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  1. Memphis @ Chicago 03/07/18

    I was sitting here watching the game and thinking this multiple times.
  2. Grizzlies Getting New Color Scheme Next Year

    The traced the contour of the logo with a gray outline. I'm not feeling it either. They could have made the gray darker or something with a bit more contrast. Ok, I get it now. It looks like they wanted to get rid of the light-blue color and they switched it with gray. The gray can easily be used for promotional material and graphics. The light-blue is a bit more difficult.
  3. Inverted Standings Watch

    21 more games hang in there fans.
  4. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Jarrell looks like Lionel from the Jeffersons in this screenshot.
  5. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    What a night!
  6. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    103 - 99 right now. You may be right the Hawks still winning though.
  7. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Yeah, ATL is up by 20. The fanbase has to be ******. I'm loving it though.
  8. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    They have magically made it a close game.
  9. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    lol, perfect.
  10. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    We have a lot of players out for this game but we may blowout the Suns. This game is so obvious the NBA needs to dish out fines for losing by 20+ points to another team that tanks. $2-5 million sounds good to me.
  11. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Mark isn't down with tanking I hear. Phoenix players are flopping around while shooting the ball pretending they are trying to make buckets.
  12. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Phoenix isn't even trying man. We will win this one.
  13. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Where the party at?
  14. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/28/18

    Eflrid Payton needs a dang haircut, man cut the mess off.
  15. Inverted Standings Watch

    I like the old formula then. I still believe the NBA needs to come up with more of an incentive for teams not to tank.