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  1. Fire Lionel, Start Rebuild Now.

    You guys need to relax. Spurs defended their homecourt which is what your supposed to do. What are you gonna say if this series goes back to San Antonio tied 2-2. Still a lot of basketball to be played. I do agree Hollins sucks balls though. That's my first post in almost 3 years, see you in another 3.
  2. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    Again with the stats. I don't care what Conley puts up!! I care when second rate pg's like the ones I've mentioned put up 15 and 8 on a nightly basis. I've already said it's impossible to replace him this season. I'm just pointing out a major problem on our team. As major a problem as having no bench. Like I said there is team defense and then there is one player getting blown out which hurts your team defense. I'm sorry if you can't tell the difference.
  3. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    How are you gonna compare Conley to Mayo? Please stop. Mayo is a offensive monster and Conley is not and I would say they are equal on the defensive end. So when the other teams pg constantly drives past Conley into the paint and one of our post guys has to come over to help by fouling or leaving there man wide open under the goal for the easy two, that doesn't hurt us. Ok I get it now. There's team defense and then there's one on one defense. We are a better team with a pg that can defend. How can you argue otherwise?
  4. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    Well the Lakers have the best player/lineup in the NBA so having a average pg doesn't really hurt them as much as it does us. Fisher plays MUCH better defense than Conley. Not to mention he is one of the most clutch pg's in the league. Bad comparison because he too has owned Conley this season and I'm not just talking stats. I've watched every game this season and Conley get's flat outplayed on most nights. By most nights I mean like 95%. Nov. 6th vs. LAL Conley 7pts 4assists in 27min Fisher 11pts 7assists and 3reb in 24min I'm not saying ZBO wins the games by himself. It's a combined effort of the starting five. Marc, Rudy, Randolph and Mayo are elite players and Conley is not. Don't compare him to them, that's just silly. A better pg and we would have more than 25 wins. I can come up with some trade ideas if it means that much to you but really what's the point? None of my trade ideas are going to happen. MY PROBLEM IS NOT WITH CONLEY'S OFFENSE. IT'S WITH HIS DEFENSE AND HOW HE GET'S DESTROYED BY PG'S ON A NIGHTLY BASIS. EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING WHY HIS OFFENSIVE STATS ARE NOT HIGHER. I GET THAT BECAUSE I WATCH THE GAMES. EXPLAIN TO ME WHY PG'S LIKE LOU WILLIAMS, DEREK FISHER, ANDRE MILLER, KYLE LOWRY, LUKE RIDNOUR, JONNY FLYNN, MO WILLIAMS, DARREN COLLISON, STEPHEN CURRY ALL HAVE GREAT GAMES WHEN THEY PLAY CONLEY? I'M NOT SAYING HE'S A TERRIBLE PG HE'S JUST A BACKUP PG RIGHT NOW. HIS DEFENSE IS A LIABILITY ON THIS LINEUP. WE NEED A DEFENSIVE PG. THATS ALL I'M SAYING.
  5. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    Yes we have won 25 games but that's because of ZBO not Conley. How many games did we win last year with Conley? Would we lose more games if Conley wasn't playing, yes because we don't have anyone else at the point. I'm aware of this. I'm just saying going forward that Conley is not the pg of the future for the Grizz. It's time to look at other options this off-season. I would like to keep him as a backup if possible in the hopes that he could one day be that guy. If not he's a solid backup. I've said my peace on Conley and I'm gonna leave it alone for a while to make some of you sunshine guys happy unless someone wants keep this going. I don't because I know the deal with Conley. It's time some others take off the glasses and see also.
  6. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    They make up for it on the offensive end. Conley doesn't sorry. Conley shoots the three well and has decent speed. That's a backup pg if I've ever seen one.
  7. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    We win more games with the right pg. We win now because of our other four starters not Conley. Don't get confused. I'm not saying bring in another point guard that can pile up stats. I'm saying bring in another point guard that can keep the other teams point gaurd from putting up all-star numbers. Now I know he's not getting moved I just would like some of you Conley supporters to relize what he is. You people defending Conley keep bringing up his stats like that's what people are upset with. Look at the opposing guard's stats. That's what I'm talking about. Like I said second rate point guards burn Conley on a regular basis and get into the paint, create shots for their teamates, and get our bigs in foul trouble.
  8. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    I don't like comparing him to all-star point guards because he get's burned so badly when he plays them but you brought it up so here you go. I could have just as easily put up stats from where he was burned by second rate point guards like Collison, Lou Williams, Andre Miller, Steve Blake, Beno Udrih, Steph Curry, Jonny Flynn, etc etc. He's been beaten consistly by almost every point guard in the league. He's won the stat battle maybe three or four times this season. Like I said I really don't care about that but when you have players like the ones I mentioned dropping all-star numbers on you something is wrong. I don't know what games you were watching saying he plays Nash and CP3 well???? Nov. 25th vs. PHO Conley 8pts 3assists 2reb in 26min Nash 11pts 16assists 3reb in 30min Jan. 2nd vs. PHO Conley 6pts 7assists 3reb in 22min Nash 19pts 14assists 4reb in 30min Jan. 18th vs. PHO Conley 5pts 9assists 5reb in 37min Nash 22pts 12assists 4reb in 35min Jan. 20th vs. NOH Conley 12pts 2assists 5reb in 23min Paul 21pts 13assists 6reb in 42min
  9. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    This has nothing to do with tonights game. It's a big collection of games over a two year span. I support the Grizz and Conley but it is what it is. Just because coaches, fans, front office, whoever wants to keep spoon feeding Conley doesn't mean I have to agree or like it.
  10. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    Exactly my point. The way our team is set up Conley really only needs to play good defense for us to be sucessful. That and hit a open jumper or three every once in a while. Him letting the other teams point guard blow by him into the lane, creating shots for teamates, getting our bigs in foul trouble is killing us. How can people not see this. I mean WTF!! Are you blind. He's not the only one that does this but atleast the other guys have a mean offensive game. Conley does not. Conley does not fit the mold of this team.
  11. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    I see this all the time when people defend Conley and that's fine. How do you explain him getting outplayed every game? It's a well know fact that pg's put up all-star numbers on Conley on a nightly basis. He just doesn't fit the mold of what we need on this team at the point postition. I like his three point shooting but that's it. The other parts of his game hurt us more than it helps. I'm sorry if you guys can't see that. Conley is a second string pg and thats that. What really sucks is he is the best we got at the moment so I have to support him.
  12. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    Conley get's outplayed on a nightly basis though. Unlike our other players he doesn't make it up on the other side of the floor. Just go back and look at the box scores from all the games this season. The stats don't lie. Conley get's flat outplayed every night by rookies, all-stars, has beens, it doesn't matter. Back to the post, who are we gonna move him for? We will not get anything of value so we just have to sit back and ride this out.
  13. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    There's also the NOOOOO! YESSSSS!!! - Expletive, meaning any time Zach Randolph does a crossover move and takes and makes a jump shot from 20+ feet.
  14. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Gazebo = a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal, in parks, gardens, and spacious public areas. also a assist basket from Gasol to Zebo or Zebo to Gasol.
  15. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Sam Young's nickname is "The Renaissance Man." His UCONN teammates gave it to him because he would always play grand piano in the hotel lobby's when the team was on the road. That would be awesome. As long as I get to hear some MVZ chants I'm good. Grizzlock'd = A game changing defensive stop made by the Grizzlies.