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  1. Carmelo Facilitation Cooperation

    Well, I'm not really in love with Zeller or anything so no need for sorrys. I just think your forgetting a few things about Wright. He is usu. injured and plays mostly against backups when he does play. I don't know about PER and Win Score, but Cody is more productive statistically than Wright. If Wright was worthy of more mpgs then he would get them, but he doesn't b/c he isn't worthy. Zeller is. The Hornets aren't really a bad team either, they're more mediocre. As for Baldwin's athletic ability you are wrong. Go back and check the numbers. Zeller is actually the superior athlete. Baldwin isn't even an average NBA athlete. I don't know why people insist on thinking that. He isn't quick, doesn't get off the floor well, and isn't explosive in any way. Zeller is quite spry and springy on the other hand. He posted better jumping numbers at the combine than Baldwin even though he's 7ft and carries 25 more lbs.
  2. Carmelo Facilitation Cooperation

    Ennis and Wright are both better than Zeller? Baldwin has more upside? Why do you think that? You must really hate Cody Zeller. He's actually pretty solid, and appropriately contracted. He has increased his ppg, rpg, mpg, and fg% all 4 years he's been in the league. I just don't get why you'd think that.
  3. Mario Chalmers returns

    You guys are overreacting to a NON-guaranteed contract. Its probably for the vet MINIMUM, too. Jeez! All this means is he will be brought into camp so they can see what he has in him still after the injury. No real HARM can come of this, only good. If we find he is back to pre-injury form than we have the OPTION of trying to rearrange the roster so we can fit him in, or we can just dump him and let some other team claim him and there is nothing lost. We may even benefit from establishing some goodwill with Rio. In fact, while there DOES exist the possibility of gain in this move there exists NO possibility of loss. Anybody ever heard of Pascal's Wager? I'm committing my chips to Rio.
  4. Carmelo Facilitation Cooperation

    Memphis Trades: Brandon Wright, James Ennis, Wade Baldwin Memphis Receives: Cody Zeller Charlotte Trades: Cody Zeller Charlotte Receives: Eric Gordon Houston Trades: Eric Gordon Houston Receives: Brandon Wright, James Ennis, Wade Baldwin - The Hornets make a lateral move to get scoring at SG. They traded for Dwight Howard and probably intend to use him, so it looks like Zeller isn't as important to them as Gordon would be. Right now their SGs are Lamb and the rookie Monk - not very imposing. - The Rockets get some expirings to use in a Carmelo trade. Wright and Ennis are 9mil combined and they can add Ariza's 7.4mil to that to make a deal happen. Baldwin could be replaced with Harrison in the deal if that's what they (or NYK) like, or Martin or Daniels could be included. We also have two 2nds next year, and I doubt with all our young players that we'd really want to use both of them. The Hornets could provide Jeremy Lamb if we take out Baldwin. So there are some versatile parts to play around with. - The Grizzlies get something really good for basically nothing. Zeller is a quality big on a good 4yrs 12.4mil contract who still has some upside. We are perilously thin in our frontcourt, Davis and Martin did not look ready in SL, and there is no guarantee Green will be resigned. Zeller averaged: 27.8mpg, 10.3ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.6apg, 0.9bpg, 1.0spg, 1.0topg, 57.1%fg, 6.79%ft. last year. Is that good enough to warrant putting Carmelo Anthony in the West? Will someone else just make it happen anyway? I don't know, but I just thought this was an interesting and plausible idea. Certainly Zeller is a good player, who would make US better. What do you think? Memphis Grizzlies: Conley, Harrison Seldon, McLemore, Daniels, Brooks Parsons, Evans, Zagorac Zeller, Martin, Raab Gasol, Davis
  5. MEM Summer League Thread

