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  1. New Orleans 'paid' attendance is a whopping 125 more than Memphis. The percentage of actual ticket usage is much higher in Memphis.
  2. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    I'm beginning to think this wasn't about drugs. We'll just let the police investigation continue and see what gets unearthed. The media will be all over it. This could be as old as time itself.
  3. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    It took awhile but obviously somebody finally broke from the 'code of silence' that is still maintained in certain segments of society today.
  4. How long is J B going to last?

    In hindsight signing the deal he did was the best thing Gasol ever did. Remember he broke his foot in the first year of the deal and missed a lot of the season. If he'd only been on a one year deal when that happened he wouldn't have got anything near what he has now.
  5. The NBA doesn't want any relocations to Seattle, which is why the kept the Kings from moving there a few years back. The league wants to place an expansion team there in the next 10 years. With a projected expansion fee of 1.5 billion (it may be more), that would net each of the current 30 NBA franchises $50 million in new capital. That's the reason the NHL just went to Las Vegas, and 31 teams, and is also eying Seattle.
  6. Chip, I'm really surprised you would take for 100% some info a writer was fed from an 'unnamed source'. The writer has just publicly apologized for incorrect info in the story after finding out Parsons DID have a physical with the Grizzlies. These story mysterious leaks aren't coming from the Grizzlies. Wonder where else they could be coming from? Probably the same source that leaked Pera wanted Coach Joerger to wear a headset during the games right after Jason Levien was fired. Look for some more bizarre info coming from the twitter world in the next few months to smear Pera. Don't believe everything you read.
  7. T'wolves Sale Exposes Grizzlies Ownership Drama

    Hey Vet, I've been wondering the same thing. Not a peep from anyone here, halfway through the initial sales window. Maybe nothing is going. If something was going on, I find it hard to believe it wouldn't leak out, somehow, someway. Hopefully, they're quietly and civilly working on it. If what we read about the hatred between Pera and Kaplan is true, the cynical side of me says Kaplan may wait till the last day to exercise his option, then drop a nice little 'Christmas Eve' surprise to Pera. I guess if we make it to Christmas then Kaplan passed this time, maybe waiting another five years till he can do it again. All we can do is wait and listen to the quiet. for now.
  8. I slowly watched the replay of our made basket. The refs adding .2 seconds back is what cost us the game. Barnes shot wouldn't have counted if the refs had left the clock at .3. I just don't see how they decide to add the blink of an eye back to the clock. They did and the blink of an eye cost us the game. After Monday night's insanity with Tony Brothers should we have ever expected less from Ed Malloy?
  9. I read this tweet from Don Wade. Several people were agreeing with it. Conley and Gasol have made this their team at a whole other level. It's almost like they were being held back and nobody knew it. As painful as it is to admit, it's becoming apparent we are a better team without Randolph and Allen.
  10. Earl Watson Fired

    I'll always be thankful to Watson for hitting some late, clutch shots to get us our first win, and also Hubie Brown's first win, in November 2002 at The Pyramid. We had started that year 0-13, fired Sidney Lowe and brought in Hubie. It was nip and tuck the whole game against Michael Jordan's Washington Wizards, but Watson hit several key shots late to get us the W. It was Jordan's last year in the NBA.
  11. I'm going because I want to see all the new scoreboards.
  12. Melo Traded to the Thunder, huh?

    I wonder if they'll be enough ball to go around in OKC.
  13. The memphis tigers just stunned ucla, babby

    Go Grizz! That was a great, great game yesterday. The southern heat looked like it had gassed all the UCLA players by the third quarter. I guess there's a reason they rarely venture from the west coast. Welcome to day football in the South. UCLA had quite a few fans here who really enjoyed our city for a couple of days. They were all over downtown and especially Beale St. Fantastic, electric crowd yesterday also. Only gripe was the stadium running out of water and Cokes before halftime but with the Coca Cola plant right next door to the stadium, that problem was quickly rectified. What a great day! Go Grizz!
  14. I think Kaplan came aboard because Jason Levien convinced him. Levien was more responsible in putting the ownership group together than Pera.
  15. Also the status quo is a possibility. Kaplan has since acquired an English Premiere League soccer team and may not want to do anything but ride his ever increasing share value of the Grizzlies. I believe he has this same option in another five years.