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  1. Wallace should have taken Nance Jr., Very obvious
  2. Lakers will trade Randle/Clarkson for George. PG is gone, he only wants to play for the Lakers
  3. To be a true superstar/ATG, you have to try to play. Guys like Kobe, LeBron, Wade all would've at least tried to play no matter what anyone said. Even on our own team, Conley ain't quitting like that.
  4. Not a fan of Kawhi quitting games on these ankle injuries
  5. The great thing about Wall is that he goes down swinging, he had a terrible 1st half but it never discouraged him. If guys like Harden or Gasol had Wall's mentality they would be champions. If Gasol would have started a game shooting 1 for 9, he would have quit shooting
  6. Conley doesn't run a fast break well and never has
  7. The difference between an elite PG like Wall and Conley is that Wall can play at whatever pace he wants because he is that talented. In the half court, he is arguably the best pg in the pick n roll in the league (Paul is probably still the best) while he is obviously dynamic in an up tempo team but he can be a one man fastbreak by himself. Any team with any players with any style, the only answer is Wall. Also lol at Wall not being efficient, he has a 56% TS % in the playoffs so far. Conley for his career is 54% TS, is he inefficient? Let us just take a look at Mike Conley's playoff run. Conley averaging 24 and 7 is considered him stepping up tremendously to another level. Wall averaged 23 and 11 for an entire season and needs to raise his level in the playoffs to 28 and 10 to not be considered a disappointment. If John Wall in game 7 has an elimination game like Conley did where he shoots 7-18 and allows the opposing point guard to light him up all game long, he will get destroyed in the press.
  8. John Wall is clearly better than Conley though and you haven't admitted it yet. Please admit that Wall is an elite tier PG along with Curry and Wessy.
  9. He was a terrible pick from day one, another Wallace bust
  10. Since when are the raptors a three point shooting team?
  11. Is John Wall considered a pure pg because he's definitely got the best vision in the league.
  12. John Wall is clearly playing the best out of everyone not named Lebron/Kawhi, let's pretend like we're still watching games. And he's actually playing against good pg's with Schroeder, Thomas and Bradley. No guard is a better two way player than Wall, solidified himself as the 2nd best point guard in the game after Curry.
  13. Grizzlies actively tanked at the end of the season to stay at the 7th spot because they thought they matched up better with the Spurs, let's not rewrite history.
  14. Gasol is Lamar Odom/Kevin Love level, supremely talented, mismatch 3rd option, not reliable enough to be more than that.
  15. the going rate for an all-star big man is what the Kings got for Cousins.