    Davis C-: He is supposed to gobble boards and rim protect. He didn't do so well with that. He seems slow to recognize whats coming at him, and I think his footspeed isn't all the great either. He isn't getting into position to make the plays we need. He had some good jump shooting games, but didn't show any offensive progression other than that. He didn't show that he could be counted on for rotation mpgs. Zagorac C: I hoped Rade would show he was ready to put his advanced skillset into the rotation year one. Sadly, he showed that coming over from Europe is harder than people give it credit for. He had trouble adjusting to the speed on the floor, and looked pensive. The pensiveness is understandable, but i'm worried about how relatively slow he looked. He was able to make some really nice passes when he got a chance to work w/ the ball, and he seemed to just know how to work the game. I just think he's a year a way from contributing. Simmons B: Looks like he has some tools. I think he showed he's worth a 2way. Baldwin D: He didn't look like a PG very often, and wasn't an effective scorer either. What is Baldwin good at? I've never known, and I'm still not sure. He did seem improved from last SL and the playoffs, but I don't see him beating out Harrison for mpgs and that isn't saying a lot. I did notice that he was a consistent contributor on the boards so that's something positive. Martin D-: 3rd year player still seems lost. He had some good games shooting and I think he plays hard, but I just can't see him stepping into J. Green's role with a BBIQ soo low. No progession, didn't show he can be counted on. Brooks B+: I'm not really a fan of Brooks', but he did as well or better than could be expected. There is a jump in competition b/t NCAA and SL, and Brooks made it. I still think he will falter jumping to the league. He makes smart instinctive plays for lose balls and at both ends and he can shoot. We shall see... Raab C-: DNP. I wanna see muh rookie. I feel cheated! I doubt i'll get to see him all season. Seldon A+: Wayne Seldon will be our starting SG next season. We already had seen him guard and play team D and finish at the rim in the playoffs and stretch run. What we hadn't seen was him knocking in 3s and breaking people down off the dribble. Well, he knocked in 3s and broke people down off the dribble in SL. He also made a lot of clever passes of the dribble which a lot of guys can't do. The shooting i'm sure will translate. I'm skeptical about him working off the dribble b/c he really is not quick. I think he mostly uses his strength and length to get shots up. Basically what we've got is a very good and proven defender who has now shown he can make 3s and maybe do more... That alone is better than McLemore, Evans, and Daniels. Of course that's not really saying a lot, but he was definitely done much more than expected in this SL. Overall B: I'm disappointed in Baldwin and Davis, and very disappointed in Martin. Rade got his feet wet and probably learned a lot, but Raab didn't get that chance so kind of a wash there. Brooks did well, but it is really just Seldon who gives the team a high grade. You could really see the improvement and you can tell he'll be a major player for us starting this year.
  6. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    One good thing I'll say about Baldwin is that he has been gobbling up rebounds this SL. Always nice when your guards pitch in, esp. if Gasol is your 5.
  7. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    I'm not in the Brooks fanclub. He is slow on both ends. What is he good at in the NBA? He can't defend. Okay, so he's a scorer, but is our real team really going to be looking for Dillon Brooks as a go to guy in a real game? I hope not! I think he can score against college 4s and SL backups, but not against real NBAers. I don't see him beating his man in isos in SL - not enough quickness. I don't see him finishing vs length very well either. What is he good at again, I forget? I'll give him some credit for BBIQ. He makes some smart plays out there. He'll need to make a lot of them if he wants to be an anyone's rotation.
  8. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    People need to quit thinking of Baldwin as athletic. That's all I've heard about him since he was drafted. How great an athlete he is, how he's Westbrook lite or something. Pllaahhh! He was never athletic, he was never quick, he was never strong, he could never jump, he wasn't explosive in any way. People posted clips of him dunking as evidence of what a great athlete he was, but if you watched closely you could see he wasn't getting above average lift or explosion it was just mostly reach that was getting him to the rim. He isn't even tall for a modern PG. All he ever really had going for him were those unusually long arms. What a terrible pick. To me its worse than Thabeet who actually had some talent, but just didn't have the desire to be a professional. At least Thabeet had something going for him. I really just never saw anything good about Baldwin.
  9. MEM Summer League Thread

    Well it seems like we're both seeing him not getting involved with the offense. I just think some of that has got to be on him. If he had something to offer, he'd probably be offering something. They'd want to give him the ball, he might even demand it. I dunno, maybe it's a personality thing? I've seen him pass up a few open mid-range jumpers as well. He doesn't seem as comfortable around the bucket as i'd like either. Yeah, you're right though it is a small sample size. I could be wrong. Well shall see eventually...
  10. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    They will all be developed. They have all been developing since they joined the team. If by "develop" you mean mpg, well then I think development has to either be earned or thrust upon you b/c of circumstance. Right now we only have 2 playable bigs on the roster in Gasol and Wright and Wright can't be counted on. So, Davis and esp. Martin (only true 4) should be getting those developmental mpgs. We just need them to be developed ASAP even though neither has really earned anything as yet. Seldon has proven he deserves his time. In real games, playoff games, and SL games he proved it. I expect he will be our starting SG. Baldwin and Harrison are in an open competition for development mpgs. Harrison is winning, Baldwin is losing. They'll get what they earn. The rest all seem to need time before they're ready to compete at the NBA level. When they show they're ready, then they can get floor time. There's no reason to trot out unprepared cubs in a real game. Some of them will lose confidence and regress if we do that. They will practice against the team and each other and in SL and GL. That is their development. When they're ready for real NBA games, then they can develop on the floor like Seldon will be doing this year.
  11. MEM Summer League Thread

