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  1. I agree. Parsons couldn't play last season but Eric Gordon could so there is really no comparison there. Parson's might not be able to recovery to an NBA player level next season. I hope he does but this is the risk they took.
  2. We definitely could have used Gordon. Why front office? Why CP?
  3. I saw that too. I think that should be an automatic flagrant 2 foul. Intentionally trying to injury someone like that is pathetic.
  4. Ah, Parsons... you had to remind me of that disaster. Hopefully the Spurs can beat the Warriors. I would feel much better about the lost the Grizzlies suffered. Meanwhile the camera man shows us a close up of a booger in Zaza Pachulia's nose in HD, disgusting man.
  5. The Grizz had to play against the Spurs at full strength without a full team and we did better than any other team so far. They are handling the Warriors right now. This really is disappointing.
  6. He is.
  7. Playing good whew.
  8. Zbo, thank you!
  9. Brevin called Gasol out on playing better without Conley.
  10. You just can't beat that man, can't beat it.
  11. Hall of Famer status
  12. Yep
  13. I hope Conley is ok, dammit man.
  14. Wow, playing better without Gasol.