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  1. Fire Lionel, Start Rebuild Now.

    You guys need to relax. Spurs defended their homecourt which is what your supposed to do. What are you gonna say if this series goes back to San Antonio tied 2-2. Still a lot of basketball to be played. I do agree Hollins sucks balls though. That's my first post in almost 3 years, see you in another 3.
  2. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    There's also the NOOOOO! YESSSSS!!! - Expletive, meaning any time Zach Randolph does a crossover move and takes and makes a jump shot from 20+ feet.
  3. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Gazebo = a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal, in parks, gardens, and spacious public areas. also a assist basket from Gasol to Zebo or Zebo to Gasol.
  4. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Sam Young's nickname is "The Renaissance Man." His UCONN teammates gave it to him because he would always play grand piano in the hotel lobby's when the team was on the road. That would be awesome. As long as I get to hear some MVZ chants I'm good. Grizzlock'd = A game changing defensive stop made by the Grizzlies.
  5. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    I want a MVZ t-shirt asap!!
  6. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Love this thread. MC Squared = Mike Conley Jr. Gaycial = Instead of a facial when Rudy puts a poster dunk on a opposing defensive player. Grizzletosis = A disease caused from long winning streaks. Prolonged exposure may cause over homeristic comments and the creation of silly threads about the Grizzlies. Sticky this thread.