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  1. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Don't be going all KBM on me here. I didn't say ditch him, but I don't think he is one of the teams best shooters just because he can hit open 3's and I am saying he will not be as effective as he was last season. Honestly, I could care less what his points per minute were because it's obviously misleading. He is good at hitting open 3's. That's it. He's good at nothing else. The opponents ball boy could figure out how to shut him down. I have always felt that the team needed and still needs a guy like that for certain game situations though. He's 26 so I don't see him changing his game, but there are often late game situations when he can make a positive difference because of his 3pt ability.
  2. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    I saw that too. I googled to see if Kyrie had a no trade clause after reading that he gave the Cav's a list of 4 teams that he would play for and it brought me to that site. He does not have a no trade clause. The Cav's are ticked that the whole thing was leaked because they now have lost trade leverage. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cav's throw his little list away and send him to the worst team willing to give up a decent player.
  3. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    He won't be putting up 20 points in a quarter for the Grizzlies. Of his 10 best scoring games last season, 8 of those were before Jan. 1st, meaning most teams were still playing the Grizzlies as they did in the past and had not yet adjusted their defense to the Grizzlies new offense. League average at the rim is .631%. Daniels was .318% at the rim and .336% in 2 pt range. That is horrific shooting inside the arc and it also makes him a very easy assignment on defense. Daniels was .389% from 3pt range which is good as the league average was .358%. Do you honestly believe that he will be left open enough to be as effective as he was at the beginning of last season? Even though the team was much better at spreading the floor last season, they were last in the league at the rim and 2pt %. They didn't make teams pay for spreading the floor. Other teams used to want to make the Grizzlies beat them from outside, now they will want to make them try and beat them in the paint.
  4. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    @wojespn 10m10 minutes ago After extended talks, the hiring of Koby Altman as Cleveland's new GM is imminent, league sources tell ESPN. Altman was Cavs' assistant GM. His first day on the job will be kissing up to Kyrie, or getting on the phone with the Knicks.
  5. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Adrian Wojnarowski‏Verified account @wojespn 14m14 minutes ago Free agent Pau Gasol has agreed on a three-year deal to return to the San Antonio Spurs, league sources tell ESPN.
  6. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    I didn't mean to imply that you were defending the position. I just don't understand that someone would qualify a player as the teams best shooter based solely on 3 pt %, especially when that player isn't even best on the team for that qualifier. A term that used to get thrown around a lot years ago that you don't hear anymore is "pure shooter". So and so is a pure shooter, meaning that if a player was left open while away from the hoop, he could often hit his shot. I could see Daniels being called a pure shooter.
  7. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    That still doesn't make sense as Daniels was not the teams best 3pt shooter.
  8. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Gasol is the teams best shooter, Conley is second. He is the only Grizzly that hits his shots at the rim and from 3pt range above the league average. In todays NBA, those are the 2 most important shots. Conley hit his 3's at a much better rate than Daniels and also hits them off the dribble. Why would people think Daniels is the teams best shooter when both Gasol and Conley were better at what Daniels was best at, and neither were horrific from the rest of the court like Daniels was?
  9. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Daniels is our most explosive shooter? That's just nuts. He hits open 3's and that's it. He totally sucks inside the arc. He is so horrific inside the arc it negates his .389 3pt %, which is good, but far from explosive (.031 above league average). He is so bad at the rim, he isn't just below the league average there, he is HALF of the league average there. He makes Tony Allen look like an elite finisher. If his defender closes him out, he is totally and utterly useless. You are probably right about him not getting traded, for the simple fact that no team will want to pay his 3+ mil salary.
  10. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    And just who do you think is the teams best shooter?
  11. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    With the Grizzlies signing Chalmers, they now have 15 players under contract. That does not count 2 way contracts, unsigned draft picks, or Jam. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Jam sign with a team in China for a season.
  12. I think that this ^ is the best summary. I honestly believe that Jam's agent is in over his head. A pup trying to run with the big dogs kind of thing.
  13. The team had to make their qualifying offer before free agency started, which they did. I believe what Jam's agent was saying is that the team made no offer after free agency started.
  14. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    I was remembering when Rondo blew up because it was just him and a rookie showing up at shoot arounds when he was at SacTown.
  15. MEM Summer League Thread

    Grizzlies play the Suns at 7PM central.