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  1. What Does Marc Mean?

    As we've all seen the past many years, Marc has always been kind of a skeptic, on pretty much everything. This is just another example of 'Marc being Marc'. We all want the franchise to continue growing.
  2. New Uniforms on the way

  3. I know the regular season schedule hasn't been released yet but according to several sites, the regular season will begin on Tuesday, October 17. We're only about 10 weeks out from that date. I'm surprised the schedule isn't out yet. I know the league is trying to cut down on back to backs, but that almost seems to early to me. We won't even be at the halfway points of the NFL and NCAA football seasons. This also must mean our camp will start early to mid September. As for the preseason schedule, I keep looking at this site https://basketball.realgm.com/nba/preseason/schedule A Grizzlies game finally popped in on Monday October 2nd against Orlando. I know teams dropped to six preseason games so hopefully we won't waste any games against travelling European minor league teams as we have in the past.
  4. Team Hero Grizz@bulls

    It was great to hear Pranica with the emphatic 'Bango, ice water in his veins' late in the game
  5. While Grizzlies is a fine name and well ingrained, not changing the name to Sounds on relocation in 2001 was a huge missed opportunity at specific Memphis branding.
  6. They could have a person inside the scoreboard manually hanging the score with aluminum panels (like Wrigley Field and Fenway Park) if it brought us a title.
  7. I Miss Josh Pastner

    The Tigers board is overrun with trolls that have multiple alias names. I'm pretty sure he's one of them, maybe even more than one.
  8. It also says it was a 'incorrect no call' when with 12 seconds left they mugged Conley stripping the ball from him for the go ahead layup. Looks to me like 'two wrongs do make a right' in this situation. Even Steven.
  9. Team Hero Pellis @ Grizz

    SuperGrizz easy. Fired the team up in ot.
  10. O.j. Mayo Kicked Out Of The Nba

    Well, I have a OJ Mayo 'Young and Hungry' bobblehead from his first year and an Mayo replica jersey backpack from his 2nd year. Hopefully they can pull a few bucks on Ebay now.
  11. Can mods lock threads?
  12. I think Lance can definitely help us out, at 20-24 minutes a game coming off the bence. Not saying we should pick up his option now, but it's a nice card to have in our back pocket if we have to play it.
  13. Thanks for the video clip. I'm feeling much better about this pick than I've felt about many of our previous picks.
  14. I heard head coach Fizdale himself will be the head coach for summer league. He wants to instill his philosophies into the team, even during the summer league. I like his thought process.
  15. I know we're talking about point guards but wonder why nobody has mentioned Ryan Anderson as a potential Grizz. He always seems to torch us and would give us the big, accurate wing shooter we seem to be always missing.