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  1. Mario Chalmers returns

    And who exactly that they may cut is worth not cutting? Harrison is hot garbage and Baldwin isn't a PG. so why exactly should they be exempt from getting cut?
  2. Mario Chalmers returns

    So wait, they sign a guy who was good for us before he got hurt to a deal that won't hurt the team in anyway if he still plays like he's hurt and this is still an idiotic move?? How?
  3. Y'all can keep your insanity. I'll stay cozied up in reality. Where this team will win 35 games.
  4. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

  5. Why does being a fan of the team require being delusional as a prerequisite? This looks like about a 30-35 win team to me, and I'm still gonna watch. Still gonna root for them to win every game (except those played against Westbrook, I'm rooting for that guy to go 82-0 get a ring without KD). Is that not acceptable to root for a team and be realistic about expectations at the same time.
  6. You lost me at Mike Conley is a top 5 PG
  7. Right up until the Grizz miss the playoffs cause they have no role players.
  8. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    It is. But this team as currently constructed isn't likely to win much.
  9. Jamal Murray, Will Barton and Gary Harris on the wing with an emerging Jokic and now Milsap along side him. They're good point guard play away from the 5 or 6 seed.
  10. Golden State and San Antonio are head and shoulders ahead of us. OKC just ran past us. Houston was already past us and got better. The Clippers have Blake Deandre Jordan, Lou Williams, Pat Beverly and Galinari with Austin Rivers as a young up and coming player, Portland is on the upswing getting better, Denver just got much better adding Paul Milsapp, and the timberwolves just added veteran leadership and allstar talent to KAT and Andrew Wiggins. Meanwhile we got worse. We are 9 right now looking up at best.
  11. With all of that said if Chandler has a bounce back year where he scores maybe 16 a game and starts to look like his old self and the Grizz use the rest of this free agency period wisely by finding a guy who serves a true purpose like a Irsan ilyasova (if he'd play like the Milwaukee version of himself) and Rade has a good rookie season and 1 or 2 of the younger guys improve into serviceability then the team has a real shot at improving. But, that's a lot that has to break right...
  12. Boston in 3 years went from top 3 in the East with KG, Paul Pierce and Rondo to top 2 in the east with Isaiah Thomas, Al Horfard and Gordon Hayward. Houston went from contending with T-Mac and Yao to a tough playoff out with Kyle Lowry to contending with James Harden and now Chris Paul along side him. Consistency through rebuilds without long lulls in between is what I'm talking about. By being proactive you can avoid Minnesota/Philadelphia levels of non relevance.
  13. The last 2 years the Grizzlies are 2-8. They also just lost their 6th man for nothing and will also probably lose the starting PF and their defensive specialist for nothing as well. So should they wait to get swept in the playoffs or not even make it, waiting for Ben McLemore to be the savior when it's been proven he's not that guy? Teams that have been consistently great don't wait for decisions to be made for them. The Spurs, Celtics, Rockets and Warriors are proactive. Boston blew up a playoff team for a draft haul and look at them now.
  14. If Chandler Parsons isn't Allstar level next year the Grizz don't make the playoffs. Again at some point either you blow it up on purpose or it blows up in your face. When you choose to do it you can leverage your assets, when it happens to you it takes much longer. They chose to blow up Pau's team and it was a relatively quick rebuild. On the other hand the Timberwolves were forced into a rebuild by waiting too long and have been out of the playoffs for over a decade.
  15. Status Quo

    I've been interested for some time now to see just how many fans are good with chasing after the 8th seed. With the Warriors being the Warriors, OKC getting PG13 and possibly more shooting to put around Westbrook, Minnesota loading up on vets bringing in Jimmy Butler and Teague, Houston getting Mike D'Antoni's next Steve Nash in CP3, the Spurs getting healthy, and Denver, Portland and the Pelicans all getting better with continuity and growth from young players. How long is it ok to hold a team together that will have to fight for an 8th seed? Me myself I'm not a championship or bust guy, I see the value in deep playoff runs. What I don't see the value in is 1st round sweeps. The fan base killed Pau and his grizzlies for getting to the playoffs and not producing, why is the situation now so different in the eyes of fans? I understand not blowing it up last year when we didn't have our pick, but now we do and we have assets that can be cashed in now that teams are trying to load up against the warriors. It's an arms race that the Grizzlies are no part of. If you disagree with my viewpoint I'd like to know why, because I'd rather watch them building something that might be great than slowly crash and burn.