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  1. What's the Current Lineup?

    Fizz will put the right lineup together. I have no doubt whatsoever. I'm thinking Conley, McLemore/Evans/Selden, Parsons, Green, and Gasol.
  2. MEM Summer League Thread

    Jarell has to play better or he's done. I know there were no plays ran for him, but he's a wreck defensively and seems to have low basketball IQ on both ends. Baldwin needs to play more under control. He has all the tools...but so did Jeff Green. Nothing more to say about that lol. Wayne Selden's summer league should be a wrap. Nothing more to see. Deyonta started playing a little reckless towards the end of the game, but I attribute that to fatigue. Rade did fine for his first competition against NBA talent. I think he'll get better each game. Needs time. Now I'd like to see more of Jeremy Morgan and Kobi Simmons.
  3. MEM Summer League Thread

    Jarell Martin refuses to execute properly on the pick and roll.
  4. MEM Summer League Thread

    You guys need to give the game time to develop. It's only been 5 minutes. Rade took 1 shot lol. Geesh
  5. MEM Summer League Thread

    Speaking of that, I really hope we don't have to watch much of the guys who have zero chance of being NBA players.
  6. MEM Summer League Thread

    I thought it was realistic until we pice up Evans. Still have Ennis and Daniels to deal with too.
  7. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Still waiting on one of them to pan out. Hasn't happened yet.
  8. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    I'm used to it by now. Still a lot to look forward to.
  9. MEM Summer League Thread

    Figured I'd create a thread for summer league discussion. Really looking forward to the start of Grizzlies SL play. The guy I have the highest expectation for is Jarell Martin. Also excited to see Rade and Deyonta. Bummed that Ivan Rabb is out, but we are used to our rookies being injured and missing summer league. Thoughts?
  10. Are the Grizzlies FO Sleeping?

    Getting Morris in return is definitely not giving Bradley away. Great move by both teams. Celtics needed front court depth, gave up a guard and got their starting PF in return. I think there's a chance we contacted them, but the Celtics made the right deal.
  11. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    And when the phone hangs up, I would go on about my day completely unbothered. I'm not giving arguably the best center in the NBA away for peanuts. This isn't the Paul George or Jimmy Butler situation. Marc hasn't asked to leave and hasn't been an issue in the locker room. Grizzlies have all of the leverage. Acquiring Gasol could elevate Boston to the favorites in the East. I would make them think long and hard about how bad they want him. Tatum, a 2018 1st, and our 2019 or have a nice day.
  12. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    Tatum's ceiling is much higher than Brown's. The conversation has to start with Tatum, a 2018 1st rounder and our own 2019 1st rounder.
  13. McLemore it is

    He is arrogant AF. And hasn't played nearly well enough to back it up.
  14. McLemore it is

    I don't see any reason why McLemore wouldn't flourish in Memphis. He clearly didn't blow anyone away in SAC, but I think people are really overlooking the situation he was placed in. - Kings drafted him 7th overall in 2013. - Kings drafted ANOTHER SG 8th overall in 2014 (Nik Stauskas). - Kings signed ANOTHER SG in summer of 2015 (Marco Belinelli). - Kings drafted ANOTHER SG in 2016, the signed/acquired THREE SGs that same summer (Malachi Richardson, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Garrett Temple and Aaron Afflalo). - Kings acquire ANOTHER SG during 2017 season (Buddy Hield). Let's face it, the Kings drafted him then proceeded to find an upgrade every year since they got him. Believe it or not, those type of things can impact player development.