    The Good: - Selden is hitting shots from all over the floor. We know already he is a good defender, now we see his shot going in... I think he will be our starting SG. - Martin had a nice 2nd game. He hit his mid-range J and boarded really well. He played hard. - Kobi Simmons looks like he is worth developing on a 2-way contract. The Bad: - Rade looks like he will take some time to develop. I was hoping he'd be more polished. Curious to see how he'll adjust as SL goes on. - Davis has no offense including FTs. He is a brick waiting to happen. I disagree w/ a lot of you about him being good on the other end. He looks lost to me. Maybe this is superficial but I don't like his laconic demeanor. He does get up really high when going for blks. The Ugly: - Baldwin has no PG sense whatsoever. He shuns physicality of all kinds. He doesn't shoot well on the move. I haven't noticed of an area of his game where he has progressed. All these qualities are innate in nature so its kinda hard to see him getting better. All the knocks on him coming out are as true now as they were then. - Brooks doesn't have the athletic ability to compete even in SL (mostly against backups). I can't figure out why we spent a future 2nd to bring him to a team w/ soo many projects already. He's not playing against college 4s anymore!
  12. #ThankYouZBo

    Zach Randolph currently sits as the best Grizzly of all time. He presided over the best era of basketball this franchise has ever seen. We almost got there... The era has truly now has come to an end. I enjoyed the hell out of it! I hope he does well in Sac and proves his naysayers wrong once again. I can't help but feel cheated that I never got to see this lineup; Conley, Allen, Parsons, RANDOLPH, Gasol. I think that lineup could've done something really special. Definitely would have beat the Spurs. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  13. 2017-18 team salary

    I've heard some teams would be willing to trade expensive vets for waiveable expirings in order to trim salary. Jonas Valuncinus was mentioned. Maybe we could pawn Wright off to someone and they'll simply go ahead and waive him. Wright + Ennis is 9mil in expirings and we'd have to get to 11.5mil to make a trade (for Valuncunus) work. So maybe add Davis and use Brooks or Simmons in a S&T. Not sure if that's legal and all, but it sounds somewhat plausible. The Raps drafted Poetle high last year.
  14. McLemore it is

    This signing is kinda meh for me. McLemore has never not been a bad player, but whaterya gunna do w/ just 5mil to spend? He does have some decent talent, though. Sac has been a disfunctional franchise since before he was drafted, and the Grizz are a winning team with winning vets and a winning culture. Maybe this will force a change in him. Maybe. We shall see...
  15. Everyone knew all last season was a quixotic pointless farce for all but 3 teams; SAS, CLE, GSW. Only those teams had any shot at winning a title and really the other 2, SA & CLE, didn't really have much of a chance either. It was strikingly similar to the season before. GSW are a super-duper team w/ 4 highly paid all-NBAers and high-quality role players. Now other teams are forming super teams to try to compete w/ the super-duper team, and former super teams are trying to form their own super-duper team. Again, there will end up being 2 maybe 3 teams w/ a sliver of a chance to win 2 games off GSW in a series. Everyone else shouldn't even bother showing up to root for the super team's all-stars to get injured. There is just no point to the NBA's regular season or it's first round playoff series. The problem is the "salary cap". There isn't really anything that is actually "capped" about it. There's a luxury tax, but no limit on how much a franchise can abuse it. The players control everything and they can buddy up and collude themselves into the conference finals and blackmail owners into reckless spending like Lebron James does every year. Fine for him, bad for basketball. GSW just signed West, Iguadala, and backup PG( can't remember his name now) to large role player contracts, and they super-maxed Curry. They will soon not blush about super-maxing Durant too. TOR, CLE, HOU are spending themselves into lux tax oblivion. The forgone conclusion continues... If they would institute a hard cap like the NFL does, the era of super teams and super-duper teams would crumble away and parity would reign. Hope would return to probably 8 to 10 more teams every year. The regular season would have a reason to exist again. Sure you could have a 3-starred roster if you want, but you couldn't pay to keep decent role players and other teams w/ well-balanced squads would be able to beat you. Team chemistry and continuity would be important again; you'd get better basketball. I guess the player's union would fight this tooth and nail, but really they are fighting their own fans. Adam Silver is more interested in blackmailing an entire state b/c he doesn't approve of how they deal with trans kids going potty in public schools. Until they get their acts together, the league is going to continue to be a ridiculous sham.