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  1. Can't stand that guy. But that's how I felt about Barnes too and now I love Barnes. Tucker wouldn't be cheap, but I bet he'd fit in great here.
  2. I think you could get a 2nd for Wright.
  3. Yeah use Wright to get a pick. We have no picks, right?
  4. Poor man's Warrick
  5. Good news
  6. Sign Rudy, OJ, and Jermemy Pargo.
  7. We could of beat them once or twice for sure. #toughout
  8. I've read multiple tweets saying both parties are interested in each other. He's a free agent I believe, so they are looking for a sign and trade?
  9. well yeah you can't leave now
  10. He said he'll work on his rebounding lol
  11. that's the thing man. We are keeping the old heads. All signs point to that. That's the type of franchise Memphis is.
  12. Was homie hurt?
  13. I bet Conley praying Parker retires this off-season
  14. he didn't shoot in the 4th? Hahaha wowza
  15. Good season fam