years of very good positioned picks to maximize those picks. So why would anyone think that just one lottery pick in the next draft will be the magic bullet for this team? Has our F.O. been that stellar? Also, we need to be honest with ourselves. Memphis is not where any of these lottery picks dream of playing. In the history of the draft lottery, Tim Duncan is the only player taken with the first pick that won a championship by staying with his original team. It is obvious that more is needed than a top pick for nearly every NBA team, but 8 straight years of top picks and not one all star appearance is an indictment. In many ways the deck is stacked against Memphis so we need a quality F.O. running the show to maximize player(s) picked and I don't believe we have that.
  14. Unlucky??? More like pure incompetence. Imagine what Danny Ainge could do with 8 picks in a row at #6 or better with 3 of them #2 picks. Do you honestly believe that the Grizzlies F.O. is any better than the F.O.(s) that went 8 consecutive years with top picks and zero all stars? The OP focused more on talent leaving, but the greater point is the epic failure of finding that talent in the first place. Is there anything about this F.O. that says they will make the best of a high pick other than the blind squirrel finding an acorn theory?