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  1. Andrew Harrison's Shooting Percentage: A Running Commentary

    All he has to do is continue making plays. He is leading all rookies in assists this season; a trend I expect to continue.
  2. Seriously Espn?

    Yeah, only time I watch ESPN is if they are showing a game that I can't watch anywhere else. I don't watch the pregame or post-game shows and during half time I'm usually taking a poop.
  3. Are The Grizz A Better Team Without Mc?

  4. Golden State @ Memphis 12/10/16

    We picked a good night for our offense to actually look halfway decent!
  5. Team Hero Warriors@grizz

    TH: The entire team! 7 guys in double figures with 23 assists on 38 made shots. HM: The REAL Grizz fans who showed up and didn't cheer for GS!
  6. Portland @ Memphis 12/08/16

    Dude my LP is on a 3 minute delay! It starts out in sync and at some point during those dorky Bank of America commercials it falls behind. So I literally have to hide the score and refrain from using facebook just so it won't spoil the outcome for me!
  7. Grizzlies Vs Trailblazers 12/08/2016

    TH: Marc Gasol HM:Toney Douglas and Troy Daniels A win is a win BUT, we're playing with fire. We can't keep getting down and playing poorly on offensive and expect to continue to win games. Or s*** maybe we can lol!
  8. OJ was ballin' out until Lionel Hollins chopped off his scrotum and relegated him to the bench. He was never the same after that.
  9. My only complaint(s) right now is his indecisiveness in the pick-n-roll. He still seems unsure about what the right play is, almost as if he's trying too hard to make the perfect play. I also wish he would stop beating himself up every time he makes a mistake. I think he's getting in his own way when he gets down on himself. But he's coming along quite nicely now. He has definitely benefited from playing in the D-league for a year.
  10. Team Chemistry

    lol I concur! Win or lose though, our young guys are getting acclimated with pressure games and situations. Come playoff time they will be able to play with poise and stay composed when the tough gets goin'.
  11. My My My How The Times Have Changed

    I agree KBM. We get killed with three pointers and it is something I'm sure Fizdale will address at some point this season. But it feels really good to finally have a Grizz squad that can at least neutralize the opponents three point shooting on certain nights.
  12. Memphis @ New Orleans 12/05/16

    I honestly think this is the best I've seen TA in a while.
  13. Portland @ Memphis 11/06/16

    Am I the only who feels like even when we're playing well, it's still not good enough? Even when Parsons is healthy, I just don't see how he makes much a difference for us. We're missing something...
  14. Portland @ Memphis 11/06/16

    I don't like all the switching we're doing on defense.
  15. Memphis @ Minnesota 11/01/16

    Davis is nice!