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  2. Where he's rehabbin his knee w/ a specialist. I'd say it's a really really good sign that he's already back on the court. Prolly means his knee injury was minor, the left one atleast.
  3. New site is worse than the old one. Might just have to start usin the backup or the tigers one.
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  5. Remember to bookmark the backup forum if this one has technical issues...
  6. Unable to view board on desktop. Only able to post via mobile device..somedays.
  7. On the Lakers practice court
  8. Getting back in shape?
  9. Time to trade Gasol is now... he will only keep declining and he is not a alpha or a beta. Getting a pick in this year draft should be a priority, I would move Marc for Rudy + KK and both of 1st picks from Kings. Then move Ennis + Harrison + 10th pick + 2 future 2nd picks for Okafor and maybe some 2nd pick (36 and 39). MC/Baldwin/Smith Jr Selden/TA/Daniels Gay/Parsons/Zagorac Monroe/Zbo/Davis Okafor/Wright/KK This is a first round/second round playoff at best, but at least we have more upside. If we could get Cam Oliver and PJ Dozier with those second rounds picks would be great; maybe they can go overseas a bit and then comeback after Zbo and TA final deal its over (2 years).
  10. Well, I can't say anything about having troubles. My job has had me submerged for about the last three weeks. Finally caught my breath and pulled up the boards, expecting to need to read through fifty threads. I much prefer manageable numbers.
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  12. Why does this keep happening?
  13. That was one of the two watch party gatherings outside the arena. I think there was 6,000 at one and 5,000 at the other. third round game vs Anaheim
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  16. Zbo - stays on a team friendly deal OR gets hurt in camp and retires Jam - gets lousy offers, stays TA - gone after being told he's 9th man at best; shocked at the lowball offers he gets; retires Carter - goes to the raps OR signs here as playing coach/15th man who steps in when someone's hurt Selden - option picked up
  17. How would u rebuild without moving Mike/Marc?
  18. I am not underestimating what Gasol could get - i just don't believe he can get either George or Butler. Pretty sure those 2 teams want first round pick compensation for either and we can't offer that. The entire Parsons thing just infuriates me. They should've just thrown all that money at Evan Fournier cuz atleast he has knees. Dude is now a dark cloud hanging over everything we do. Dion Waiters is another guy i would've targeted IF we had the capspace to sign but he will be too expensive. So that's why i have settled on Shabazz
  19. I'm not saying that Z-Bo or TA must start. I'm saying that if they are the best options on the roster at their respective positions, let that be shown in training camp battles. I know for sure they cannot be relied on for a full 82 game season, and definitely won't be the best players on a truly contending team. But, as you note, the cupboard is about bare right now in terms of elite talent on this team. They may represent the best shot this team has going forward, unless the young players (Harrison, Daniels, Wade, Seldon, Green, Martin and Ennis) really step up their game. I agree that Shabazz is an option for scoring. But I think you underestimate what Gasol can fetch on the trade market, especially if players like Butler and George are not happy with their current situations (which they are not). Teams with an athletic rim protector at the 4 spot could use Gasol to change the dynamic of the team. Parsons needs to step up in a serious way if the Grizz cannot move on from Gasol. I just don't see Parsons giving you any more than 8-11pts/gm, and that is barely half of what they need if Gasol is still on the roster.
  20. Shabazz and Conley provide scoring from the wing which is more than we had last season. I know he is a flawed player but he is young enough to get better. I would rather take a flyer on a young guy like him then gamble on a Monta Ellis. Also the hope would be that between Seldon, Ennis, and Daniels one of them becomes a scoring threat as well. You have to let go of the Zbo and Tony still being starter material fantasy and Gasol isn't fetching Butler or George. If Zbo and TA are still a major part of the plans then i guarantee you we will be a sub .500 team. Zbo isn't a good offensive player anymore and his rebounding doesn't make up for the rest of his shortcomings. Same with Tony as his defense doesn't cover for his offensive failings either. We don't need a bunch of elite scorers to be anything we need a bunch of capable 2way players. My scenario is completely built around the fact that we have no capspace to attract top tier FA's or assets for an impactful trade. This is all about trying to remain competitive till we can make major moves to improve the team. Like you pointed out earlier this is all due to FO blowing it with the Parsons signing. That has hampered the franchise way more than Maxing out either Mike or Marc. Unless Wallace is willing to move Marc then fringe moves like i suggested are the best we can do.
  21. We are looking for a short term solution to a long term problem. We must first solve what has put us in a position of virtually no assets.
  22. I agree, but its not anymore of a pipe dream than to think this squad does anything next year without some elite defenders and some scoring from the wing, which is what the original quote was looking at.
  23. Gasol for Butler or George is a pipe dream.
  24. This is a realistic take on what the FO could do this off season. But this roster is a sub .500 at best and out of the payoffs next year. Parsons is done as a starting SF in the league and is not a PF in any stretch of the term. Just a horrible move by the FO (I still say there was no way he passed a physical before he signed that deal, that alone should get the FO cleared out). Shabazz is just as inconsistent as Gasol, and is a liability on D. Not enough consistent scoring and no elite defenders . No way that roster competes with the elite in the west. It'll be doing good to get 30 wins next year. The best move the FO can make at this point is to trade Gasol for Jimmy Butler or Paul George (if it can be done), let VC walk and resign TA for the locker room presence, mentoring Seldon and Ennis (who have the tools to be the elite perimeter defenders the Grizz need to Compete with Golden St.), resign Z-bo to his last deal and let him compete with Jam Green for the starting PF spot, with the loser being the 6th man scorer you need, along with hoping that you can get something out of Parsons . Here is the rotation that gives the Grizz the best shot at being competitive next year Conley/ Harrison/Wade Seldon/TA (Who ever wins the starting spot) Jimmy Butler or Paul George/Ennis Green/Z-Bo/Martin Brandon Wright/D Davis This isn't a title contender, per se, but it keeps butts in the seats at the forum and makes the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed, which is the most you can ask for until the FO gets revamped and they get some draft picks.
  25. I thought the idea is to develop ballerz. I didn't know they are trying to develop gang bangerz too.
  26. I understand the trepidation in regards to starting Harrison. However, this past season, even as terrible as Harrison was, they were still a net positive when paired together. Shabazz would be the additional scorer on the wing to take the pressure off Mike in my scenario. In the backup PG spot we would have Calderon as an option who should still be effective enough to give Mike real breathers. My suggestions already addresses your concerns just not in the sexy way most people would like to see. My scenario depends on continued player development and takes into account that we have no money or assets to make major moves.
  27. I think everybody might be back. I think the grizzlies might be interested in dealing Wright. TA, Vince and Zbo are all guys that help our younger players improve, and I also think seeing Manu and Tony do what they did in the playoffs against the grizzlies will convince pera that it is the right move.
  28. Zbo - stays on a team friendly deal Jam - gets overpaid offer from another team that we don't match Ta - stays on a player-friendly deal to be convinced to come off the bench Carter - goes to the raps or magic to finish his career Selden - option picked up Say they sign Zbo/Ta to deals worth under their cap holds. They'd have the mle n bae to pickup another upgrade or two. Plus the option s&t for a free agent as well.
  29. Wallace remains undefeated in resigning the core 4. JAM walks. VC claims he isnt ring chasing but goes and does it anyway. Selden is back.
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