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  1. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    Peter Edmiston: Dave Joeger promised a boat load of early Z-bo postups, “for old timesake” lol
  2. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    Go Grizz
  3. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018
  4. He's a 6'6" guard. Played for OKC Blue. We are signing him to a 2-way. I thought we could only have two 2-way players? Maybe they are gonna waive Vince Hunter.
  5. Who Could Be Traded?

    "Hey we signed this guy but he suck lol who want him we'll give ya 2nd round pick."
  6. Team Hero 01/11/2018 vs Pelicans

    TH: Reke HM: JaM hustled tonight
  7. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Harrison has that timing down.
  8. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    did not know this, fun fact of the day
  9. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    The Starters believe we could get a 1st round pick for Tyreke. "Wether the Grizzlies can do anything with the pick is the question." Lol
  10. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    I read they're shopping Larry Nance as well
  11. Mike Conley interview for The Undefeated

    Gotta include Conley and Gasol. Give me a break. Edit: I don't even know why I bother arguing it anymore. I'm so sick of talking about the past. We suck now. I hope we trade Gasol for prospects and get a good draft pick this year.
  12. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    I know I'd like him on our side moving forward.
  13. Memphis @ LA Clippers. 1-2-18

    Didn't watch, Seldon had 13 points in 13 minutes. Was it mainly garbage time?
  14. Deyonta gonna be a Star?

    What has he shown you guys to suggest he could become a star? Maybe he could be a starter one day, but a star??
  15. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    He misses Zach Randolph. I do too.