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  2. What??? they had just come off from a 2nd round loss where they were competitive against the warriors until injuries caught up. It's hard to break that core up after a solid season.
  3. That is not correct. Troy Williams was never in competition with Baldwin and he only played due to injuries to other players. Harrison was drafted. Also, with Harrison, he reminds me a lot of marc Gasol. A guy who had a good year but most felt had limitations. Nobody thought marc would become what he became. I see similarities with Harrison. It would not shock me if Harrison won mip award. The kid has something in his eye that seems very reminiscent of marc. I can't tell you what it is but I'm excited to see Harrison's progression.
  4. Baldwin will be lucky if his 1st option is picked up. He got beat out by an undrafted rookie free agent.
  5. I don't see it, Leonard ate the Grizz alive without TA and I don't see anyone else on that team who would give him the problems that TA would. None of the starters should have been playing against the Mavs if the weren't interested in winning that game. You can lay that on Fiz.
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  7. It is an early Google doc of every teams SL roster.
  8. because they should've moved off of them atleast 2yrs ago when they had some value and didn't. Better to trade them then to offer them vet min and hope they don't accept. This offer can backfire and look like a slap in the face more than a trade would have.
  9. Most players that make it to the nba are high school stars, if not all of them. Obviously if we had higher picks the choices would be better and Wallace would not have to tout a high school record. What I am saying is that many players come into the league with pedigrees, Jordan Hill came to mind. Does not mean they will develop. You really can't tell.
  10. How is the FO scared to move off TA and ZBo? They offered TA vets min and might offer the same to ZBo. This will prolly force at least one of them to move. But if they stay, that value is a bargain for productive bench players. TA will most likely be moved to the bench if he stays.
  11. Cosign +100 Sad part is that after the draft shakeout i don't see any teams out there that would want Marc that have any assets worth taking. Lakers and Boston where the biggest hopes ,but no way Ainge jeopardizes getting hayward for him and Lakers already swapped bigs with Nets. Mike probably more attractive asset but his contract ain't netting us much either. Besides I don't want to see a Marc Gasol team without Mike cuz we know Marc is gonna check out bigtime if that happens. If Marc was going to be moved it HAD to happen on draft night so once again this lame FO scare to make the hard call. Not surprising seeing as how these dudes are scared to death to move off of past-prime TA and Zbo.
  12. When TA is engaged and he usually is against the better teams, he is still one of the best wing defenders. Whenever he defended Kawhi this season, Kawhi shot less than 40%. Whenever TA was on the bench, Kawhi would go off against us. He singlehandedly changed momentum for us a few times this year. I remember the Orlando and Lakers games from earlier in the season where his defensive tenacity in the 4th Q brought us back in the games. He's a role player who's able to have a significant effect on momentum even at his age. He ain't perfect but still is one of the best defenders in the NBA. Even his rebounding numbers went up this season which is surprising at this point in his career.
  13. I think now is the time to try and get a rebuilding piece for Marc or Mike. Which for me means a player that you think can be in the playoff rotation in 5 seasons and not be be on the down slope of their career. That means a 22 year old or younger player. Even with Golden State being dominant, there are a lot of teams desperate to make the playoffs that have been bad for awhile. We need to take advantage of these teams.
  14. LOL I guess you should always just say what you mean..... I didn't mean to equate Marc's value to that of Marcus Smart alone. What I was thinking is that Boston has quite a number of young assets or potential assets such as Smart. My aim is to 1. get that pick back, 2. get additional picks (even if they have to come from a 3rd team to make the deal work) and 3. target players still on rookie deals who are on the verge of taking the next step but who may already play behind more talented guys.
  15. Wow and I thought I had a lesser opinion of Marc than most people on this board. If all we got for Marc was Marcus Smart (who I think of as a poor man's Tony Allen) and the return of our pick, the front office should be fired on the spot.
  16. You were asking whether or not we should intentionally field a less talented roster in order to end up in the lottery. That is intentionally losing. Thus the losing mentality would still be there. I do agree that players have to learn how to win, just being talented isn't enough. There is a learning curve to winning. All I was saying is choose one path or the other- commit to losing and being in the lottery and getting the best pick possible or keep winning. Mike and Marc are at the age where a year of losing isn't helping them get better. I am of the opinion that the worst place to be is in the middle....if your goal is to compete for a championship. But Memphis does have money issues, and fans come out way less often when the team is losing. I understand that is a consideration. I also understand that this administration cares about the bottom line (I do not blame them; it is a business). But if that is the goal, then don't half *** tank one year (that was the original question). I am just saying try your best to win or go all out on the tanking. While teams can rebuild without ever tanking, it does require a competent front office. As good of person as Chris Wallace is, he has been horrible in the draft. This team has no young players who have proven to be quality rotation players. We have given away draft picks for rental players. You need assets to rebuild-regardless of which way you try to get there- right now, the only true assets we have are Mike and Marc.
  17. I was really hoping that the FO could have moved Marc to Boston for something along the line of Marcus Smart + the return of the pick and whatever fillers needed to make the deal work. The upside for the Celtics is huge while allowing the Grizz to go full on rebuild. While 50 wins might be a stretch I would agree that a healthy Mike and Marc that is fully engaged should still squeak their way into the playoffs. I would let everybody walk and then use the money saved to get a third scorer. No that is still not a 50 win team unless Chancun can also come in and be what the team hoped to get when they signed him. Mike, Marc, Chancun, and a solid FA isn't quite the same Core 4. However, they should allow the team to remain in the playoffs.
  18. Right. The Spurs haven't bat an eye lash from losing Duncan and essentially Ginobili, and won't after losing Parker for good. The Grizzlies have to take a more proactive approach in drafts, specifically in the 1st round to find the Kawhi level talents. Only problem is that our decision makers haven't shown the ability to find those kinds of players. That's why blowing it completely up, IMO, isn't an option.
  19. I can agree that a losing mentality is hard to shake, but at the same time if you are going to go with the stay competitive motto you need to be drafting and developing SOMEBODY to pass the torch to. For example the Pacers have kept that model for the last 25 years from Reggie Miller to Jalen Rose to Jermaine Oneal to Ron Artest to Danny Granger to Paul George and there have been more. They kinda hit a big dip in the mid 2000's when they have to give away some players after the brawl ruined their image, but other than that they stay solid every year. I dont mind this model even if its not a championship model, but the Grizzlies attachment to good but not great players is the problem. It says that they dont believe that they can ever acquire even a solid player to take their place. 6 or 7 years ago had a roster stacked with quality talent and have basically done nothing but watch assets depreciate or leave and havent added anybody of significance through the draft. They are facing the losing days anyway it goes so doesnt it make a bit of sense to get something for Gasol? Let Conley carry the load while the prospect you get develops.
  20. Why do you say that? Is it because you believe Avery Bradley's reputation is superior to Tony's? Can you back that up with any statistics or facts?
  21. This sounds like the old Jerry West wisdom that the worst thing you can be is just good enough to make the playoffs but not advance. Of course, Jerry West felt he was a failure for losing in the finals so often so I am not sure his standard is a realistic one for most fans. I'm on KBM's side about losing. I attend a lot of home games and it isn't much fun when the team sucks to drive to downtown and back just to watch the team get killed. Attendance drops dramatically during lost seasons. Memphis doesn't support losing teams (just look at the Tigers bball attendance if you don't believe me). Losing breads more losing too. Losing is a disease, just as dangerous as...Oh wait, that's from a baseball movie. But you get my point here. We don't have to have a losing record to rebuild. We need a front office with a vision of where they want to be, how to get there and most importantly, a coach who is in agreement and on board with the decisions being made. You can make sure you have that without counting ping pong balls.
  22. Since he has better chance at winning the powerball than becoming dirk, are you saying the odds are that long against him being as good as Jordan Hill or Brandan Wright as well? If so, that is not good to hear. I was disappointed in the pick just because it feels like we always make this pick, the high school star who never amounted to much against the superior competition of the college game., and it has yet to work out for us. That being said, rebounding usually translates well. Rabb was a good rebounder in college.
  23. Losing is contagious. Having a losing mentality can stunt the development of the rookies we do have. So to me that us not ideal and why it takes so long to get back to the playoffsvwhen teams blow it up.
  24. Holy smokes straight reputation award cause there is no way Tony Allen plays better defense than Avery Bradley.
  25. I think you either go all in on a rebuild or you keep trying to win. Keeping Mike and Marc does not get us 50 wins, but it would keep us in playoff contention. Even if we didn't make the playoffs, we would have one of the better records out of the teams that didn't make it. That alone defeats the purpose. If you're going to be bad, be real bad.
  26. If it weren't relevant to your post then you should have left it out. Not our fault that you threw it out there. After all of the time you've spent on these boards, you should know better than to type something if you don't want someone to call you on it.
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